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Good morning good morning!   Happy Wednesday DinarVets, and welcome to another edition of "The Weekly".   Hopefully it's one of the few remaining.     2020... what a year


They caught the Blue Balloon Guy Looting.  His arms were up but he still got whacked. 😂 😆               

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2 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

I am curious to see what kind of "spike" we will see in corona cases, though, since there are suddenly gobs of people doing the exact opposite of "social distancing"... my guess is that there won't be any massive spike. Time will tell.


:twothumbs: APROPOS!!!, Adam, AND ALL The Very Best!!! :tiphat:


Vaccine ID may be the coming wave so hopefully the "resistance" will spike on that one, too, as well as vaccination verification for foreign and domestic travel IF these are proposed in ANY form beyond the pre COVID-19 Hysteria Pandemic Disease "blooming".


Thank You for the tireless and regular assessment with a special Thank You to You and Your Affiliates for the tireless efforts as a Service Provider for paid participants to make the most of this Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment.




Thank You, too, Adam, for allowing us to "self" "quarantine" on THEE Premier DinarVets Cruise Ship!!!




Go Moola Nova!


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Early posting is good but anytime is fine to hear the straight scoop on what is going on.  Hopefully we are close to an RV!  Thank you so much Adam and other news finders!

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Thank you Adam



US ambassador: Kurdistan Region will be part of “strategic dialogue” with Iraq

Masrour Barzani (Right) Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) with Matthew Tueller, the US ambassador to Iraq, June 2, 2020. (Photo: KRG)

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – The US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, assured Kurdish Prime Minister Masoud Barzani on Tuesday that the Kurdistan Region will be involved in the “strategic dialogue” between the US and Iraq, scheduled to be held later this month in Washington DC.

In a meeting in Erbil, Tueller informed Barzani that "the Kurdistan Region will participate in, and will be part of it,” a statement posted to the website of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) explained.

Such participation has been a request from the KRG to the US, and in his meeting with Tueller, Barzani stressed its importance, emphasizing that the results of the strategic dialogue must ensure the rights of all the components in Iraq and serve their “best interests.”

In their meeting, Barzani and Tueller also discussed, more broadly, the latest developments in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and “ways to strengthen ties between the Kurdistan Region and the United States," the KRG statement also said.

Tueller explained that the US was “doing everything possible to aid Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, especially in overcoming the current difficult economic circumstance as a result of the coronavirus.”

Washington first announced the strategic dialogue with Iraq in April, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told journalists that the discussions would cover “all strategic issues between our two countries” and would include “the future presence of the United States forces,” as well as “how best to support system" rel="">support an independent and sovereign Iraq.”

Read More: US announces strategic dialogue with Iraq

The planned meetings in Washington follow theconsolidation of Coalition forces into three main bases in Iraq, one of which is Erbil Air Base, as well as the formation of a new Iraqi government under the leadership of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

The Iraqi parliament approved Kadhimi’s cabinet on May 6, ending five months of political stalemate in Baghdad, following the resignation of the previous prime minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi in November. Washington responded by offering Kadhimi a warm welcome in his new position.

Read More: Pompeo congratulates new Iraqi Prime Minister

In announcing the planned strategic dialogue with Iraq, Pompeo explained, “It’s important that our two governments work together to stop any reversal of the gains we’ve made in our efforts to defeat ISIS and stabilize the country.”

Officials expect that the US-Iraqi strategic dialogue will lead to a new agreement between the two sides, at a time when Iraq’s need for international support system" rel="">support appears greater than ever, amid a severe economic crisis that has struck the country, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and significantly lower oil prices that stem largely from the global slowdown in economic activity, as countries around the world imposed lockdowns in order to combat the spread of the disease.

It is expected that the dialogue will tackle several issues, most notably military and security coordination, the future of the US presence in Iraq, the training and equipping of Iraqi and Peshmerga forces, as well as US economic support system" rel="">support for the country.

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 One thing that these last couple of weeks or months in America has revealed are that we are full of social, political, and with the riots brainless idiots in this country. I never thought I would see the day when Iraq is more peaceful than America.

There have been multiple black people killed  in these riots to protest the killing of a black man.  How brilliant! I wonder why the racist white man never thought of that.

Thank God the Dinar is not affected by this lunacy. Lord knows it's a minefield of stupidity and greed in Iraq to get the RV. We don't need to throw up a few more roadblocks from the Jerry Springer audience who are running rampant now in our cities. 

God help us!

I believe there will be a spike in Covid19 and these anarchists living in their mommy and daddy's basements will be the reason and maybe even add to the statistics. 

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1 hour ago, Adam Montana said:

Hopefully it's one of the few remaining. :twothumbs: 


It’s been a long ride but the scenery never seems to change.


I guess we’ve been stuck.




Hopefully we are almost there!!!!


