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Peter Gabriel & Youssou N'Dour - Biko ( live)

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"Games Without Frontiers" was a TV show about  non- sporty games ( some very silly actually...)  involving people from many Countries in Europe with groups  representing  national teams.... Broadcast in the 60's and 70's ( probably in the early 80's too)...In some European Countries


I recall watching it as a boy ( end of 60's / beginning of 70's).....It was broadcast in Eurovision...At the same time in all countries involved

In Italian  it was called " Giochi senza frontiere" ( literally " Games  without borders/frontiers") while in English it was called "It's a knock out" ( and differently in other Countries, of course ...)

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Youssou ( who is from Senegal, West Africa....Interesting Country...I visited there twice....Twice in Ghana also and 5 times in Zimbabwe, my 1st wife's country...which makes 9 African trips in total...Yes I used to love Africa back then...)  once said  that the meaning of this song is how technology ( tv sets, cell. phones, computers, Facebook and similar etc) is ruining / has ruined already the sense of community , sense of belonging to something strong  & solid, esp. in African villages ( damage was already done in African cities).


People socialize less and less cos they want to see  TV  ( and use other gadgets) all the time


(Hey, wait a minute...That's what has been happening in the so called "civilized" western world as well.....)


So the very African sense of belonging to a community is getting lost


Progress I guess






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