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Iraqi Border Crossings: The Arar Port Project, funded by Saudi Arabia, is 95% completed

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Iraqi Border Crossings: The Arar Port Project, funded by Saudi Arabia, is 95% completed


08/09/2020 15:12 700 Editor: amm


Baghdad today - Baghdad

The director general of the Iraqi border ports, Omar Al-Waeli, revealed that the date for opening a new Iraqi Arar port, financed by the Kingdom, is determined by the higher authorities and will be used for commercial exchange and passage of travelers, especially pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims. Omar Al-Waili explained that it is still under completion, and the completion rate has reached 95% for the commercial side and 85% for the passengers side, i.e. the passengers, pointing out that the company stopped working a while ago at the request of the Kingdom due to the pandemic, and the company will start its work to complete the project within the next few days, according to the newspaper. "Okaz" . He said that the Border Ports Authority has formed several technical and engineering teams to follow up on the completion of the project, and this is followed up through joint meetings between the two sides through the television department and field visits, stressing that the port is integrated in terms of the presence of the working departments and securing the roads connecting the port and the center of Anbar and Karbala governorates. The Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council recently discussed in Riyadh in the work of its third session the extent of the readiness of the border crossing "Jadidat Arar" in preparation for opening it, after verifying that all the necessary requirements for that are met, with the two sides affirming the serious desire to upgrade bilateral relations, and to strengthen cooperation in all fields. To serve the aspirations of the governments and peoples of the two brotherly countries. Jadidat Arar is the border crossing linking the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the Republic of Iraq, and it is located in Jadidat Arar, 50 km north of the city of Arar, and southwest of the Iraqi city of Nukhayb, and the crossing was officially closed in 1990 during the Iraq-Kuwait war, except for the Hajj seasons. In November 2018 AD, the project to establish and improve a new Arar port was launched, on an area of one million 666 thousand and 772 square meters, with a total value of 259,441,433 riyals, and the project includes a logistical area that will serve as the economic gateway to the northern part of the Kingdom and a commercial exchange yard linking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the continent of Europe and Asia. It includes customs and passport booths on both the Saudi and Iraqi sides to serve and finish the procedures of transients, administrative buildings for the security sectors operating at the implementers, and other buildings for departments that serve specialists in customs areas. The project also includes a modern road network linking all its facilities and components between the two sides together to facilitate the movement of trade exchange between The two countries. In addition to the work, making Hajj and Umrah trips available throughout the year through the port for pilgrims from Iraq and the countries neighboring Iraq.

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The Iraqi ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Qahtan al-Janabi, revealed, on Monday, that there are bilateral consultations between Riyadh and Baghdad to facilitate the movement of people between the two countries, and the imminent opening of a new land crossing.

The Saudi Okaz newspaper quoted Al-Janabi as saying that "Iraq Saudi Arabia is considering abolishing entry visas for diplomatic passport holders, and abolishing visa fees for regular passport holders, to facilitate the movement of citizens between the two countries.

He referred to the expected economic return on this matter. Stating that the opening of the "Jadidat Arar" land crossing will cause an economic leap for the city of Arar and the nearby cities on the Saudi side, and also in the governorate AnbarAnd Al-Nukhayb City.

Al-Janabi described the bilateral relations between Riyadh And Baghdad As "the product of religious, clan, and cultural common denominators between the two brotherly countries, and that there is a complete agreement of visions between the leaderships of the two countries."

He stressed that "the king Salman bin Abdulaziz And his heir Mohammed bin Salman Keen to support the policy of openness towards Iraq He

pointed out that "there is close cooperation between the Iraqi security services and their Saudi counterparts to prevent infiltration and prevent smuggling and criminal gangs activity, and this has achieved great stability and security of the vast land borders," stressing that "cooperation between the security services in both countries is continuous, steady and constructive cooperation." .

last July, several countries joint agreements signed between them within the coordinating Council; including investment and energy fields, education and health.

It is scheduled to be Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa Al-Kazemi A visit to Saudi Arabia was previously postponed due to the Saudi monarch's hospitalization.

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Saudi Arabia and Iraq are considering abolishing the entry visa fees

Saudi Arabia and Iraq are considering abolishing the entry visa fees
Flag of Saudi Arabia and Iraq
 11 August 2020 1:51 PM

Riyadh - Mubasher: The Iraqi ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qahtan Al-Janabi, confirmed the existence of bilateral consultations between the Kingdom and Iraq to cancel entry visas for diplomatic passport holders, and abolish visa fees for regular passport holders.

In statements to Okaz newspaper, today, Tuesday, Al-Janabi added that the abolition of those fees is to facilitate the movement of citizens between the two countries, referring to the expected economic return on this matter.

Al-Janabi said that the opening of a new Arar port would make an economic leap for the city of Arar and the nearby cities, as well as in Anbar Governorate and Al-Nukhayb city, pointing out that the two parties are in the process of completing some logistical and technical requirements, expecting the opening of the port soon.

Last July, the Iraqi ambassador to the Kingdom confirmed that the Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Council agreed, during its meeting in Riyadh, to  invest in large Iraqi projects . The two sides agreed to start building soon, King Salman's gift of building a sports stadium in Baghdad.

And the Iraqi Finance Minister, Abdul Amir Allawi, said earlier that cooperation between Iraq and Saudi Arabia continues in all fields, including opening the doors of investment and activating the signed bilateral agreements that deal with the sectors of oil, energy, industry, agriculture and trade

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 money and business

Economy News _ Baghdad

A high-ranking source in the Anbar local government announced, on Tuesday, the approval of the Finance Ministry to open a government bank inside the Arar border crossing with Saudi Arabia, west of Anbar.
"The Ministry of Finance agreed to open a government bank inside the building of the Arar border crossing with Saudi Arabia, west of Anbar, as part of the measures taken to reopen the port during the next few days," the source said in a press interview.
The source, who preferred not to be named, added, "The local government in Anbar, in cooperation with the security forces, provided all requirements for security protection measures for the building, indicating that" the opening of the bank coincided with the arrival of a committee from the Border Ports Authority to ensure that the port was prepared and all procedures were completed. Remaining "

Number of observations 43   Date of addendum 08/12/2020
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