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Tuesday Late Morning Opinions @ 11:33 CDT - 8/25/2020

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Good Morning Dinar Vets, here's an opinion & comment by Pimpy & Frank that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. :twothumbs: RON



*** Pimpy *** To me the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnam dong are what I call a low risk high reward possibility...I could tell you that I own personally 4 million dinars and about 6 million Vietnam dong.  Because what I did is I set a limit for myself...when you tell people that 'Oh you must not have faith in it!' What the hell? Because they think the amount I'm holding is too low.  That's not true.  I'm just limiting my holding...because this could be a risk.   There is nothing out there guaranteeing that a rate change is going to come...Nothing whatsoever...IMPO I think there's a pretty good chance that this is going to happen.  I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and blow smoke up your ass and tell you that I Know for sure, because nobody knows. I can tell you I've done plenty of research and there's plenty of reason to believe that what happened to the Kuwait dinar will happen to the Iraqi dinar...holding on to Iraqi dinar I think is a smart investment.  Don't get carried away and buy a billion, trillion quadrillion dinar.  Don't do that. Just hang tight...


*** Frank26 *** ...the treatment that Kazemi received was first class.  It was the most respectful...the plan was for Kazemi to meet the Fab 4 in Washington was a whole lot more than you can imagine that came with Kazemi.  It was a very very large entourage.  They had covered many different subjects...but the majority of what they were covering was the currency of their country, their economic growth of their country...notice I didn't say monetary reform.  Because that's in the 'white papers' and it is complete.  Done.  Everything is signed. Iraq needs to announce that they have a new exchange rate...



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59 minutes ago, Linda Bower said:

It seems to me that Pimpy is a lot of big talk for someone who has so little invested in this.

I like the guy but kick backs from money metals and revenue from YouTube pays pretty good regardless of how much dinar or real Long term knowledge  you have.. lol

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Pimpy is absolutely correct. No one knows how this will go or even IF it goes. He has risked just what he can afford to lose. Nothing wrong with that. 


Ever heard of   "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" ? Well I think every one of us thought this before we invested, but we told ourselves, BUT, I want to have some of this if it IS true. So, we invested what we could afford to lose, but still happy with the amount we will get if/when the rate changes. Am I right?

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    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      *** Mnt Goat *** I have some “WOW” news for you...Yes, this news is amazing since the financial advisor to the prime minister suggested that they perform the project to delete the zeros. We have not heard any discussions on this project for a very long time. It is about time. They are discussing it as part of the solution to the financial mess they are in...once again they are debating the need to do the project (which will get us the RV and shortly afterwards the RI).  What we need is for the finance committee, through the pressure from the prime minister and his financial advisor and economists, to work with the CBI and then later for the CBI to confirm that they are moving ahead. We have not yet gotten this confirmation...

      *** Pimpy *** When they tell you it's being exchanged in country...that doesn't make no sense...I want you to understand something.  If the rate change happened in country do you understand what type of black market we'd have going on here?  You can go to the United States and buy the currency dirt cheap, run over to the border, give it to a friend who can run it to Iraq, exchange it for the higher exchange rate, take the money, bring it back to you, go back to your country buy more and get rich that way.  This is why there is no change of rate in country.  It would definitely disable the currency.  That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Pimpy's comments are meant to refute the nonsense rumors being posted around the various dinar forums. 
      Have a Blessed Tuesday everyone ... RON 
    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      *** Pimpy  Article: "Al-Kazemi's advisor: The Central Bank is able to control the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar" Quote:   "The Central Bank had confirmed the stability of the dollar exchange rate and the absence of any intentions to change it."  People keep talking about this...that a rate change is coming - coming sooner than you know.  I believe it's going to change too but not that dang soon...I'm surprised it's taken this long but hang tight it's going to happen...

      *** Frank26  The U.S. Treasury directly told the CBI, 'Raise the value of your currency'...we have articles - IMF telling the CBI, 'Raise the value of your currency' directly.  I mean directly the World Bank tells the CBI, 'Do it. Do it.  You're sovereign.  Raise the value.'...Look at all of those that are telling them to raise the value of their currency beside you.

      ***  Pimpy  We haven't had  any kind of disruptions recently.  No civil unrest.  No protests.  No missiles.  No terrorist attacks.  No Iran being bullies.  It looks like foreign companies are coming in to do business.  Looking real good.  And the dinar is going in the right direction.

