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Fascinating information, good to know.

Ten Coronavirus Charts and Graphs You Need to See

If you listen to the mainstream media (and I don’t recommend it) it’s safe to say you’re probably not getting a balanced picture of the USA’s coronavirus situation. They go for the headlines, the stuff that looks bad, in the hopes they can pin everything on Trump, or deflect criticism from Cuomo in New York, and generally make people afraid. But there’s a lot of stuff happening that doesn’t make it into the headlines or is ignored. So, I’ve compiled some graphs, charts, etc., that show you what’s been going on lately that might not be getting the attention it deserves. Some of it is good news, some of it is bad, some just puts things into context, but it all matters.


1. Small businesses are still getting crushed

Have you seen your favorite local restaurant or shop go under? The longer we go without reopening, the harder small businesses are finding it to stay open. Even when this is over (assuming it ever is) your favorite places may no longer be in business.


2. Testing, testing, testing

The USA is literally crushing it when it comes to testing compared to other countries. Remember when testing was hyped as the most important thing?


3. Putting COVID-19 cases in perspective

More tests mean more cases. And when you look at the raw numbers, it looks like the United States is experiencing a spike, while other countries are not. But what happens when the data is adjusted to account for the huge increase in U.S. testing?



4. Stop blaming Florida!

The media wants you to believe that Florida is the new COVID-19 hotspot. Is it really?


5. Consumer confidence takes a hit

Still think the shutdowns were a great idea?


6. Build the wall! Build the wall!

Trump should be citing this one when he makes the case for a border wall.


7. The amazing declining fatality rate in Florida

The fatality rate of COVID-19 is declining in Florida, and probably elsewhere as well because of more effective treatments. This is good news.



8. I bet you’ve never seen this before

Fascinating stuff right here.


9. 1.21 gigawatts!

Great Scott! Let’s keep the schools shut down!


10. Sweden got it right

The “experts” told us to shut everything down. Sweden didn’t, and look how they did.



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Every minute death ... Corona kills the United States

 Time: 7/20/2020 08:58:52



Every minute death ... Corona kills the United States
{International: Al Furat News} The death toll from the new coronavirus in the United States, on Wednesday evening, exceeded 150,000 cases, with the country registering deaths every minute, according to a statistic conducted by Reuters.

The rise in the number of deaths in the United States from Covid-19 disease was the highest in the world, with 1461 new deaths recorded, Wednesday, the highest since the last toll recorded on May 27, which reached 1484 deaths, according to the agency. 
Reuters reported that the rate of increase in the number of deaths reached its highest peak in two months, if it increased by 10,000 cases within 11 days. 
Domestically, deaths have continued to rise for three consecutive weeks, while weekly cases have fallen, for the first time since June.
The surge in injuries in several US states, notably: Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas, this month, contributed to the reversal of the reopening of the economy, whose activities were restricted to March and April. 
Texas tops the last number of deaths, with 4,300 deaths, and the rise in the Texas toll is due to the state's adoption of various ways of counting deaths from Covid-19, followed by Florida (2900) and California (2700). 
Although deaths increased in the last three states in July, New York and New Jersey are the top countries in the total number of deaths in the country, in terms of recorded cases compared to the population. 
Globally, the United States ranks sixth in mortality, among the 20 most affected countries, with 45 people out of 10,000 living with the disease, preceded by the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Peru and Chile. 
Ammar Al-Masoudi



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The numbers are incorrect and jacked up. How many died not from COVID but from some other affliction but is tallied as a COVID death? 



My husband just called me. He left for work, got gas in town. Went into the store, opened door for a nurse going in. He said to her, "no mask"? She rolled her eyes and said, "not after we just sent in 70 unopened tests and they came back positive"! What the hell is going on?- Deborah W. Schneider, Twitter 7:13 AM · Jul 29, 2020

NYC counted all deaths away from a hospital as a COVID death. Nurses in NYC have come out, long before the Capitol Hill presser by the doctors, and they have done it on Youtube but Youtube have taken these videos down as fast as they have gone up. 


