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Adam Montana Weekly 23 September 2020

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Good Morning!!! Do you see the excitement above? Don't worry... if the big letters and extra exclamation points didn't get you excited, what's coming below will!   First, the n

The negativity rubbed me the wrong way. I have no time for it this morning.   Have a fantastic day.  

What did we hear two years ago when we thought we were so close   Iraq needed a seated Government  ✅   Iraq needed security.  ✅   Iraq needed to stop the corruption ✅  Ma

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Whoooaaa!! Your excitement for this doesn't need fireworks!! The words you used are enough ignition!!

So exciting to be here at this day, time and hour!!


Documents accounted for, GO,GO,GO!!!!

Thanks Adam!!

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Good morning Adam, and thank you sir for the uplifting and motivating post. 

I have been around here a while and have never heard you so excited, I have my Dinar and resignation letter right beside each other and they are ready to roll :rodeo:



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Hard not to get excited with all the promising news!  I've hoped in times past but now it seems as if all of the ducks are lining up up.  (Thanks for the pic Johnny Dinar).   Go RV!!

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There are enough good hearted visionaries here that having an abundant overflow blessing in a few more days we could sprinkle a lot of sweetness on a very sour tasting 2020!!!!🙏🏼🎉👍

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2 minutes ago, wc41 said:

There are enough good hearted visionaries here that having an abundant overflow blessing in a few more days we could sprinkle a lot of sweetness on a very sour tasting 2020!!!!🙏🏼🎉👍

Well said @wc41 and I concur :twothumbs:

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Thank you Adam.  I’ve been on your site for 11 years (in Dinars for 12) and I’ve never seen a report this exciting.  Good stuff


You know Fireworks can be Dangerous.  It’s probably a good thing to hide them from Thugs and me.  Let the Pros put on the show.  







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9 minutes ago, ddl said:

Hard not to get excited with all the promising news!  I've hoped in times past but now it seems as if all of the ducks are lining up up.  (Thanks for the pic Johnny Dinar).   Go RV!!

Good news in the past was inspite of bad actors center stage, definitely no longer the case!!!!

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1 hour ago, RV-2-Day said:

Adam in order not to have a run on buying the Dinar would they want to RV before the HCL is approved?


or simultaneously :twothumbs:


52 minutes ago, Inbedded HorseHead said:

I thought their article about the 37 Trillion Dinars outside of their banks and circulating the Globe was interesting....well now, I wonder how you bring them back in Country??? Hmmmm.....

check out my explanation of how the budget and auctions work 



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  • Similar Content

    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning everyone!
      Today looks to be a long but exciting day in my world, and a good part of it IS because of Iraq.
      Some housekeeping real quick - I'll be sending out an email on this, because quite a few people are still affected by a recent server glitch that made the site unavailable to people. If you were unfortunate enough to visit during that short period of time, your computer has some stored cookies that will still prevent you from viewing the site correctly.
      There is also an issue with older versions of Internet Explorer and Edge, and those I'm not confident will ever be fixed.
      Anyhow - the site access issues can be fixed by doing two things.
      1. If you're not already using Google Chrome as your browser, now is a great time to start. Get it here.
      2. If you are using Google Chrome, you'll need to clear your cookies and cache for DinarVets. I know, it's a pain... sorry. The issue will eventually resolve itself, but if you want to speed it up just go  here (or here for Microsoft browsers).
      Special message for VIP members - as long as you have a good, working email on file here, you aren't in danger of missing any of my messages.
      The Post RV (RV Announcement) messages and instructions will come to your email, and you'll be directed to a different website that was/is not affected by this annoying situation.
      One last thing - our News section is getting a little disorganized. To our news posters - at one time we were pretty diligent with making sure we didn't post duplicates, but that seems to be happening a bit more often. Let's resume the vigil - check for duplicates before you post, and be sure to use the "Tags" function to make things easy for the readers.
      Thank you ALL for your tireless work and incredible contributions!
      Ok, back to the Dinar! (For those of you able to access this chat  )
      Parliament is in session, although with the exception of this mention of "White Papers" it would appear that nothing spectacular is happening. I'm not reading anything into the "White Papers" - I'm sure the Gurus will, but that's not what you come to DinarVets for.
      They aren't going to announce "hi we plan to raise the rate next week lolz" - that's just not the way this works.
      They would lose the chance to capitalize on the RV, and they simply aren't going to do that.
      So, what IS encouraging?
      Jump right to page 3 of this thread, for starters. Our tireless newshound @yota691 started the thread earlier this month with the bold title "There is no alternative for Kurdistan but an agreement with Baghdad" - and that is 100% truth. This boils all the way into the HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) which is a necessary component for the RV.
      One of the most common questions on the HCL is whether or not it needs/must be done before the RV. The answer is it doesn't matter if it's done before, during, or after raising the value of the Dinar - but it must happen really really close to the same time. Either immediately (minutes/hours, not days or weeks) before, during, or after. 
      Minutes or hours... not days or weeks. That is key.
      The HCL is, in layman's terms, a profit sharing agreement between the Kurds and Baghdad - two major portions of Iraq.
      Without a profit sharing agreement, they won't raise the value.
      The profit, of course, comes from this right here:

