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Good Evening Dinar Vets, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. :twothumbs:RON



*** Kaperoni   Shabibi maintained IMF compliance (2% stability) from late 2011 throughout 2012 prior to announcing his intentions. Currently, under the new governor the spread is now close to 5%.  Meeting exchange rate stability is a prerequisite to acceptance into IMF Article VIII. As we have stated before, once in compliance (2% or less) they must maintain it for at least 90 days. Ali al-Alaq maintained stability and the 2% compliance as well for 16 to 18 months and never made the move to Article VIII. Which I assume is part of the reason why he was replaced recently.

*** StephenMac63   If they RI at 1 to 1...the iqd is already in use inside of the country, what they are looking for is a better value than 1190 it's sitting at now.  CBI said the value will be 1 QD will equal 1 USD. That's for the inside of the country.  The Reinstatement...thats for Iraq to have bragging rights to the world. This will be seen on Forex, CBI website, and at your local bank.  If Iraq was reintroduced to the world at a rate of 1 USD per 1 IQD, what would happen? Yes, many of the Dinarians will jump off the train and head-on with their lives. CBI is expecting that in any case. But more importantly, there were several laws that were put into place...and this allowed them to be International...of which has more value than being under sanctions, therefore, it's highly probable that we won't ever see 1 to 1. Iraq will always see, in-country, that 1 USD is 1 IQD. But it's the value that counts...(post 1 of 3)...

*** StephenMac63   Once it's International and if it came out at 1 to 1, Forex would get a hold of this, and the currency market would be in a flurry. The only reason Forex would get a hold of it is because it would be international. With that labeling comes Laws, that offers protection to both Iraq and to International investors. As an International Investor, you would want International protection... and this is offered with the laws. What kind of International Investor would purchase large amounts of IQD once it's International?  Hedge Fund Firms...if they see that the IQD is at 1 USD and comes with legal protection, you can bet they would try and buy every single IQD possible because once it hit $4 per IQD (speculative), they would have made 3 dollars profit on a 1 dollar investment...(post 2 of 3)...

*** StephenMac63   It is, for this reason, I do not see 1 IQD be 1 USD on Forex. I expect more. Yes, it will fluctuate at some point but everyone has to decide how long they want to be in it for. Liberal Hedge Fund firms will take a chance on getting involved with something speculative in hopes of striking it rich. Conservative firms will generally stick with a tried and true process, but they don't make as much, per se.  My guess, with the number of people that hold the IQD at this moment, 80+/- percent will exchange at a dollar (if it's even available at that upon entering the International arena)...and it wont take two weeks, probably more like 1 week. OK, more like 4 days max. The other 20 percent will probably exchange a note, set themselves up, pay off bills and start their plan while they wait and watch...just a guess...Imo, of course. ..(post 3 of 3)... 


*** Frank26  ...who controls the oil and the gas sales in Iraq Well now it's a was established because of what Kazemi did that he was told to do by Donald Trump.  And that's just gas and oil.  Wait till you hear the rest of the minerals...this will stop all the corruption in the oil industry of Iraq...Isn't that wonderful.  Let me see, 'Kazemi go back home and get rid of Iranian influence before you raise the value of your currency...'  That's why you wanted the HCL...because it requires a new rate.  This will stop all corruption in the oil and gas industry of Iraq and Iran you lose.


*** MilitiaMan  Article: "The government intends to apply income tax to salaries and allowances, starting from the current month"  ...there are many things showing up that equate to more pressure. This would be one of them...Putting taxes on them without Purchasing Power? That will not fly...imo!




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16 minutes ago, nannab said:

Thanks Ron and GE to you. :D

This cannot come fast enough now. With all of the articles

about HCL and Article 140 coming out.  I'm crazy enough on my own.

I am with you nannab ..  but so much mixed news daily. 

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    • By ronscarpa
      Good Evening DV, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** Pimpy   I know a lot of people are talking about the rate change happening in the 2021 budget.  There's plenty of reason to think that.  That might be possible.  But stay grounded.  It's not about what they talk about it's what they do...yes, they do want a real rate...and I support that 110%...

