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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana Weekly 9 September 2020

Adam Montana

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Thank you Adam.  


12 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

wait in frustration, or patiently knowing what's coming.


How about we all relax with a Kitty massage while we are waiting.  ( ya, it’s a little creepy but it made me 😂 😆)





Oil will go up, all we need is a cold winter.  Everyone needs some oil.  We just need to know where to put it.







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Adam, I traded commodities for years and follow them all today. One thing is certain, they change on a regular basis, always in flux. The point is that crude prices will fluctuate and it's the averages are what matter. Weekly, monthly and yearly.

Right now Iraqi oil prices are above average and still moving up! HCL will happen when the Iraqi government wants it period. That's great news for us while we wait. Cheers

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4 minutes ago, NevadaSam said:

Thanks for all you do Adam, 


I know how to be patient and wait, I have been doing it for years. I am a professional, don't try this at home


Goooooooooooo RV



Anyone who has been in the IQD investment for very long, as become a professional wait-er.   🤪 :drunk:  :rocking-chair:   

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21 minutes ago, ChuckFinley said:

Thanks Adam and Staff. We are still on course and that is all we can ask for. Keep on keeping on.  :twothumbs:

I totally Agree with Chuck !  In the meantime....I’ll  be Practicing my Patience !
   Many Thankyous toYou and your Staff, Adam, for all your hard work! :tiphat:

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