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Watch the start of a large flock of demonstrators to Tahrir Square in Baghdad


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01-10-2020 02:42 PM


Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

The deputy from Nineveh Governorate, Ahmed Al-Jubouri, confirmed that the October Uprising drew with the blood of the martyrs the reform map to restore the kidnapped homeland.

Al-Jubouri said in a tweet on Twitter, "The October 2019 uprising ... drew with the blood of the martyrs and the wounded a map for change and reform to restore a kidnapped country from the corrupt and sectarian people."

He ended his tweet with the hashtag: "October of Resilience."

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The demonstrators are flocking to Tahrir ... and a statement by Al-Kazemi on the anniversary of the October uprising

Follow-up / Resource News

Thousands of Iraqis flocked today, Thursday, to Tahrir Square, in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to commemorate the "October demonstrations", which falls on the first of this month.

The security forces tightened guard around the square and near the entrance to the Green Zone.

The Green Zone includes most of the diplomatic representations and embassies, especially the Embassy of the United States of America, which was attacked during the previous period.

Local media reported that the square will witness various activities, including student and women's marches towards Al-Jumhuriya Bridge.

Newspapers predicted that the demonstrators would chant slogans confirming the continuation of the revolution, "There will also be a symbolic funeral of the victims."

Incidentally, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi issued a statement mentioning the sacrifices of Iraqis in order to establish the foundations of democracy and a decent life.

Al-Kazemi's statement said that on the first anniversary of the October events, "we reiterate the fundamentals of the great people of Iraq, the maker of October, its hero and its flowing youth despite the sacrifices."

Al-Kazemi added that his government came based on the road map imposed by the Iraqi people's movement, grievances and aspirations.

"We affirm our loyalty to our people and to the road map imposed by the blood and sacrifices of its vanguard youth," he said.

In October 2019, unprecedented demonstrations erupted across Iraq calling for the overthrow of the ruling political class, but after a year passed during which a new government was formed, during which nearly 600 protesters fell and 30,000 were injured, almost nothing has changed.

Today, more than a thousand people responded to calls on social media in Baghdad and the predominantly Shiite southern cities to protest corruption, unemployment and poor public services.

The protests began spontaneously, criticizing unemployment, poor public services, rampant corruption and the political class, which the demonstrators see as "more loyal to Iran or the United States than to the Iraqi people."

On the other hand, riot police used water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets, as well as resorting to live ammunition to disperse the demonstrators.

It resulted in the resignation of then-prime minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the head of the intelligence service, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, took over as prime minister after months of political stalemate, during which he pledged to incorporate the protesters' demands into his interim government’s plans. In reality, however, little has been achieved.

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38 minutes ago, yota691 said:

In reality, however, little has been achieved.


While progress is slow, I disagree with this persons statement.


Kazemi is catching the corrupt. He has turned the auctions over to the Finance Ministry. He is tracking down stolen money. He is cutting Iran's influence. New elections are coming in June 2021. He has already met POTUS Trump. American soldiers are leaving Iraq. Contracts are signed for new electric plants and other infrastructure. He has replaced many inept and corrupt officials including the head of the CBI. He has a lot of damage control to fix AND he's only been in office a mere 5 months. The best is yet to come, Iraq !!


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Well  when you look at it that way Kingbean, that is the most progress they have ever had. So the elections are in June? I have time to get some more dinar  (Greedy is my name) and then we will continue down the rabbit hole. Safe Dinar and Treasury Vault are always on backorder for some reason. After all of these years Iran and their puppets have been controlling Iraq and robbing them blind. I know the Iraqi people are soooo tired of this BS...!!! 

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01-10-2020 10:56 PM



 Baghdad - news

The United Nations representative in Iraq, Jeanine Plasschaert, confirmed today, Thursday, that Iraq needs more measures to achieve justice and accountability.
"We remembered the start of public protests a year ago," Blashart said in a tweet on her personal Twitter page that was followed by "Al Akhbariya", stressing that "more measures are needed to achieve justice and accountability."

She added, "We remember among us the brave Iraqis who lost their lives," praising "the steadfastness of those who do not give up, who continue to press for change."


Recalling the start of public protests one year ago, we emphasize that further action is needed to deliver justice and accountability. As we remember the brave Iraqis who lost their lives, we praise the resilience of those who are not giving up, who continue to push for change.

- Jeanine Hennis (@JeanineHennis) October 1, 2020


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01-10-2020 03:02 PM


Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

The leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, confirmed the killers of the demonstrators and their protectors are still far from the hands of justice.