Individuals in Florida are reporting that they have received letters for testing  positive for COVID but never took the test to determine if they were infected. 


The CDC, recently, rolled back the numbers for COVID deaths, thus admitting the numbers were false in the fire rst place.


Hotspots are only occurring in certain places that will carry weight with the 2020 election. And to top this off the new talking point on the demoncrat side is that because black people are affected more than any other group of people, they should be allowed to mail in their votes. Repubes are beginning to go along with this narrative in order to get rid of Trump.


Teachers who fear getting COVID have been seen at rallies, protests and riots WITHOUT wearing masks. Wouldn't it make America Great Again if it were realized that home-schooling turned out better than in-person schooling? The other factor in this is that teachers of higher learning have maintained that degrees from online schools are weaker than in-person schools. Wouldn't it be funny that these teachers were forced to find out that online school degrees are not only stronger than inperson school degrees but employable skills are retained much more than at inperson schools? So what is the reason for teachers not going back when those under 40 are exponentially less likely to contract COVID-19.


The study to show how average consumer masks are ineffective against COVID, due the size of the virus, smaller than 125 microns,  being smaller than the pores of the mask, was retracted in favor of studies that show the opposite. 


How the HCQ has systematically banned in the USA as an early treatment choice not by the AMA but by politicians leading to the fact there is something else driving the reason for the bans and its not because of COVID.


How the second spike did not come in the Fall like which was projected but came in June/July. And now Dr. Fraudci is promoting the use of GOGGLES in addition to the masks.


How early reports of the origins of COVID were that it was man-made and weaponized but that was suppressed very early on (Jan 2020) and slowly the reports have trickled out that the initial reporting that this was a man-made weaponized virus were ultimately true. And how the virus got into the Hands of the Chinese through a Chinese scientist was true.


How the COVID pandemic became a godsend for those against Trump but has turned into a nightmare for them but since they are committed they are forced to continue with the game plan. A game plan that was supposed to play out by July 4th but because not seeing the results as expected, created an "early second wave" of the pandemic.


This whole thing has been contrived by man to be implemented as a way to cause fear and control the masses as a study once discovered that Americans and Europeans feared a bioweapon attack as much or greater than they did a nuclear attack because it was more likely a bioweapon attack would occur in their minds. 


This whole pandemic is nothing but fear used to control the masses in America and in Europe. It is being used to promote governments as the people's only solution and to destroy capitalism and a free market system. Yet it is the private industry sector contracted by governments that will come up with the eventual vaccine for the China Virus. How ironic.    





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Cases in the U.S.

Updated August 2, 2020
TOTAL CASES4,601,52658,947 New Cases*
TOTAL DEATHS154,0021,132 New Deaths*
Want More Data?

CDC COVID Data Tracker


This page is updated daily based on data confirmed at 4:00pm ET the day before.


Cases by Jurisdiction

This map shows COVID-19 cases reported by U.S. states, the District of Columbia, New York City, and other U.S.-affiliated jurisdictions. Hover over the maps to see the number of cases reported in each jurisdiction. To go to a jurisdiction’s health department website, click on the jurisdiction on the map.



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Corona injuries worldwide exceed 18 million, and the United States announces a "new stage"

Baghdad / Nina / The total number of new Coronavirus infections that have been registered in the world has exceeded the threshold of 18 million, according to a census of France Press based on official sources.

At least 18,011,763 casualties were counted worldwide as the epidemic continued to accelerate, with only 1 million new infections recorded in the last 24 hours.

More than half of the infections in the world are concentrated in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The United States is the most affected country in the world with 4,657,693 injuries, including 154,793 deaths, followed by Brazil with 2,733,677 injuries and 94,104 deaths.

The third country worst affected is India with 1,750,723 injuries and 37,364 deaths.

The total deaths in the world were 687,941.

These figures, which are based on data collected by AFP from governments as well as from the World Health Organization, may reflect a small portion of the actual number of infections.

