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A Russian attack on a US base is the cause of the deployment the Patriot systems in Iraq

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A Russian attack on a US base is the cause of the deployment the Patriot systems in Iraq

WASHINGTON, (BM) – A possible Russian attack on the US base in Syria is the cause of Patriot missile systems deployment in Iraq, learned citing the US experts opinion.

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According to them, after Russia twice promised to deliver an unexpected attack on an American military base in Syria, the United States, under the guise of protecting its military facilities in Iraq, deployed a large number of Patriot air defense systems on the border with Syria.

“Russia has already inflicted several attacks on the base on June 16, 2016, but at that time there were no American troops there. The US warplanes responded to the initial strike, but the Russians returned after these planes went on refueling. The incident prompted the United States to strengthen the garrison. In 2018, the Kremlin again threatened to attack the base,” the The Drive magazine reports.

Experts say that at the moment Russia does not make sense to go on such an escalation, however, given the fact that the American military acts without informing the Russian military command about air strikes in various regions of Syria and creating provocations, Al-Tanf military abse may be the first target of the Russian military in Syria.

“It should be understood that the Patriots deployed by the Americans in the west of Iraq will not cover military bases from possible Iranian attacks from the east. Obviously, the Patriots will have to protect, first of all, several thousand American troops at the base of Al-Tanf, on which Russia has already threatened to strike in the event of any minor threat,” the specialist notes.

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It should be noted that the United States previously announced the sending of its F-35 fighter jets to protect the Al-Tanf region, which also confirms the fact that Washington is afraid of possible actions by the Russian military.

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