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Forex Is Trading In Iraq.

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Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests...

FOREX is up & running & trading in Iraq.

Frank26 has a dream...The Mnt Goat is excited.

Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine.




7-17-2020   Newshound Guru Pimpy  Article:   "Forex Trading In Iraq"  ...didn't I tell you we need this to start happening.  You want to get a rate change?  They have to be on the foreign currency exchange... Quote:  "Our guide will help you learn more about how you can begin trading Forex in Iraq.Are they just talking about other people's currency or are they talking about the dinar?  Quote:  "...brokers often allow you to convert your dinars into reserve currencies like the USD or the Euro to use as a base currency from a dinar based account..."  ...if they are teaching them [Iraqi citizens] how to trade on the Forex it's just a matter of time before the Iraqi dinar is there.  This is good's not going to be much longer until we see the Iraqi dinar on the Forex.  That's what we're waiting for...

7-17-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "FOREX TRADING IN IRAQ"   Quote:  "Thanks to international forex brokers steadily expanding into Iraq, IT’S NOW POSSIBLE FOR IRAQI CITIZENS AND TRAVELERS TO GET INVOLVED IN THE FOREX MARKET."   So why would they be teaching Iraq about how to trade on FOREX when their own currency is  not even on FOREX? Is something coming that they have not yet told them? Or have they told them only we don’t know about it? Folks this is yet another WOW article!


7-18-2020   Intel Guru Frank26  ...dream three I believe it will be taking place before this coming Tuesday.  The contents of the meeting - Will you hear about it on Tuesday or Wednesday or ThursdayI don't know.  I've got a very very good feeling that you're not even going to know this meeting is going on...I got a very very very strong feeling you're not going to know anything about Pompeo...this meeting is going to happen according to my dream and the contents just like the other meetings may come out that day...or it may trickle out.  But I don't think it's going to take too long...will they make the announcement of the new exchange rate tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, Monday?  The days don't matter because you're never going to know about this meeting...until they decide to tell you.

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10 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

Luigi found these articles...


...The Mnt Goat is excited.

Shut The Barn Door - It Sounds Like Weegie’s Gonna Be Mountin’ Goat Tonight ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 

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2 minutes ago, DinarThug said:

Shut The Barn Door - It Sounds Like Weegie’s Gonna Be Mountin’ Goat Tonight ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 

Wouldn’t the be frank while  mountin  goat and  feeling pimpy? 🤪🤣

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    • By Luigi1
      If FOREX Breaks...
      27 Aug 2015...Iko Ward... 
      We won’t need another red market day for the RV. Like our own twitter campaign, those that needed to hear got it loud and clear.
      But don’t discount the downturn and correction. I am not a financial adviser, but you won’t see me putting money into the market till next spring.
      There are lots of other opportunities. Ask your professional.
      If Forex breaks its present pattern on Dinar and dips below 1110 we are seriously on our way. It won’t show the actual rate but will indicate a major rate change. Only the CBI can post the true rate… right now it’s at 1120.6 and the best today was 1115.4
      [Let’s hope Forex dips below 1110 yeah.]
      Oh, let us wait patiently for Forex to rock our little world this evening. Later folks
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