      *** Kaperoni  Almost a year after it was written, Iraq still has not implemented the majority of the 'white papers' which were designed to diversify Iraq's economy.  I assure you, Iraq has no intention to raise the value of the dinar under the current conditions.  Iraq must pass laws and create a suitable investment climate before the dinar could ever appreciate in value. I've stated numerous times the Iraqi dinar is pegged to the US dollar so outside the country the exchange rate is fixed and does not change. Until they decide to unpeg and float the dinar there will be no International change in the currency value.

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      *** Frank26 *** You are now seeing the campaign that we told you would come out from Mustafa Ghaleb, the CBI governor.  A campaign we said to educate the citizens, everyone...on the new 'mechanism'...what is the new mechanism?  A plan.  What is the plan? A new exchange rate.

      *** Pimpy *** Article: "The dollar is declining and central bank sales are declining".  This is great news...I told you outside of waiting for some type of RV or RI announcement there's other things we should be looking for.  The dollar is still declining against the dinar.  This is good.  It's not like a lot but it's still good.  It's going in the right direction...the other day you could get 1490 dinars for a dollar.  It is now dropped down to 1485 dinars per dollar.  Now I get it.   Some people will bash it but you don't get it.  It's going in the correct direction.  If it goes in increments and it just chugs right along every week I'll take it.  Seriously, as long as it's going in the right direction that's all that matters...

      *** Other Posts ***  Not much of significance to post.  Lots of real BS being posted by the pumpers. I'm sure Luigi will post some of the outrageous statements being made about this weekend. 

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      *** Pimpy ***  Nobody knows the date.  Nobody knows the rate.  You can take a lot of information and take a pretty good educated guess at it but anybody telling you that they know for sure the date, they know for sure the rate or that the rate has changed or they have special connections, 800 numbers, back screens, military intelligence, special codes is full of ****.  There's no redemption centers.  There's no 800 numbers.  It's a can take your Iraqi dinar to a legitimate currency exchange and exchange it for whatever the current rate is...

      *** Frank26 *** Since  the Iranian Evil leaders decided to tell a lie about the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar the CBI then decided to come out and tell the truth about the Iraqi currency - the truth about the Iraqi exchange rate.  The CBI is now coming out in defense of its exchange rate.  The CBI is now going to instill confidence to their currency by educating the citizens of Iraq.  The CBI is now doing damage control that the Iranian politicians and money exchangers created in the last few weeks...the "confidence" that the CBI is now starting through the the initial step to the citizens and to the world.  This is how phase one is to start.  It is in progress.

      *** Adam Montana *** I've said many times that the Iraqi Dinar is about the fundamentals. The "fundamentals" are pretty simple...Iraq is owner to a majority of the "black gold" in the world, and we aren't going to stop utilizing said black gold anytime in the near or distant future, right?  Anyone who thinks we are actually going to stop using oil is plain silly, to be honest. Taken from another site that follows Adam and posts snippets from his chats and comments.

      *** Petra ***    Electronically they're definitely showing they're Article VIII.  They just need to do the final step and demonstrate their real sovereignty and that's the ability to hold and defend a currency at a rate that's internationally transacted.  That's the last step.  Now that they've demonstrated they can do this the push of a button using an app they're good to go.  We just need that small little thing called a rate...the heat is on.

      *** Pimpy *** Lot's of good news.  The agreement was met [Between Baghdad and Kurdistan].  It's made, let's make sure their payments get there.  International coalitions handed over a million dollars worth of weapons.  This is great news.  The dinar is gaining on the US dollar as far as its value is concerned.  Great news.  Japan is loaning out money for the Basra refinery to be done instead of China - that is great news.  It's all looking good.  All of these things are tied into what's going on over in Iraq as far as our currency is concerned.  This is good news.

      *** Frank26 *** Article: "Vietnam:  Moody's raises HDBanks' credit rating outlook from stable to positive"  VietNam was taken off the currency manipulation list, and now it's credit rating increased...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON 
      *** Pimpy ***  Looks good you guys.  We want outside investors in there.  We see the Iraq dinar gaining against the dollar again.  We see other countries eager to come in and invest.  We see that things seem to have quieted down.  They're very stable.  These are all good positive news.  That's what we wanted and that's what we got...

      *** Petra *** The Finance Minister said in an article: "the ministries is continuing to open up to the world to conclude the best relations.  To open a new horizon of cooperation.  To restore its rightful place among the nations of the world.  It's continuing with global openness and concluding investor relations."   Concluding.  That's past tense.  Finishing out.  Whatever work they're doing internationally they're finishing up... essentially they're making a declaration that they're doing business, they're opening up, they want to be recognized as a sovereign country (which the G7 just did) and now they're saying they're opening up for business.  It's a very very clear statement...
      That's all Folks ... Blessings ... RON 
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