      *** Jeff    Iraq has given you the back wall for the rate change...the end of March in '21.  Here's why.  Here's how...the reform funding payments, before they can make that payment, they have to change the rate.  That's why the reforms have been outstanding for so long... Here's an older article from July of this year "Parliamentary Finance warns against moving towards changing the dinar exchange against the dollar"   Quote:   "there are possible intentions to change the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar within the expected financial reform law."  They're telling you the truth in this article...

      *** Mnt Goat   Where do we stand with the RV right now?   ...we have NEVER been in a sweeter spot right now than maybe way back in 2012 when Dr, Shabibi was going to reinstate the dinar. ...I do not think they are going to stop it this time as there is too much as stake and they are giving us way too many signals that they fully intend to do it.

      *** Delta   We don't have much left to find out...but all indications show Iraq is ready to go to the open market economy and go international, accept Article VIII...IOO all that does require a new rate, does require a recognizable tradable currency...very positive news.  Very positive information ...within 40 days we are going to see...more and more.  You haven't seen nothing yet!  We're going to have more and more information especially from the CBI and the progress of the international countries helping Iraq...

      *** Pimpy   Article:  "Al-Darraji Demands The Central Bank to Adopt A real Rate of the Iraqi Dinar"  ...more dinar rate talk...this has been the cry of the Iraqi government for a while.  They want their rate restored at the $3.22 level...I understand what they're saying.  They do need a new rate.  IMO the rate change should be a pretty beefy one...we definitely need to keep an eye on it... 
      That's all for tonight folks ... Blessings ... RON
    • By ronscarpa
      Good Evening DV, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** Jeff *** Article:   "Al-Darraji Demands The Central Bank To Adopt A real Rate Of The Iraqi Dinar"  ...Iraq is putting a decent emphasis on increasing their exchange rate...Here's an article from the 24th on that.  Article: "Al-Samarrai Calls For Reforming The Central Bank and Unifying The Exchange Rate"  Here's another one...from the's really good that they're now putting an emphasis on this...their historical pattern is it takes them 3 to 4 months to get stuff implemented. 

      *** Mnt Goat ***  Article:  "DELETING 3 ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY .. PARLIAMENTARY FINANCE IS SUSPENDED AND DETERMINES THE SIZE OF THE COST AND THE ECONOMIC EFFECTS"  Quote:  "Exiting the financial crisis is not only by deleting zeros from the Iraqi currency because the crisis is mainly economic, indicating that "deleting zeros” from the Iraqi dinar needs to print a new currency."  I know for a FACT the new currency is already printed.
      That's it for today ... Blessings ... RON
    • By ronscarpa
      Good Afternoon DV, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** Delta  ...This is very important...they told us this one [2021 budget] should have the rate.  Before that gets to parliament I think the CBI should make their move because the 2021 budget does have the new rate.  You don't want to take that to the parliament because the leak would be all the way out.  The CBI and the government IMO they have to raise the rate before that goes to the parliament ...the time frame is around December or early January.  This is the best guess scenario...within about 40 days to know exactly what's going on...

      *** Pimpy   ...there is a little bit of a push from within the government for Iraq to do something with their exchange rate.  Very interesting.  I tried to see if I could get more information - I called around.  There's not a whole lot of information about it...

      *** Adam Montana   ...the Trump Train is running out of time, but not out of steam. I'm excited to see what last minute things come out of the current President's office... and I would not be surprised at all to see something major that helps Iraq... would it really surprise you to see one of his last acts as President is something that helps the Iraqis boost the value of their currency?  It won't be a surprise to me! The limited time Trump has left in office is actually an exciting factor in the Dinar world. I don't care if you like The Donald or not, you have to at least see the potential there!...GOOOO RRRRRVVVV!!!  
      Taken from another site that follows Adam's Opinions and posts snippets from them. See his whole chat at: Adam Montana Weekly 25 November 2020

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone - GOD is so Good - Blessings..! RON
    • By ronscarpa
      Good Evening DV, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON

      *** Jeff  ...there's only one thing on the table that has a direct requirement for the rate change.  It's the payments of the reforms.  The reform payments require the rate change.   Before they can make a payment Iraq's currency has to be internationally recognized...
      *** MilitiaMan   [Q? : what ever happened to the white papers and kazemi and the fab4 after he left washington? i thought it was a done  deal with the cbi. can someone explain...]   The white papers look today to have signs of partially being implemented, which, suggests things are underway, we just are not yet privy to the details. Imo.
      *** Jeff    Article: "Al-Karraji Demands The Central Bank To Adopt A Real Rate Of The Iraqi Dinar".