Many countries only carry out tests for people with symptoms or for more serious conditions.

In a related development, the White House advisor said about the Corona virus, which heads the crisis cell concerned with the fight against the virus in the White House, for the "State of the Union" program on "CNN". Today is different from what we saw in March and April. "

"For everyone who lives in rural areas, you are not safe from this virus," she said, stressing, "We are in a new phase."

To date, the total infection in the United States with the Corona virus has reached 4,665,002 and 154 deaths,
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Smart muzzle with amazing specifications

 Time: 08/20/2020 08:13:40



Smart muzzle with amazing specifications
{International: Al Furat News} A Japanese company created a smart mask that connects to the Internet, in light of the increasing demand for protective masks due to the spread of Corona virus, while the company plans to put it up for sale next September.

The emerging Japanese "Donut Robotics" company has developed a muzzle that can give its wearer instructions on social spacing, which has become necessary in order to avoid infection with the "Covid 19" disease caused by the Coronavirus.
Among the features of the smart muzzle, according to the company, is the translation of the Japanese language into 8 other languages, which are English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai.
The smart mask called "C Mask" is placed on top of the traditional mask and it connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth technology, where it can convert speech to text messages, make calls, and even amplify the wearers' voice.
The manufacturer of the smart muzzle, which is plastic and white, said that the first 5 thousand pieces will be put on the Japanese market next September.
The CEO of the smart muzzle manufacturer, Taisuk Uno, told Reuters that his company is looking to sell the muzzle in China, the United States and Europe as well, as he "receives strong attention" as he put it.
The price of a smart muzzle is about $ 40 USD, and the consumer must purchase a smart muzzle application through online stores, in order to operate it.
Ammar Al-Masoudi



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Study: Some Corona survivors suffer from mental disorders

03-08-2020 | 16:51
Study: Some Corona survivors suffer from mental disorders

A study conducted by doctors in Milan and published today, concluded that the survivors of Covid-19 suffer from an increase in mental disorders, including PTSD, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The study showed that more than half of the 402 patients who were monitored after treatment were exposed to at least one of these disorders in proportion to the severity of the inflammation that occurred during the disease.

The patients, 265 men and 137 women, were followed up over a month after hospitalization.

The professor said Francesco Benedetti The head of the group at the hospital's psychiatric and mental illness research unit: "It turns out that inflammation caused by the disease can have psychological consequences."

The report was published today in the scientific journal "Brain, Behavior and Immunology".



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The New York Times

How Accurate Are Coronavirus Tests?

Sarah Mervosh 2 hrs ago

The New York Times logo How Accurate Are Coronavirus Tests?

Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio received a negative coronavirus test result on Thursday, hours after a positive test result had stopped him from meeting with President Trump in Cleveland. The contradictory results during a high-profile moment underscored the challenges of testing, an issue that has repeatedly stymied the virus response in the United States.

a person standing in front of a bus: Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio was surprised to receive a positive test result during a screening by the White House on Thursday. He later tested negative.© Andrew Welsh Huggins/Associated Press Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio was surprised to receive a positive test result during a screening by the White House on Thursday. He later tested negative.

“I’m sure the internet is lighting up with, ‘Well, you can’t believe any test,’” Mr. DeWine, a Republican, said during an interview with 92.3 WCOL, a Columbus radio station, on Friday morning. But, he said, “No one should take the results of this test and say, ‘Oh, none of these numbers are right.’ There is always a possibility for error.”

At issue are two types of coronavirus tests that are increasingly taking center stage as part of the virus response in the United States. As part of a screening by the White House, Mr. DeWine first received an antigen test, a newer type of test that provides faster results but is less accurate than traditional laboratory testing. He was later tested using a more standard procedure known as polymerase chain reaction, or P.C.R., an accurate but time-intensive method that requires samples to be processed at a laboratory.

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Widespread, fast testing is the cornerstone of any virus response and an area where the United States has consistently fallen short. In order to ramp up testing to a level needed to stop the spread of the virus, experts are increasingly recommending a strategy that casts a wide net with widespread adoption of faster, less accurate tests. But that comes with drawbacks.

