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Proud Boys Say They Are 'Standing Down and Standing By' After Trump's Debate Callout

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So if Proud Boys are racist. Why are there so many blacks amongst them. Since when do they identify as white supremacist ?

reminds me of a Dave Chapel skit😳😃

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I use to be a Proud Boy, I grew out of that. Now I'm Proud Older Man that Proud of America. She hasn't been perfect, Nether less I stand up for her. All you Hate Never Trumpers you spend all day with Trump in your head...Hahaha :lol: 4 more years... 

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The Proud Boys EXPLAINED




Tony G
1 day ago
The rest of America is silent, But trust me they are NOT ASLEEP!!!!


Lydia Hepfl
1 day ago
“Chuck”Wallace was clearly biased. He was clearly debating Trump. He didn’t do that to Biden.


Curtis Legerton
2 days ago
Typical Democrats why tell the truth, when you can lie.


Frazer Guest
2 days ago
The only standards The Left has is double standards.


child of God
2 days ago (edited)
This is called double talking:  they accuse you of doing something that they themself are guilty of, typical marxist tactics. Im from china and lived under ccp rules until i was in my late 20a., i know it when see it

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2 minutes ago, nstoolman1 said:

Not funny. 

And you rebuke Trump for making fun of the mental and physically challenged?


Here's the difference, Dewey is character portrayed by an actor in a slapstick movie.....whereas Trump made fun of a physically impaired person in real life.


GO RV, then BV

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On 10/2/2020 at 6:01 PM, Johnny Dinar said:


So you can't say PB's approach is wrong... Thanks 


We talking our own PB.....AKA Paper Boy?

I can assure you he is always right.....make that correct...    CL

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Everyone might take a little time to research this supposed bada$$ white supremacist around boys acts of for about core beliefs.....

Perhaps, as usual, the country is once again being mislead by the over enhancing MSM of this "hate" group.......

Do your own research....don't just count on the MSM to provide the truth....    CL

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