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Foreign Minister Pompeo: The government has taken security measures to stop attacks on the Green Zone and the airport

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Foreign Minister Pompeo: The government has taken security measures to stop attacks on the Green Zone and the airport

2020-10-03 | 02:45
Foreign Minister Pompeo: The government has taken security measures to stop attacks on the Green Zone and the airport

Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed to his US counterpart, Mike Pompeo, during a phone call, that the government had taken security measures to stop the attacks on the Green Zone and Baghdad Airport.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Alsumaria News received, a copy of which, "The Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussein He received a phone call from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Yesterday evening, the discussion focused on the bilateral relations and ties between the two countries, and on the initial decision of the US administration to withdraw the embassy from Baghdad".
Hussein expressed, according to the statement, "concern about this decision, despite it being a sovereign decision on the American side, but it may lead to results that are not in the interest of the Iraqi people," noting that "the Iraqi government has taken a number of security, organizational, political, and diplomatic measures to stop the attacks. On the green Zone And the airport, and there will be tangible positive results in the near future. "
For his part, the US Secretary emphasized, according to the statement, that "US-Iraqi relations are important for both sides, and the two sides also discussed various future possibilities for the status of diplomatic missions in Baghdad".
And the American minister promised, according to the statement, to "take into consideration what was put forward in the debate."
The two sides stressed the importance of continuing to exchange views and communicate in order to find solutions to this crisis.
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 Deputy: External and internal parties seek to throw the crowd into any deliberate attack with the aim of compromising

08:50 - 10/03/2020


The information / Baghdad ..

 On Friday, Al-Fateh Alliance MP Muhammad Al-Baldawi accused political and regional parties of seeking to end the presence of the Popular Mobilization Forces by throwing it into any fabricated crisis in order to cancel the parliament's decision on the withdrawal of US forces , indicating that the government bears responsibility for the continuous attack against official forces that have confronted terrorism.

 Al-Baldawi said in a statement to "the information" that "regional and internal parties seek to attach any fabricated accusation against the Popular Mobilization Forces in order to renew the call for its dissolution or to legitimize its targeting."

 He added, "The Iraqi government bears full responsibility for failing to defend official forces that have confronted terrorism and contribute to the stability of Iraq without the need for foreign forces."

 Al-Baldawi pointed out that "all these steps aim to keep the American forces in Iraq and cancel the House of Representatives decision to withdraw foreign forces, which is unacceptable and unlikely to be implemented." End / 25D

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An intense American flight in the sky of Anbar

15:37 - 10/03/2020

The information / Anbar ..

On Saturday, a security source reported that US warplanes were flying over the cities of Anbar.

The source told Al-Maalouma that "Ain Al-Asad air base in Al-Baghdadi district, Heet district, west of Anbar, witnessed a massive flight of US forces towards the western regions."

He added, "The American warplanes returned to flying again in the western regions and other cities of Anbar after a brief interruption, and those flights were reduced over the building of the Ain Al-Asad air base."

It is noteworthy that the western regions of the province witnessed a significant decrease in the American flights for more than four months. End / 12 a

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The National Security Adviser discusses with the Chief of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network documenting the stage of the war on ISIS


Baghdad / NINA / The National Security Adviser, Qasim Al-Araji, discussed with the Chief of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, Jaafar Al-Wanan, documenting the stage of the war against ISIS.

A statement by Al-Araji's office said that during the meeting, cooperation between the National Security Adviser and the Iraqi Media Network was discussed, to document the stage of the war with ISIS and to remind Iraqis of victories by producing dramas and stories about the heroics of the security forces.

According to the statement, Al-Araji directed the formation of a committee of the chancellery, in coordination with the Joint Operations Command and the Baghdad Operations Command, to show assistance and the success of the Iraqi Media Network plan and to prepare all the requirements that contribute to the success of this project and to show the true and bright face of the tournaments that the armed forces of all kinds have set. / End 7
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The way I look at life, it's kind of The Hero's Journey for everyone. Life requires courage, over coming obstacles, not letting failure get in your way. We all have a chance to be heroes in our own lives, to over come our personal obstacles, try for a better future for ourselves and our children. We all have different dreams, different obstacles to over come, but we all share the common human condition of having difficult lives and what to do about it. Countries are no different. They are just collections of people. The leaders of those countries must decide what to fight for, what they want to win.


