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Adam Montana Weekly 5 August 2020

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Good morning good morning!   Date check... YEP, it's August 5. 👌   There is a lot going on right now in the Dinar world. I'll do a breakdown of the articles and news later this wee

Joe Biden Said That He Also Didn’t Receive One On MySpace In His Basement !          


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22 minutes ago, ChuckFinley said:

Thanks Adam, we are getting there.  :twothumbs:



(Should I say it?) We are closer than ever before !  Maybe we can get, not TO the finish line, but BREAK THROUGH THE RIBBON !!!



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46 minutes ago, Pitcher said:

It’s tough being a mogul, so many things to get done.  Always busy, busy busy. 😂 

So How’s Business Dawg ?  ‘Ruff’ ! :o 




How The Hell Am I Supposed To Be Getting Any Work Done With A Frickin’ Corona Muzzle On...



And All Of These Pups Running Around The House When They Should Be Back In Obedience School...



That Does It - I’m Calling Lassie, Rin Tin Tin And Scooby Doo To Chew On Somebodies A$$...


:D  :D  :D 

Edited by DinarThug
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22 minutes ago, DinarThug said:

That Does It - I’m Calling Lassie, Rin Tin Tin And Scooby Doo To Chew On Somebodies A$$...


Rin Tin Tin is retired and driving for Uber to get spending money these days.




Adam needs to hire this cat.  His typing skills are off the hook.  



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Adam Montana... thank you once again! I have been in this for over 10 years and almost 10 years on this amazing site!

IF I HAD A DOLLAR FOR EVERYTIME THAT me and others on this site has thanked you, I would have been able to buy at least a few more to several more million dinar!

💥 💥 💥 

I love this site. It has kept me going all these many years. Sadly we have lost a few amazing people but we still keep going sometimes just for their sake! 

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21 minutes ago, Rochester said:




He is a sorry sob! JMHO 

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2 hours ago, Rochester said:



I think I will Trademark that phrase and make him pay me every time he uses it.  


The Dangerous thing about Biden is if he wins he will basically turn the WH over to Bernie and AOC.  The Dems have gone full blown hard Left, Socialism!!!!


How do you vote for anyone who wants to defund the police and allow anarchy?  

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6 hours ago, rayh56 said:

I did not receive an email and I'm in the VIP

I hit submit before I finished. What I meant was the VIP section has the same update as the email update.

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3 hours ago, Hearts said:

Great job Adam! Love the idea of the TIN, which I immediately took advantage of this opportunity.


You and a few others! It's something that more than a couple members were very excited about. I'm not surprised you also see the value in it, having known you for these years. 




6 minutes ago, yendor said:

I hit submit before I finished. What I meant was the VIP section has the same update as the email update.


You are correct, but the most important part of the member's post is the fact that they didn't get the email. Looking at their profile, I can tell that they are still using an email address here that we have NEVER been able to fix... COX. They are notorious for blocking all kinds of emails, regardless of how many times their customers call to tell them to stop!




I added the link to the first post here, just the same. I can tell people to "switch to gmail and you'll always get my emails!" but it's up to the member to make the change.



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    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning good morning!
      Lots of changes around here, not the least of which is the blindingly bright color theme... sorry about that, everyone! It's driving me slightly nuts as well, but it's not at the top of the priority list (yet).
      If you see any (other) issues with the new and improved website, please report them here.  
      What's more important is "the rest of the story" - the site has undergone some major security changes, improvements of usability, and there are some hidden features that are going to remain hidden for the time being.
      The way things are going with Iraq, the "time being" may not be long at all.
      Did you catch last week's update?
      No, not my portion of it... I mean the follow up comments.
      Our man Thugs brought some articles into the conversation that focus on HCL (article 140/HCL/etc), and this is undeniably exciting!
      Like this:
      And this:
      And this:
      and IT KEEPS GOING!!!!!!
      (thanks, @DinarThug, for basically writing my update for me this week!  )
      The Budget, Article 140, HCL - those are all tied together, and it's basically ALL we need for Iraq to increase their value.
      It just keeps chugging along:
      Seriously! IT DOES NOT GET MUCH BETTER!!!!
      OIL - doing what we like.

