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Rockets Pound U.S. Bases In Iraq Following Hezbollah-Israeli Escalation

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4 hours ago, DoD said:


I will respectfully disagree with your statement about Trump not doing anything to protect our soldiers...this is a pretty good piece of protection equipment. the American "Sea Ram" missile defense system responded to the missile attack on the embassy in the Green Zone.

Dod, thank God we have At least that in place... What I am saying is what is being done to stop these attacks almost every day now? The Iraq Government isn’t doing anything to stop the attacks all together.. I say we launch drones or warthogs or watch with anything from above and when they go to setup shop nearby, fire at will.. anything to prevent the relentless attacks..

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I agree Greg, it’s frustrating watching these constant attacks without much of a response. 
In the old days around Baghdad 30 seconds after a rocket would hit the ground, several Blackhawk helicopters were scrambled an you heard machine gun fire. 
I’m thinking the new PM needs to jail or fire a few more of the Iranian puppets in GOI...

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Mr. Hassan Nasrallah: We categorically deny the presence of weapons or explosives at the Beirut port of Hezbollah, and the accusations are misleading.

 Time: 08/07/2020 17:55:56



Mr. Hassan Nasrallah: We categorically deny the presence of weapons or explosives at the Beirut port of Hezbollah, and the accusations are misleading.
{International: Al Furat News} The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, denied "categorically and decisively and resolutely that there are any missiles or materials for us in any warehouse at Beirut Port, neither in the past nor in the present" after accusations of the party behind the big explosion.

"Attitudes and prejudices about the tragedy depended on relying on facts and on a rule ... I lie, lie, until people believe you," Sayyed Nasrallah said in a speech this afternoon.
"We categorically and firmly deny the existence of any missiles or material to us in any warehouse at the port, neither in the past nor in the present," he added.
He pointed out that "the investigations will confirm our position that there are no materials for us in the port ... and what happened is an unjust deception."
Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that "the preconceived stances aimed at inciting the Lebanese people against Hezbollah, and this is a very high level of injustice and abuse."
And between "we do not know anything about the port of Beirut or its facilities, and our role is only the resistance."
"Yes, we have more information about Haifa port (in the Israeli entity) than we have knowledge of Beirut port and its contents," he stressed.
"When the investigations reveal what happened in the port, I call on the Lebanese people to try the local media," Hezbollah Secretary General stressed, calling on the Lebanese to express a position on the media that exploited the explosion politically through counterfeiting.

He explained, "There was political exploitation of the incident, and we insist that the present moment is not a moment of political and partisan accountability. The period is now for the surgeon, and we later have the ability to respond and prove that there are those who live in illusions and delusions."
Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, "An honest investigation must be carried out into what happened and accountability for all those found responsible are negligent, negligent, corrupt or intentional, and there is no room for any considerations, calculations, and political and sectarian balances in the investigation and accountability for those responsible for the explosion."
Ammar Al-Masoudiالسيد-حسن-نصر-الله-ننفي-نفياً-قاطعاً-وجود-أسلحة-او-متفجرات-بمرفأ-بيروت-لحزب-الله-والاتهامات-مضللة

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