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The Parliamentary Finance Decision Talks About A Threat To The Central Bank's Foreign Currency Reserves !

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On 6/30/2020 at 1:20 PM, DinarThug said:

The secret of delaying salaries is "evolving" .. A "strongly worded" warning from one of the ministries to government banks and "payment" cards: Launch salaries immediately!


Yassin Iraq: Baghdad


The Oil Products Distribution Company of the Ministry of Oil sent a "strongly worded" ultimatum to Al-Rasheed and Al-Rafidain Banks, due to the delay in spending the salaries of the company's employees for two consecutive months, without knowing the reasons.

A document seen by Yassin Iraq, directing the Oil Products Distribution Company to Al-Rashid and Al-Rafidain banks, showed a strong warning, that commitment to the terms of the salary settlement agreement signed between the company and the two banks should be adhered to, while the company threatened to end the contract and bank compensation.




In the document .. A state company warns “Al-Rashid and Al-Rafidain” due to the delay in the salaries of its employees 



Economie 01/07/2020 10:27 3285 Editor: am    

Baghdad today - Baghdad 


The Oil Products Distribution Company of the Ministry of Oil warned, on Wednesday, Al-Rasheed Bank, and Al-Rafidain Bank, due to the delay in the payment of salaries of its employees.

The document issued and received by the company (Baghdad Today), addressed to Al-Rashid and Al-Rafidain bank, that "given the repeated delay of private salaries of our company employees, and the citizenship of their salaries with you for the second month in a row on the Master Card from the date of June 16 of this year, and until the date of June 30, unlike For the provisions of Item (Fourth / Obligations of the Second Party / Second Paragraph) which stipulates (the delivery of salaries to the employees of the first party no later than the 23rd of each month), which constitutes a clear violation of your commitment to the terms of the agreement and according to the provisions of Article Eight / General Provisions / Paragraph 7 thereof. 

The document states: "We warn you that the terms of the agreement must be adhered to and the salaries of our employees who are your citizens must be released urgently, and that payment of salaries shall not be delayed for the coming months.



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      Baghdad - people  
      On Sunday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed the completion of a plan to return the smuggled money outside the country.  
      Member of the Integrity Committee, MP Youssef Al-Kalabi, said in an interview with the official agency, and it was followed by “NAS” (June 14, 2020). And executive. "  
      Al-Kalabi pointed out that "the best solution to get out of the crisis is by recovering the stolen money, especially since there is public, institutional and judicial support for recovering it."  
      The Recovery Department of the Integrity Commission announced earlier that coordination with the Public Prosecution, the Iraqi Interpol and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice had achieved positive results in recovering contraband funds, seizing other funds, and instituting cases outside Iraq to recover contraband funds. 
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