82920DF4-8713-4A00-B754-DE8B581202CB.gif.780de17aa2cbc4983ea854e59fbc195e.gif     00567D00-1EBC-4914-9D7D-9F18516FFFAB.gif.bb14273a6b2f281d7889e621919d3242.gif


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14 minutes ago, Half Crazy Runner said:

Thank you for the update @Adam Montanaand also for keeping this site grounded and on topic! I’m avoiding all other social media right now to escape from the ranting and virtue signaling exploding everywhere. 
Go RV!!



I decided to limit my Media as well.  Too much acrimony for me. I’m keeping my head down and working harder to make a better life for me and my family.  Saying lots of prayers.  

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1 hour ago, Adam Montana said:

And on that note I am wrapping up this Weekly.


All great news, A.M. Baby steps towards a HCL agreement. Then we can ALL hit that gong !

                             Come on RV. Daddy needs a new....something or other.  


                      Gong Show No GIF by ABC Network - Find & Share on GIPHY


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:twocents: My two cents: I've followed this saga for over a decade. For what it's worth I think Adam's summary is 100% accurate. 


I'm quite positive on the Iraq Dinar. This is going to work.


:bagofmoney:As the saying goes "Suddenly"

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    • By Adam Montana
      Hey hey, good afternoon!
      P.S.A. No face masks are required to read this update. It is COVID-FREE.  
      This week's weekly update is brought to you by the letters "GO", "R", and "V".
      In that order.
      I'll get to the dinar news in a minute.  
      For those of you who attended the "Return of the Chat" event on Monday - thank you for joining me! I appreciate the help working through the bugs.
      Many have been requesting a "transcript". That's something that used to happen when we did regular live chats.
      This was just a "test chat", and the intention was only to work out the kinks in the software. (It went off very well!) There is no transcript available. 
      However, I will give a short recap of notable items that made the live chat:
      1. The latest chart topper is located here - it must have gotten buried under the slew of news that's been released this week! (I'll get to some of that in a minute).
      2. ALL VIPs, if you have not validated your phone number yet - please see this thread. When the RV is here, I will send a text message to all VIP members who have followed the instructions.
      Do not respond to this portion in this "Weekly Update" thread. Please direct your attention (and any responses) to THIS thread.

      3. Also covered in the live chat was information about the "Community Map". I will restate some of what was said... this is going to be one of our VIP tools for locating prefered cash in locations, service providers, and more.
      Currently you will NOT see your marker on the map. ONLY I WILL SEE it, for privacy reasons. Nonetheless, I would like all VIP/OSI members to enter their location on it.
      (Note - some other groups *may* be able to enter a location. You will not get any benefit from that, but feel free  )
      4. Also covered in the chat - the "Announcement" feature. I changed the announcement in real time to test it out. Before you cash in, you can pop that open on your mobile device and you'll see a notice (like "current VIP cash in rate $x.xx"). This will take you 2-3 seconds, you can do it before you hand over the cash, to make sure you're getting the "live VIP rate".
      Good stuff  
      5. This was not in the chat, because it didn't come out until Tuesday, but this should sum up the dinar news portion of today's update... 
      THIS IS HCL:
      What more do I need to say?! 
      The good news just keeps piling up! 

      Thug you very much for visiting today's update.
      GO RRRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!!!
      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Wednesday, DV!
      One day till Thanksgiving - I am thankful every single day for the amazing community we have here.
      Tomorrow, I will be thankful for the same things I am thankful for every day, and also pumpkin pie.  
      Stay safe everyone, however you spend the day.  
      COVID cases are "on the rise", but before you get all worked up about it... do some research on how the tests are being conducted, specifically PCR testing. And maybe look at this chart:

      The Weekly Update last week was postponed, delayed, and finally buried on page 4 here in case you didn't find it.
      The DOW this week... holy MOLY! 29,965.01 as of right now. Yesterday we crossed 30,000 and held that for a respectable time.
      BITCOIN... I know most of you wouldn't waste your time on anything that looks as boring as this chart:

      I mean, it's basically just tedious, boring profit. No excitement. Ugh.
      (If tiresome stuff like that interests you, we have a dedicated section to it in the VIP section here. Not that I'd ever encourage anyone to participate in anything that results in amazing results. Or learn anything new. Or profit. Blech. Who wants that...)
      OIL - More boring stuff. The last screenshot I posted of Oil was $42.21. This one is $45.42.
      When will this tediousness end.