      And a final couple link mentions - this and this are related.
      Reading the text, you might think "oh man, they are talking 2021 😢 "... but here's the deal:
      Anything that is addressed in the coming meetings that will affect the 2021 Budget in a major way, especially if it's HCL, will not be able to "hide" until 2021.
      They have to be ready to raise the exchange rate before they announce any major agreements on HCL, Article 140, or anything else closely related.
      If they don't raise the rate soon enough, there would be a massive speculative run on the currency, which would dilute it, and kill their opportunity.
      They aren't going to do that. Not because we are waiting for them, but because they wouldn't benefit from it.
      Our day is coming!
      Have a fantastic day, everyone! I'm heading back into the galley to continue unkinking the irons on these site changes. I'll be in touch soon.

    • By Adam Montana
      Howdy howdy!
      Good morning all - date check, September the 2nd 2020... CHECK! 
      So far, so good!
      As we move through hurricane season, I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to all my friends in the Caribbean and those southern portions of the US that are in the path. Stay strong, everyone.
      As we move through election season, let's all take a moment to remember that the drama comes every single time... and it passes, and we live on. I'm not saying you should be passive about it. I am saying not to let a news article pop your blood pressure meter. Regardless of how much Trump wins by, "this too shall pass".  
      Bitcoin is creeping towards $12,000 - and there is a lot in the works that will push it higher. 

      OIL continues to be solid. What's not to like, if you were Iraq?

      This is an interesting development... a three year investment plan? When does Iraq do that?! 
      (Hint: the answer is "almost never"!)
      That one really has me thinking. A three year investment plan.
      Add that to this opening for some HCL love, and the complete lack of any bad news whatsoever.
      I could start speculating, but I'll reserve that. Kazzammie just met with Trump recently, and the reports still say it was a productive and successful meeting. The parties that the HCL are most important to are meeting, discussing long term plans (something we have almost never seen on this level). The region is fairly quiet, and things are simply good overall.
      If we are to be realistic, the best time for Iraq to make a major move is during a quiet time. There is no serious negative news on Iraq at the moment, which puts them in a good situation. The world has no major concerns about Iraq at the moment - they aren't causing problems, there is no major civil unrest (like there was 6 months ago), and the financial side of things is positive (OIL).
      Nothing in particular says "RV by Friday!", but we all know better than to expect a heads up from Iraq.
      They will do what they want, when they want.
      I just took a screenshot for a reply on a bitcoin thread in the VIP section... and if you replace "bitcoin" with "Dinar", and move the dates... the flatline is where we are now. The rest is "soon" - I hope you're ready.

      Stay safe, stay happy, stay the course!
      Our Weekly Lotto Pool is here - get in!
      Go Iraq, and 
      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning all!
      Wednesday, 26th of August. Kazzammie is back from the US. By all reports, his meeting with President Trump went well.
      I'm going to share some highlights and interesting articles below, but the feeling is pretty simple - moving on, moving forward, the future is bright.

      OIL: What's not to like about this, if you're Iraq?

      Technology: Something from the VIP section - that's a discussion on how blockchain could impact future elections (or voting in general). "Blockchain" would allow for completely transparent voting, with the individual votes and results being verified and secured in a way that would completely eliminate much of the fraud and manipulation that is discussed today. In short, "blockchain" technology is the way of the future. 
      It relates to something @yota691 brought to the news section earlier this week that is certainly worth a thought or two. I know Iraq may seem slow and dated and waiting for them to do something with their currency can be frustrating for us. At the same time, it's important to understand that Iraq is not full of dummies. They are approaching new territory, with a very clean slate, and they can utilize new technology to accomplish something that would have been very difficult before today's technology existed.
      Check this thread out, and tell me you don't see the possibilities!  
      More on that here.
      That was just a little "connecting the dots" on my part, but this next one is evidence that Kazzammie is not only back from a potentially important meeting, but he is back and right back to it.

