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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!


Adam Montana

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25 minutes ago, roadhound said:

Forum is too bright and difficult to read topic time details ect... not good contrast... might only be me as I have very light sensitive blue eyes uggg.  Now reading the forum is like staring at a light bulb.

Try turning your screen contrast down. 


Over all it looks good and clean. 

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31 minutes ago, roadhound said:

Thankyou but it is the new layout on this site.  Like I said, it's me.  I have made all adjustments to light I can...been told Im a vampire :lol: I wear my sunglasses to watch tv too  :lol: 


Try changing the Theme down at the bottom of the webpage.


@Adam Montana
You might want to consider adding a Darker theme.

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4 hours ago, Adam Montana said:



September 2020 - new look, and a whole lot more...

Sweet - Clown’s Luv Makeovers ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 

4 hours ago, Adam Montana said:

Please use this thread to report issues. 

And I Realize That It’s A Work In Progress - But The Site Is Currently Not Responding To Changing The Font Size Cues, Bolding The Font, Etc... ;) 



Oh, And Weegie Also Has ‘Issues’ - But There Won’t Be Anything That U Can Do About That ...


:lmao:  :lmao: 

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2 hours ago, justchecking123 said:

Lotta whiners... 


Thanks for all you do here, AM. 

Sorry not whining just have eye issues was a shattered windshield and now have scarring ...not that I owe anyone any explanations I have been here a long time and love the site its my home page !

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With the new site update, I can’t see any post.  Whether it is in the chat section, the VIP area or anything else, I can see the list of people who are currently in a post, but I can’t see the post itself.  I also get a list of similar posts, but if I click on any of them I get a list of people who are currently in the post, but I can’t see the post itself.


 I hope someone can help me.  If anyone comments on this post I won’t see the comment until whatever the problem is is fixed.  If you are an administrator and can help, you can email me at the email address on my account.


Thanks in advance!!!

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  • TexasGranny changed the title to September-2020-new-look-and-a-whole-lot-more

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