      *** Delta   ...Huge information came out...the Bank of International Settlement in Switzerland is the hub of central do a contract with them is very telling for the CBI...they are moving forward to keep going with a plan.  It's very amazing progress and all positive news toward our investment ...the BIS is the one that distributes the rate internationally...this is huge by itself...

      *** Frank26  ...a couple weeks ago the upper echelon management of the banks in Iraq were invited to the CBI.  It is my opinion the CBI talked to them about a date and rate.  And also when they will be showing the citizens the new small category notes and rate...the last week or two weeks of this month it will go from the senior management level to the floor managers and then to the tellers...

      *** Mnt Goat   NO ONE SHOULD QUESTION THE VALUE OF THE DINAR. But there is a difference between VALUE and RATE. ...Like our president has said many times that currencies are not fairly given RATES to reflect their VALUE. Either they are overly valued or undervalued and the rates do not reflect the TRUE VALUE. He wants a “level playing field”...For Iraq dinar, what we should question is the RATE as it does not reflect the true VALUE of the dinar. It is being artificially suppressed. They do not need all this economic reforms and so on and so forth. Dr. Shabibi, a financial expert who’s opinion I highly respect, was willing to reinstate the currency way back in 2013...So this entire story line of having to do all these reforms can only help Iraq but totally unnecessary in the larger picture. We wait only because of the political stuff going on right now in the US...(post 1 of 2)...

      *** Mnt Goat  ...the IMF for Iraq established these currency auctions to get them over the hump from the 10 year embargo and...another attack on the country n 2003...So now they have gotten so corrupt they can't get off of them. The embargos on Iran and taken this corruption to a new high...But the good news is the new CBI governor along with the new prime minister is going to shut down all this corruption, only the US Treasury is holding up the reinstatement of the dinar, which is needed to facilitate it. The prolonged delay is hurting Iraq as they need this change... but remember this is not as simple or clear as it seems so don’t try to pin point this to one or a couple single events to make it happen...We have insight as to what the plan is and how they are implementing it. The news is still all VERY GOOD and we will see the reinstatement much sooner than many of you think...(Post 2 of 2).. 
      That's all or today folks...Blessings & Happy Thanksgiving - God is Good..! RON
    • By ronscarpa
      Good Afternoon DV, here's a few opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** Petra  I've been so high on this that I have to look down to see heaven. I'm so excited to see what's going on...the white paper clearly delineates the future for Iraq.  And it's that plan that all does not happen without the change in the's an exciting time for all of us to consider where we're at with this investment.  I'm very excited to be where we're at right now from a pure logic perspective...

      *** Jeff  ...about 2 months ago Iraq came out telling us that oil above $40 a barrel does cover their government operating expenses...Iraq can actually produce oil for about $10.70 per barrel.  That was just 5 years ago.  I doubt they're even above $15 at this point.  Iraq can literally extract a barrel of oil for $15 a barrel.  So anything above $15 is pure cash profit...  Article "Brent barrel is at the highest level since March 2020".  Brent oil was trading at $46.48.  Brent oil is getting positioned to be able to fund Iraq's 2021 budget...

      *** Frank26 ...the white papers do have the exchange rate.  But there's something else that Guru Walkingstick and I have been saying also has the new rate in it...the 2021 budget...the 2021 budget is mainly for parliament...And the white papers are for the international world.  And both of them in my opinion contain the rate...The outside world - international investors - they get to see what the BIS is showing them.  And that would be the white papers.  The rate I believe is in both of these and they're being shown to the appropriate people...

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