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The 1450 rate will be in the next budget , parliament  can't change that. The rate will not change back. Breitling is WRONG.

Kazimi is on a mission to save Iraq. He knows borrowing more is a debt spiral.

Continuing the 2019/2020 budget levels will wipe out the CBI reserves and when that happens the country will go into default.

The 15% tax and salary adjustments are in question. They must stay in. 

Kazimi. 'has one club , he can withhold all salaries , even MPs until they come around.


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They intend to build the budget for the ENTRE YEAR at 1450. If the rate were to change the budget must be recalculated.  Not a big deal .

Sonia1 is correct, the CBI will buy dollars from the MOF at 1450 no commission. It will sell dollars to banks for 1460 making 10 dinar. The banks will sell to public at 1470 also making 10 dinar . It is a win win deal.

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