      Of course, we need that kind of boring (stable) path. Boring actually equals predictable in this case, and it's the best thing we could ask for.
      It's leading to more and more progress like this:
      And this:
      And... I could go on, but I'm going to save some good stuff for tomorrow.  
      I'm going to wrap this up early for now, and spend some time with my family today.
      I'll be doing a follow up tomorrow, because "Black Friday". And Cyber Thursday.
      And all those other great reasons to share some love 😍
      I'll send out a special offer tomorrow morning. Watch your email for that  
      One final thought before I head off...
      US Politics - the Trump Train is running out of time, but not out of steam. I'm excited to see what last minute things come out of the current President's office... and I would not be surprised at all to see something major that helps Iraq.
      One of the longest standing Dinar rumors of all time is that Mr Trump owns a significant amount of dinar. I'm sure that anything he personally held has long since been transferred to a foreign entity (*cough OSI cough*!!!), so we won't see his name on a transaction receipt when the value goes up and everyone is taking profits... but would it really surprise you to see one of his last acts as President is something that helps the Iraqis boost the value of their currency?
      It won't be a surprise to me! The limited time Trump has left in office is actually an exciting factor in the Dinar world.
      I don't care if you like The Donald or not, you have to at least see the potential there!
      Be sure to get in the Weekly Lotto Pool (here), I'll see you tomorrow, and 

      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon all!
      The weekly update will be delayed until tonight or tomorrow - I'm travelling today and my internet is so weak I can't download my personal briefings from my contacts.
      These briefings are vital to my updates because even when I don't have anything major to announce - I always keep regular tabs on what's going on. I'm in communication with people at several sources that provide invaluable information to me, and this week's communicado package is larger than usual... I'm excited to open it but I need a better connection.
      Darn third world countries, I tell ya'
      UNTIL LATER....
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning, and Happy Wednesday!
      First, foremost, and with the utmost reverence... Happy Veterans Day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have served or are serving.
      There aren't words enough.
      Back by popular demand... the Rubies! Neggers be warned, however... you are no longer anonymous. You can't simply click the downvote button and run off to your cave anymore muah-ha-ha-ha  
      Since I was in there playing with things, I added another reaction: 
      We will see how that goes  
      In the US of A, we have a political fustercluck (as usual), and like I said last week... the winner of the election doesn't really affect what Iraq can and will do. 
      It does, however, have an impact on what current President Trump may do in his (possibly) final months as CEO of the USA. 
      Pushing Iraq towards an increase in wealth would be an incredible thing to add to the list of accomplishments, don't you think?
      I do.  
      BTC is up 38% this month. That's pretty nice!

      The price of Oil is more important to Iraq, and that's doing fine:

      Also important is the political state in Iraq, and that too is doing fine...
      So... what's the holdup?
      HCL. And Article 140, to a limited extent, being limited to it's importance to the HCL.
      Good news, though... that's being worked on, and progress is being made. @yota691 posted this article just a bit ago, and this part is notable:
      Don't give up yet, friends... things are moving.
      I'll close on that note... for now.
      Get in the Weekly Powerball Pool here, and GOOOOO RRRRVVVVV!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning DinarVets, and happy Wednesday!
      Also, happy continuation-of-November-3rd, where the voting happened and the counting continues.
      I know there are a lot of people who are on the edge of their seats today, waiting for the ballots to be counted and the winner of the United States presidential election to be decided.
      The unfortunate fact is... it's too close of a race to call yet, and we probably won't have a clear answer until at least the end of the day. More likely, the end of the week.
      No matter who wins, life will go on. Love your loved ones, let go of that which does not serve you well and good, and GO RV!!!
      The US political news is enough to keep me writing here for hours upon hours, if that was what I cared to do...
      ... it's not.  
      I'm sure a lot of gossip and speculation surrounding the elections will be affecting the Dinar world.
      If Trump is going to stay in the White House, Iraq certainly has a good reason to count on support from the US in their revalue (increase) of their currency.
      If Trump will not be staying in the Oval Office, he could make one of his last plays a major push to help Iraq in any way they want.
      No matter what, President Trump still has an influence on foreign affairs, policy, and support for Iraq until at least January 19th 2021. And we know he won't be doing anything to hinder Iraq in an RV.
      That may be why we aren't seeing any actual news about Iraq's currency as it directly relates to the US presidential election... because no matter how this goes, they still have the support of the US and regardless of how things turn out, we have a few months where they are in a great position, with global support, and they can flip that switch with no substantial resistance from one of the most influential and powerful nations in the world - the USA.
      With all that said... my suggestion is simple.
      Hang tight, wait for the official RV announcement from DinarVets, get in VIP(!!!!), and 
      The weekly Powerball Pool is here.
      - Adam
      P.S. It was mentioned recently that something I said may have held a hidden message... has anyone ever noticed the colors I use for "GO RV!"? And the order I put them in?
      5,000 DV points for the first member to guess the significance. Hint - there are two parts to the explanation.
      P.P.S. I would personally enjoy some great commentary on how the markets are performing and how they will continue to react as time goes on this week. @Pitcher? 
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