      And aside from that crazy dip that nobody would have believed could ever happen earlier this year, that chart looks solid and promising.
      I can't wrap this up without a shout out to this thread:
      And of course, the Weekly Powerball Pool!
      I'll get that email out a little later today - be well, everyone!
      Go HCL - Go Dinar - 
      GO RRRVVV!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Actual update delayed until later or tomorrow.
      Don't miss your chance to get in the DV Powerball Pool here.
      If you notice anything goofy going on with the site... I'm just breaking things upgrading features, nothing to worry about. The site might go offline for a few minutes a few times over the next couple days.
      DON'T PANIC.
      We are running on multiple redundancies here.
      All RV texts can still go out at a moment's notice.
      All VIP benefits are still in place, safe and secure.
      Should we have an RV announcement while I'm in the middle of breaking things upgrading features (I don't know why autocorrect keeps doing that to me  ), an email will go out (it takes about 5 minutes to send the RV message to all 50,000+ members) with the information you need.
      I'll be back - 
      GO RRRVVVVVV!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Wednesday, Dinarvets!
      I'll preface this update with a simple statement: I'm juggling a lot of things behind the scenes here.
      The great news (for me anyway!) is the majority of the bugs in the site upgrade have been worked through.
      I trust you all survived the Trump vs (Biden y Wallace) event last night , and here is the link for the Weekly Powerball Pool.
      Dinar is still looking very positive, and everything I talked about last week just keeps building on itself and more good stuff is adding to the pile of "amazing" potential for a *soon* RV.
      Because of this situation, I'm juggling updates on our Post-RV plans - for the VIP members, of course.
      ALL members of DinarVets will get an email announcement. From me.
      If you're reading this as a guest, you'll need to create a free account 👉  (here) 👈  to be notified.
      You *can* always wait for your brother's wife's cousin's mailman's "intel" to feed you the 800 number to call (there won't be any legitimate 800 numbers!!!), but the other option is to just be a member here. 
      VIP members are getting more than an email announcement.
      I'll be sending a text message (only to VIP members*), with instructions to access our Post-RV site, and that's where the real work is happening right now... we've been busy with 
      re-confirming partnering banks, locations, preferred rates, re-confirming partnering legal and tax advisor commitments to our group, re-working Post RV plans to account for COVID, and a ton more.  
      Some of this I'll be able to release as soon as next week. Some of it will never be released outside of the VIP section, and some of the VIP information is on hold until we have an actual RV announcement, but the point here is that work is being done, and you will be taken care of...
      ... even if it's just the official notification email for you, as a free member here.

      With all that said - I'm getting back to work!
      I'll open this thread up for questions, and I will commit to coming back to answer them OR pulling them all and creating a new thread for them. 
      Go Iraq, GO RVVV!!!!!!!
      - Adam
      P.S. You may have noticed the asterisk above, where I mentioned the Text service. Just to clarify how this works - anyone can enter their phone number in their profile, and it's only visible to the staff here.
      Once the RV is announced, I click a button that starts a process and it pulls the current VIP phone numbers. THOSE numbers will be texted... no others. If your VIP is expired, or if you never had it but-thought-you-could-be-sneaky-and-enter-your-phone-number-anyway... sorry, gang, no dice there.
      Only VIP members will get the RV text notification.

