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Iraq sets October 3 as a national holiday ... the day on which Iraq joined the League of Nations

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Wednesday, 02 September 2020 03:24 PM


Iraq sets October 3 as a national holiday ... the day on which Iraq joined the League of Nations

The Arab region in Iraq


The Council of Ministers adopted the Ministry of Culture project and voted to elect Iraq to join the League of Nations on October 3, 1932, as a national day for the Republic of Iraq.

And the Ministry of Culture indicated in a statement that after intensive dialogues with political leaders, members of the Iraqi parliament and committees of the Council of Ministers, and lengthy meetings with researchers, historians and thinkers through multiple electronic conferences called by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Hassan Nazim to approve a national day for the Republic of Iraq , the voting process took place today. Cabinet session to choose the third of October as a national day.

The statement added that the ministry had launched its campaign within its ministerial program to approve a national day for the country by organizing an exceptional dialogue seminar on the centenary of the twentieth revolution, in which a group of the country's intellectuals and academics participated, to recall this pivotal event in the history of Iraq.The talk, and its role in establishing the Iraqi state, and the program of the symposium had to discuss choosing a national day for Iraq in which the Iraqis would celebrate their identity every year.

The statement pointed out that the matter was not late, and Minister of Culture Hassan Nazim conveyed the views of the elite who negotiated with the Council of Ministers and a number of members of the House of Representatives approached the matter and listened to their views and suggestions, and the opinions despite the proposal of many occasions for choosing them focused mostly on the date of Iraq's accession to the League of Nations in general. 1932.

He indicated that in a regular session of the Council of Ministers, the Council voted to approve the third day of October and referred the draft to the House of Representatives for a vote and approval, the day on which Iraq joined the League of Nations as a national day, and an official holiday celebrated by Iraqis of various religions and sects And the nationalities with their Iraqi identity.

The Ministry of Culture attributed the importance of this day to the fact that it is an official and international recognition of the establishment of the Iraqi state, to be among the first Arabs with independence, and after that the process of independent Iraq , which was and will remain an effective central force in the region and the Arab world , begins .

The Advisor to the Prime Minister, Hisham Daoud, announced that the Council of Ministers approved the proposal of the Minister of Culture to define a national day for Iraq.
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