Iraq is on a hero's journey. Trump has helped a couple of Middle East countries make peace deals, try to overcome their past failures. Much of the Arab world is far behind Europe, though long ago in history they were ahead of us. Then they did a bunch of stupid things leading to their current failures.


Now they have to decide in Iraq: what will we fight for? What kind of future do we want for our children and grandchildren? Do we just repeat the past? God is giving them a unique opportunity in history, to transition their societies to peace and prosperity. The old forces of hatred are holding them back. I hope they fight the demons from Iran and win. Do the right thing, Iraq. The future of your children depends on it. :bananacamel:

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Al-Sumaida’i: The militias have sent a message that Erbil is not safe for international missions

by EditorIraq news19 Hours ago


The former Iraqi ambassador to Washington, Samir Al-Sumaida’i, said that the attempt to target the international coalition base near Erbil airport came after suggestions of diplomatic missions to close their headquarters in the capital Baghdad and transfer them to Erbil, in a message by the militias that Erbil is also not safe for international missions.

Al-Sumaida’i emphasized that Iraq is occupied by militias that are not disciplined and not subject to the Iraqi will, and these militias have weapons that enable them to cause harm and terror to people, and they are subject to an external will, and thus they are like an occupation army.

Indicating that the Iraqi government has no choice but to confront these militias and cleanse Iraq of its control and occupation, although it will not be an easy matter because the army forces have neglected their arming, while these militias have been heavily armed.الصميدعي-الميليشيات-أوصلت-رسالة-بأن-أ/

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France accuses eight people of supporting ISIS in Iraq and Syria

16:31 - 10/03/2020

Information / translation ...

The Prosecutor General's Office in France announced, Saturday, that eight people have been charged with their involvement in a complex scheme to finance ISIS terrorists   in Syria and Iraq through the use of encrypted digital currencies.

"Two suspects were handed over initial charges of financing terrorism and terrorist conspiracy in a judicial investigation that began today, and the same initial charges were also directed to another suspect in a related case," the Associated Press reported in a report translated by the agency.

He added that "another five people accused of financing terrorist groups will face trial by the end of this year."

The French public prosecutor’s office said that “the French police arrested 30 people across the country in the same case and most of them were released without charge, and the search warrants issued against the two main figures in the scheme, two French terrorists, are likely to be in the north Western Syria since 2013 and suspected of establishing the structure of the electronic terrorist financing network, ”indicating that“ the scheme was initially revealed by a team within the French Economy Ministry that tracks financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. ”

He explained that “the police operation had this week targeted a financing network that has been active since 2019, and has mainly relied on purchasing in France for cryptocurrency coupons, the details of which were transmitted by secure messages to terrorists in Syria, who can then recover money from Through cryptocurrency platforms ”.

The report indicated that "hundreds of thousands of euro currencies were smuggled over the network for the benefit of Al Qaeda members who are still hiding in Syria, as well as ISIS terrorists in the region." End / 25 z

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Who is behind the assassinations?

15:45 - 10/03/2020

Books / Ali Ali ...

It seems that what the Iraqis are suffering today from the poor conditions of many of the joints of the country is not an exceptional or emergency situation, or an event accompanying a change in one of the pillars of the country, or politics, approach or personalities, as it is an end and a means at the same time and a single moment that was drawn by people at a time. He went on, and they are definitely not alone in the planning and preparation arena, but behind them are parties represented by parties and entities as well as states and nations. As for being a means, that is because it is the way closest to the trolls in the murky waters, and those who seek to achieve immediate worldly benefits that will disappear with their demise. As for being a goal, it is because it is the goal of ancient parties since the inception of Mesopotamia, and it is certain that this is not the case by an act of one or two or ten. In the hands of skilled actors whose counting does not stop at a specific number, and they are deliberate and intent on everything that happens, they are duly performing their duty to complete the role that their parents and teachers were playing.

