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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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There have been a few posts on these in the past......National Geographic did a documentary of the Secret Service a year ago where agents talked openly about stopping an attempt on Trump in the Phillipines.....

This 3 minute video by a Aussie investigative IT guy is pretty eye opening.....     CL 






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I heard about the boogaloo movement this morning on onamericanews, bet the ss are kept hopping around him.. Wonder if we will ever find out how many were attempted. Maybe if he gets to drain swamp his 2nd term will be a cake walk. Just reminded when he said about no wall so he'ld dig a moot  along the s border and put gators in it. He needs the wall on either side of moot once he gets swamp rats in it just before the gators go in. We need to starve them for a mo so when they get turned loose rats will disappear quickly. We can hire the swamp people to catch them BUT I bet there would be tons on here that would go get  Wonder if video was put on youtube how soon it would be taken down plus how many views it would get before that was done??? :drunk:


Trump needs a speedway to hold his rally in, think Sleepy Joe will hold one on the same night, they could hold it his basement! lol.  Boy that will be one heel of a rally bring your ear plugs oh they could sell them what a killing they can make. I'm making 2 bags of pop cornSat.


:wave:  for now


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