Allawi said in a tweet on "Twitter" that "a year after the October revolution, the demands for early elections, an independent commission and a fair election law continue to be stalled, and the heads of corruption are held accountable, while the protesters' killers and their protectors are still above the law, far from the hand of justice."

He added, "Greetings to the peaceful demonstrators and to the martyrs and the wounded who came out to demand a homeland," ending his tweet with the hashtag "Where are the promises."

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A source in the coordination of peaceful protesters said that unidentified gunmen carried out the first kidnapping of activists after the resumption of the demonstrations on their annual anniversary, and the source added that the activist Ahmed Al-Helou was kidnapped near Airport Street, Al-Ma'mal Street in Kufa. In

Thousands of Iraqis demonstrated Thursday in Tahrir Square in Baghdad and in a number of squares in the south of the country on the first anniversary of the unprecedented protests that lost their momentum, vowing to revive them unless the ruling authority makes reforms.

The demonstrators are demanding job opportunities for young people, providing public services and ensuring transparent elections, while corruption is rampant in this country, which is subject to the tensions between Washington and Tehran.

One year after - and nearly 600 dead - of the worst social crisis in contemporary Iraqi history, conditions in the country are now different as Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, who took office in May, saluted the protesters who toppled the previous government.

On Thursday, state television broadcast clips showing pictures of "martyrs" accompanied by the national anthem. Last year, television had stopped announcing the death toll among the demonstrators, or about 30,000 people, who were wounded or kidnapped.

But in Tahrir Square, as in Diwaniyah (south), the crowds are rejecting the extended hand of the government and the various parties, which are preparing for the early legislative elections scheduled to take place in June.

"After a full year has passed, none of the many promises of the previous and current government have been fulfilled," lawyer and protester Hassan Mayahi told AFP.

In Diwaniyah (180 km south of Baghdad), where Al-Mayahi left, the demonstrators around him chanted the slogan that marked the Arab Spring, "The people want to bring down the regime."

And from Basra (in the south) to Baghdad, passing through Diwaniyah or other cities, the condemnation includes enemies of all kinds: "parties", "militias", "Iran", "the United States" and all politicians.

"Today we remember those who died to take back our country from the thieves," Ibrahim, 28, told AFP in Tahrir Square.

Another protester in Baghdad noted, "It is a prelude. If the government does not move and release the demonstrators who are still in detention, our next meeting will be on October 25."

Last year, the "October Revolution", which began on the first of the month, was interrupted during the performance of the Shiite religious visits - which will be held this year on October 8 - before resuming with momentum on the 25th of the same month.

Protester and university student Marwan Hamid said, for his part, “If the current government does not respond to the basic demands of the demonstrators, there will be an escalation at the level of the country. And militias led from outside Iraq. ”

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Al-Sadr Calls for Accountability of "Big Corrupt"

 Baghdad: Morning
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on the occasion of the annual October, to hold the corrupt leaders accountable and restore services to the Iraqi people with early elections under UN supervision.
Al-Sadr said in his tweet: “We have passed the first anniversary of what they call (the October Uprising), may God bless its martyrs with mercy and satisfaction, and may God bless their wounds with health and healing, and for their captives, with freedom and salvation.”
Al-Sadr demanded that "early elections be supervised by the United Nations and a mechanism that does not allow the corrupt parties to sit on the throne of power and dominate again, and to restore services to the Iraqi people as soon as possible." Al-Sadr also demanded that “the most corrupt, saboteurs and outlaws be held accountable by the impartial judiciary, and the attackers against the demonstrators held accountable from 2016 until this year”. He added, "Therefore, I advise all the revolutionaries with all their orientations, waiting for the early elections to be set and a fair electoral law, and not to plunge Iraq into the furnace of violence, reckless mobs, and childishly silly behavior."
Al-Sadr continued, "If the government does not fulfill its electoral promise ... then that means the loss of Iraq." He said: “Then I advise everyone who wants to demonstrate that they adhere to the following: Peacefulness at its highest levels, adherence to the applicable Sharia and customs in force, preservation of civil peace and public health, and not to seek the help of foreign countries, this is contrary to love of the homeland .. and not seeking the oppressor's help, even on the oppressor, is forbidden, And to show wisdom and love of the homeland .. for the future of Iraq is unknown and it may fall between the deads of the enemies from inside and outside.
Al-Sadr stated that "the security forces should not be attacked at all. Whoever strikes you on the right cheek then offers him the left one, and the rebellious headlines and activist figures not to be given overt or covert political address at all .. The revolutioner's goal is not authoritarianism but rather saving the homeland."
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