Despite all the tragedies that Iraq and Iraqis are going through today, it is not enough to cure the pride of some who enjoy roasting human beef, who, if they did not find fire, used the fire of friend and foe alike to achieve that unbridled desire that reflects their sadism and inherited bloodlust, and what is their exploitation A circumstance or a situation that Iraq is going through is only a test to show their rusty metal, and the closest example of this is the continuation of the assassinations, as it became a prevailing situation in the streets of cities, villages and towns and that the Iraqis were present, which indicates that the same citizen has become the ultimate goal and goal of the decree, and hitting him has become an achievement in addition to achievements Accumulated, his enemies count it as an asset that enriches them.

It is certain that those sitting on the seats of decision, dissolution and contract are at the forefront of ruling IraqThey have the upper hand in what is happening from these actions, and they are divided between the maker of it and the one who benefits from it. It seems clear to any theorist of events that most of the assassinations happen after criticisms directed against a party, bloc, movement or organization, and whether they were the makers and masterminds of them with their own gestures or internal or external agendas, or they were benefiting from them in achieving special personal or factional goals! The blood drop of an innocent Iraqi citizen is being squandered unequaled by the worldly possessions of his family and relatives, even if it insults some politicians who have invested the blood of Iraqis of all sects and nationalities, and who follow the news of the assassinations in cold blood, but this is what they lost when they preferred the private interest over the common people of the country and millions of worshipers. It seems that the idol that fell in 2003 is not the only one whose fall was inevitable, but that there are other idols that should fall, and this is the task of the ship sailer, where any hand that tamperes with the safety of its sail must be cut off, and everyone who walks against the current leading to safety must be cut off.

What is happening in a green, yellow, or red area in Baghdad and the rest of the governorates, including violent incidents, no longer distinguishes between one sect and another, or nationalism without a second, so the trigger is prepared and the weapons are all aimed at the person of the particular Iraqi citizen, to obtain the doctor, the scientist, the journalist, the critic and the artist, and the list goes on.

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A deputy reveals the attempts to get the PMF to target the diplomatic missions


19:27 - 10/03/2020

Information / Special ...

The deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad Karim, revealed, on Saturday, the existence of internal and external parties working to force the popular crowd to target diplomatic missions.

Karim said in a statement to (the information), that "internal and external agendas are working to target the popular crowd because the victories of the crowd do not appeal to them," noting that "those parties are trying to stick the accusations to the popular crowd and to target it by targeting diplomatic missions."

He added, "The aim of these attempts is to create a different image of the popular crowd, which has achieved victories over the terrorist ISIS gangs that are supported by those parties," noting that " the popular crowd has not been fair even in its salaries, and this is something the government bears responsibility for."

Last Wednesday, the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Fadel Al-Fatlawi, revealed that there are parties working to mix the papers by targeting a house in the Radwaniyah area in Baghdad. 25 T.

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Iraq pledges to stop attacks by factions on foreign missions, and security forces monitor militia headquarters



Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein confirmed that Iraq has taken a number of security, organizational, political, and diplomatic measures to stop the attacks on the Green Zone and the airport.

Hussein said, during a phone call he received from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, that there will be tangible positive results very soon.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, in a statement posted on its account on the social networking site "Twitter", that the conversation during the call focused on bilateral relations and ties between the two countries, and on the initial decision of the US administration to withdraw the embassy from Baghdad.

Minister Hussein expressed concern about this decision, despite it being a sovereign decision on the American side, but it may lead to results that are not in the interest of the Iraqi people.

According to the website, the US secretary emphasized that US-Iraqi relations are important for both sides.

The two ministers discussed various future possibilities for the status of diplomatic missions in Baghdad, and the US secretary promised to take into account what was discussed in the discussion, and the two sides stressed the importance of continuing to exchange views and communicate in order to find solutions to this crisis.

Finally, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the implementation of a strict security plan to protect the headquarters and interests of foreign missions and camps in which the international coalition forces are present, as well as placing the headquarters of armed factions under tight control.