      (PSA - I've received a little feedback from people having a hard time following my chats when I link to the articles I'm referring to like I did above. It will help you if you "right click - open in new tab", read the article I'm referring to, then return to the Weekly Update to continue.)
      Overall, we have so much to be positive about - the new PM in Iraq is just cruising along, accomplishing things, crushing it. The riots and protests that came before him are a thing of the past. There is a standing agreement regarding the Budget that is on track to be set in stone, and believe it or not... we're talking about agreements happening ahead of normal schedule.
      This is like no other time in Iraq's recent history, and it's pretty exciting.  
      SPEAKING OF EXCITING... There are some major website changes coming over the next couple weeks. These are the kinds of changes that usually result in unwanted problems, but I promise to make it as smooth as possible... just the same, we may have some downtime.
      EVEN IN THE EVENT of an RV before then, these changes and improvements are still happening to the dinarvets.com website, so please don't freak out if there are glitches in the near future. They will be temporary.
      On that note, I am going to get to work and make sure things go as smooth as possible.
      Get in the Weekly Lotto Pool, enjoy the day, and 

      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning beautiful people! 
      Man... it kind of stung to type that date above. August 19 - it's correct, but it means summer is nearing an end.  Time to double up the efforts at enjoying as much of it as possible!
      I know, some of you live in places where the summer never ends. Lucky dogs  
      We have some interesting topics at the moment. Domestically, it's election season and that always stirs up some fun conversations. From the postal service drama, to GOLD going over $2000, the S&P hits an ATH, BTC is 🚀 zooming along, XRP is ready to pop, and all kinds of other fun stuff...
      ... but on the Iraqi side of things, there's some understandable excitement about our man Kazzammie coming to America.
      Meeting with President Trump.
      In my opinion, this does not mean "RV by Friday". Iraq does not need "Trump's approval". That's not what is going on here.
      Whether you like Trump or not, you probably (at least) acknowledge that he has his fingers in a LOT of pies, and he does more than just "tweet things that make Democrats angry".
      He's all over the place, with a billion things on the agenda, and you can bet your sweet apples that he has the means, ability, and likely desire to help Iraq move forward.
      A Kazzammie-Trump meeting is not a small thing.
      It's quite likely the opposite, and this might be the last time they meet before we see a surge in the price of Dinar.
      I think it will be.
      Tomorrow, the day of that meeting, is the 20th. So I'm going to do a special One-Day-Only 20% discount on the following VIP products:
      3 Month VIP (save $10) 5 Month VIP (save $16) Lifetime Platinum VIP (save $76!) Lost your VIP Certificate? Save $20 getting it replaced!  
      The discount code is simply "20".
      That's enough for now - tomorrow could be exciting, especially if anyone even mentions "HCL".
      We will see!
      Go Kazzammie. 
      Go Trump.
      Get in the Weekly Lotto Pool while we wait.
      Go HCL. Go Iraq. And 

      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon, beautiful dinarians!
      First order of business... DATE CHECK. Yep, it's the 12th of August.
      So far so good!
      I had planned on doing a longer update last week. Or Weekend. Or early this week.
      None of that happened  , and I apologize. Time just got away from me, family matters took precedence, and the VIP matters took more of my time than I anticipated. It happens.
      And here we are, well past the morning, and the day is getting away... again.
      Moving on!
      The big news of the day (domestically) seems to be Joe Biden has picked a VP. Jump in that conversation here.
      That's enough of that stuff  
      OIL - happy news for Iraq, and this does nothing but bolster their confidence.

      We know it's going to go back to former levels seen this year. We can be fairly certain this current low rate won't stick around... and of course I'm talking about both OIL and also Dinar.
      As much as I state that the Auctions aren't an indicator of an RV, the continued solid auctions just prove that Iraq is a well oiled (haha) machine.
      The current auction prices won't stay where they are.  
      One of the biggest events on the calendar is our boy Kazzamie coming to America. Check it out here, and bookmark that page to follow along. I love the progress. I want to see some HCL news, but it's very possible that they are lining a few things up before it goes through.
      When we have HCL, I believe we will get our RV.
      It's coming!

      This is worth a look. Engineer says not to take microchip.
      And when you're done reading up on the Iraqi news... maybe spend some time in the Music Videos section. Lots of good jams in there! 🎸
      That's it for now... go HCL, go Kazzammie,
      GO RV!!!!!!!
      P.S. Get in the powerball pool!
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