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'Looting is reparations': BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked city Sunday night, as organizer claims 'anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance'

  • Black Lives Matter Chicago held a protest Monday night in which they defended looting as a form of 'reparations' 
  • Drawbridges into Chicago were raised Monday night and freeway exits closed as downtown was locked down
  • Precautions were being taken to avoid a second night of chaos, following riots and looting in the early hours
  • SWAT teams were seen patrolling the streets of the Illinois city on Monday afternoon
  • Protests and looting erupted when a false rumor spread that police had shot and killed a child on Sunday
  • Police in fact had shot and injured a 20-year-old man, who ran from them, turning to fire his gun at officers
  • Latrell Allen has been charged with attempted murder after the shooting on Sunday which sparked the riots 
  • Chicago's Magnificent Mile was hit by looters after hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police  
  • People then started organizing on Twitter and Facebook to loot downtown in a caravan of vehicles  
  • The violence coincided with the sixth anniversary of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri 
  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the looting had nothing to do with peaceful protest over police brutality
  • She denied that the decision not to prosecute looters during George Floyd riots had spurred on looters now 


see full story below

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13 hours ago, Theseus said:

As for the lasers, I am all for snipers with very very very hard rubber bullets targeting these idjits. Maybe in the eyeball. Do unto others what they do to you, right? 

I am ok with using rubber bullets. Just rubber coat full metal jacketed bullets. :lol:

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8 hours ago, 8th ID said:

I am ok with using rubber bullets. Just rubber coat full metal jacketed bullets. :lol:

Those will work too for the second eye if they do it after the first hit. In the Revolutionary war they used to target officers. Why can they not target the people with lasers. They would be easy to hit seeing how the laser pinpoints the traitor err. perpetrator.

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The left condones this in order to fulfill their manifesto to create 'chaos'.


Once achieved,

they swoop in to "save the day" with their big gubment & implementation of their nanny [kommie] state

It's all in their Clower & Piven strategy handbook.


And with their saturation of kommies at the local levels & Courts,

they feel closer than ever to achieving this take-down of America.


To say this is 'reparations' is as ignorant as it can get.

That line of thinking proves that the DEMONcrat saturation of our schools is complete.

They've brainwashed the idiot tools of their lemming movement to do their evil bidding. :eek:


Disgraceful. <_<


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