A security official said, "Stopping the attacks on the Green Zone is a good sign so far, but the situation is still very cautious and there are leaders of political blocs close to Tehran who are also making efforts to stop missile attacks on the Green Zone because the matter is serious."

The official added that the government "has not yet obtained any commitment from any party to stop the attacks because the pledge from any party means that it is involved in the past attacks, but leaders of the Fatah coalition and the rule of law feel the gravity of the situation and the possibility of an American air strike on the sites of armed factions and the closure of the embassy, which prompted them to act as well." To calm down. "

He revealed "the presence of American surveillance aircraft at high levels over Baghdad to monitor any threats to the US embassy or the Baghdad airport site, and the security forces are implementing a strict plan to protect American sites throughout the country, especially the site of the US embassy in Baghdad and the sites of other embassies and diplomatic missions, through Intense security deployment in all regions of the capital, and the activation of the intelligence effort, "noting that" the security plan that is being implemented required placing the headquarters of some armed factions under tight secret control. "

And the United States has warned that it will not tolerate the attacks launched by pro-Iranian factions on US interests in Iraq, threatening retaliation, amid the Iraqi government's fears of a possible US withdrawal.

Several political and diplomatic sources confirmed that Pompeo issued an ultimatum to Iraq last week: Either the attacks stop or Washington closes its embassy and summons its 3,000 diplomats and soldiers.

And there have been reports in the past few days indicating that Washington has begun to reduce the number of its diplomats and employees in diplomatic missions in Iraq, without issuing official assurances.

However, some interpreted these measures as either the United States is preparing for attacks by Iran's proxies in Iraq, or it is preparing a strong response to those militias that launch missile strikes on their bases and forces on Iraqi lands.

The Kurdish authorities in Iraq accused factions loyal to Iran of targeting US forces in Kurdistan with missiles. Such rocket attacks have been repeated for several months in Iraq, especially towards the US embassy.

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Saleh and the Iranian ambassador stress the need to support the government's measures to protect diplomatic missions

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, and the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, on Saturday, stressed the need to support government measures in protecting diplomatic missions.

The presidency said in a statement that “The President of the Republic received, today, Saturday, the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Iraj Masjedi, and during the meeting they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to develop prospects for joint cooperation in all fields in the interest of the two peoples and the two neighboring countries, as well as discussing the latest political developments. The regional scene, the importance of easing tensions in the region, and the commitment to dialogue and strengthening regional security and peace.

The statement added, "The need to support the government's actions in protecting diplomatic missions, consolidating state authority and enforcing law, and indicating that stability in Iraq and overcoming regional crises is important and necessary to achieve peace, and to move towards opportunities for development and joint cooperation."

For his part, Masjedi affirmed, "his country's commitment to support the stability of Iraq and strengthen the bonds of economic and social relations between the two countries and the two neighboring peoples."صالح-والسفير-الإيراني-يؤكدان-ضرورة-دع/

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The Iraqi judiciary issues an arrest warrant for a former deputy

Date posted: 04.10.2020 | 13:10 GMT |Arab world news

The Iraqi judiciary issues an arrest warrant for a former deputy


The Karrada Investigation Court, affiliated to the Presidency of the Baghdad / Rusafa Federal Court of Appeal, issued an arrest warrant against former deputy Wael Abdul Latif.

This memorandum comes against the backdrop of a lawsuit filed by the head of the "Al-Fateh Alliance", Hadi Al-Amiri, against Al-Waili.

The Al-Fateh Alliance said in a press statement today, Sunday: “In a move aimed at deterring bankrupt people who practice defamation and play on shuffling the cards by adopting the yellow statements approach to target national symbols in order to achieve some suspicious ends, the judiciary had a final word, after it nullified all charges and lies that were made. Mr. Wael Abdel Latif slandered her in one of his television interviews against the leader of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri. "

The statement added, "The judiciary issued an arrest warrant against Abd al-Latif following the lawsuit against him, to reveal the falsehood of his childish allegations and his naive and irresponsible nonsense."

Source: RTالقضاء-العراقي-يصدر-مذكرة-قبض-بحق-نائب-أسبق/

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