To better understand the difference between the two types of tests and the accuracy of testing overall, we spoke with Dr. Bill Miller, an epidemiologist at the Ohio State University.

What is the difference between a P.C.R. test and an antigen test?

A P.C.R. test is the test that is probably most familiar to Americans. It involves taking a swab from a person’s nose and sending the sample to a laboratory to process.

The approach amplifies a sequence of nucleic acids in order to detect tiny amounts of the virus. Because the process amplifies the sequence, the test is highly accurate, but the results can take hours or days to process. “It allows you to get very high sensitivity, meaning most people who have the virus who have a P.C.R. test are going to get identified,” Dr. Miller said.

But there have been problems with access to the tests. As cases spiked, the demand overwhelmed laboratories, and shortages in the supply chain meant many Americans had to wait days — or even weeks — for results. The delays render the tests largely useless. Experts say results are needed within 24 to 48 hours to effectively quarantine and contact trace. In the United States, turnaround times are often stretching three to five days, or more.

Antigen tests look for a protein that is a part of the virus. They can also be done using a nasal swab, but can provide faster, easy-to-decipher results, similar to a pregnancy test.

Antigen tests can provide results in less than an hour. But because the process does not amplify particles, Dr. Miller said “the ability to detect the virus is lower by definition.”

How accurate are the results?

All virus tests have the possibility of an inaccurate result. “It is just a fact of clinical testing,” said Dr. Miller, who recommended using common sense about the risk of exposure when evaluating unexpected results.

But antigen tests are generally less sensitive and less accurate than the traditional nasal swab, laboratory test. Interestingly, antigen tests are more likely to produce false negatives — missing someone who has the virus — than false positives, the opposite of what appears to have happened to Mr. DeWine.

Mr. DeWine is expected to be tested again on Saturday.

States are increasingly turning to antigen tests as part of a strategy to ramp up testing. Mr. DeWine is part of a bipartisan group of governors — four Republicans and four Democrats — who are negotiating to purchase the tests from two medical companies, Becton, Dickinson & Company and the Quidel Corporation. The companies were the first to receive emergency authorization for antigen tests from the Food and Drug Administration, but the tests could produce false negative results between 15 and 20 percent of the time.

If the results are not always accurate, why are experts pushing for more rapid testing?

The United States is currently testing at a daily rate of 241 tests per 100,000 people, according to an estimate by Harvard Global Health Institute. By the same estimate, the country would need 355 tests per 100,000 people to slow the spread of the virus, and more than 1,000 tests per 100,000 people to truly suppress the virus by detecting and responding to outbreaks as they occur.

To ramp up enough testing, experts say the United States cannot rely on traditional one-by-one laboratory tests alone.

Antigen tests offer one strategy that could prove useful for crowded settings like nursing homes or schools. “You have the advantage of being able to quickly identify people who might be infected and getting them isolated and separated,” Dr. Miller said. “Whereas where you have to wait 48 or 72 hours for a test result to come back, you have that window of time where people are often not fully isolated or quarantined.”

In short, there are societal benefits to casting a wide net with faster, less accurate tests, but it can cause confusion on a personal level, as the DeWine case seems to show.

“The antigen tests do give us a cheap way to do a lot of tests that are pretty good,” Dr. Miller said. “Pretty good is a lot better than none, and it collectively gets us a lot closer to the goal of being able to isolate and quarantine people when they need to be.”



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ETNT Health

Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus

Kelly Hernandez 1 day ago

Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus

Ever since COVID-19 reared its ugly head and upended our world, long-lasting symptoms of the virus have been varied and hard to pinpoint—until now. A survey published by Lambert, N. J. & Survivor Corps and conducted by Indiana University School of Medicine analyzes COVID-19 survivors and the experiences they had and are still having with the virus. The report identifies 98 total long-lasting symptoms. Click through from least common to most common to see if you've experienced any.


slidshow at link



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