    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning good morning!
      Lots of changes around here, not the least of which is the blindingly bright color theme... sorry about that, everyone! It's driving me slightly nuts as well, but it's not at the top of the priority list (yet).
      If you see any (other) issues with the new and improved website, please report them here.  
      What's more important is "the rest of the story" - the site has undergone some major security changes, improvements of usability, and there are some hidden features that are going to remain hidden for the time being.
      The way things are going with Iraq, the "time being" may not be long at all.
      Did you catch last week's update?
      No, not my portion of it... I mean the follow up comments.
      Our man Thugs brought some articles into the conversation that focus on HCL (article 140/HCL/etc), and this is undeniably exciting!
      Like this:
      And this:
      And this:
      and IT KEEPS GOING!!!!!!
      (thanks, @DinarThug, for basically writing my update for me this week!  )
      The Budget, Article 140, HCL - those are all tied together, and it's basically ALL we need for Iraq to increase their value.
      It just keeps chugging along:
      Seriously! IT DOES NOT GET MUCH BETTER!!!!
      OIL - doing what we like.

      And a final couple link mentions - this and this are related.
      Reading the text, you might think "oh man, they are talking 2021 😢 "... but here's the deal:
      Anything that is addressed in the coming meetings that will affect the 2021 Budget in a major way, especially if it's HCL, will not be able to "hide" until 2021.
      They have to be ready to raise the exchange rate before they announce any major agreements on HCL, Article 140, or anything else closely related.
      If they don't raise the rate soon enough, there would be a massive speculative run on the currency, which would dilute it, and kill their opportunity.
      They aren't going to do that. Not because we are waiting for them, but because they wouldn't benefit from it.
      Our day is coming!
      Have a fantastic day, everyone! I'm heading back into the galley to continue unkinking the irons on these site changes. I'll be in touch soon.

    • By Adam Montana
      Howdy howdy!
      Good morning all - date check, September the 2nd 2020... CHECK! 
      So far, so good!
      As we move through hurricane season, I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to all my friends in the Caribbean and those southern portions of the US that are in the path. Stay strong, everyone.
      As we move through election season, let's all take a moment to remember that the drama comes every single time... and it passes, and we live on. I'm not saying you should be passive about it. I am saying not to let a news article pop your blood pressure meter. Regardless of how much Trump wins by, "this too shall pass".  
      Bitcoin is creeping towards $12,000 - and there is a lot in the works that will push it higher. 

      OIL continues to be solid. What's not to like, if you were Iraq?

      This is an interesting development... a three year investment plan? When does Iraq do that?! 
      (Hint: the answer is "almost never"!)
      That one really has me thinking. A three year investment plan.
      Add that to this opening for some HCL love, and the complete lack of any bad news whatsoever.
      I could start speculating, but I'll reserve that. Kazzammie just met with Trump recently, and the reports still say it was a productive and successful meeting. The parties that the HCL are most important to are meeting, discussing long term plans (something we have almost never seen on this level). The region is fairly quiet, and things are simply good overall.
      If we are to be realistic, the best time for Iraq to make a major move is during a quiet time. There is no serious negative news on Iraq at the moment, which puts them in a good situation. The world has no major concerns about Iraq at the moment - they aren't causing problems, there is no major civil unrest (like there was 6 months ago), and the financial side of things is positive (OIL).
      Nothing in particular says "RV by Friday!", but we all know better than to expect a heads up from Iraq.
      They will do what they want, when they want.
      I just took a screenshot for a reply on a bitcoin thread in the VIP section... and if you replace "bitcoin" with "Dinar", and move the dates... the flatline is where we are now. The rest is "soon" - I hope you're ready.

      Stay safe, stay happy, stay the course!
      Our Weekly Lotto Pool is here - get in!
      Go Iraq, and 
      - Adam
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