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Iran: Extending The Arms Embargo Will Face A Severe Response !

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CNN. Broadcasting An Insanian Warning To The US !



Iran: Extending the arms embargo will face a severe response




16:03 - 02/05/2020



Iran has stated that it has informed the United States that an extension of the arms embargo will face a severe response.

"We have informed the United States of America that the extension of the international community's arms embargo on Iran will face a harsh response ... and it will have serious repercussions," Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said at a press conference today, Saturday.

"We spoke to the member states of the nuclear agreement and they informed us that they will not accept the United States way of extending our arms embargo," he added.

A spokesman for the Iranian government continued: "The United States of America must realize that the world and international agreements are not a game in their hands." 

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The Presidency of the Republic: It is imperative to pursue the remnants of ISIS and to clear the lands from them


The Presidency of the Republic: It is imperative to pursue the remnants of ISIS and to clear the lands from them
05/2/2020 14:57:05
The Presidency of the Republic stressed, today, Saturday, the need to pursue the remnants of ISIS gangs and cleanse the Iraqi lands of the remnants of this organization, and to maintain the achievements made against terrorism.

The spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, in a statement received by {Al Furat News} after the security forces and factions of the popular crowd in Salah al-Din Governorate came to a criminal attempt, that “the challenges facing us today require more solidarity, synergy, cooperation and unity among all national forces.” The Presidency expressed its condolences to the families of the heroic martyrs, and to the grace of God Almighty bless them with the mercy of his mercy, and to grant the wounded a speedy recovery.

The following is the text of the statement:

"The ISIS terrorist gangs made a criminal attempt to attack our security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd in Salah al-Din Governorate.

While we commend the solidity of our security forces and the heroes of the crowd and their courage in confronting these criminal gangs, we have a duty to pursue these remnants, to cleanse the Iraqi lands of the remnants of terrorism, and to maintain the achievements made against ISIS.

The challenges facing our country require, today more than ever, more solidarity, synergy, cooperation and unity among all national powers, to confront these critical conditions, and accelerate the formation of a government capable of fulfilling its responsibilities in protecting the security, stability and sovereignty of Iraq, and achieving the hopes and aspirations of Iraqis In a free and dignified life.

May God bless the martyrs with his vast mercy, and make them dwell in peace, and inspire their families and dear people, patience and solace, and a speedy recovery for the wounded and the injured."

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry: We will cooperate with the government emitted from the Iraqi political decision


Iran’s Foreign Ministry: We will cooperate with the government emitted from the Iraqi political decision
05/2/2020 14:08:56
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said that his country will cooperate with the government emitted from the Iraqi political decision.
Referring to the choice of Mustafa al-Kadhim as the mandate to form the government before, which came as a result of unanimity and consensus among the Shiite leaders and the Kurdish and Sunni political forces, Mousavi said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran supports any decision based on the consensus of the political forces in the country where we consider this issue as an internal matter exactly."

He added: "We have repeatedly announced that this is a matter for the people, the Iraqi government, parliament, and political forces, as Iran's policy on this issue is to support the outcome of a decision based on the opinion of the government and the Iraqi people, and by assuring that Iran will work and cooperate with the government emanating from this decision and the political consensus in Iraq". 
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US report: 24 factions are preparing to leave the crowd in the manner of 'Sistani brigades'!


2020.05.02 - 09:50



People - Baghdad  


An American report, Saturday, shed light on the developments of the crowd crisis after the dissolution of four brigades affiliated with the religious authority, indicating that many other brigades are considering leaving.  

And the report published by the "Al-Hurra" website and followed by "Nass" (May 2, 2020) stated that the exit of these brigades would turn the crowd into a "weak facade or entity that cannot cover the activities of the pro-Iranian factions."  

The following is the text of the report:  

The Iraqi factions loyal to Iran were subjected to a heavy caliber blow, which was the withdrawal of four factions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization, two weeks ago, from the crowd and entering it under the direct command of the Prime Minister and the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  

The factions, linked to the religious authority led by Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the man who established his fatwa to form the PMF in its current form, said that "the reason for their withdrawal from the PMF and joining the government armed forces is to correct some paths and ensure that national visions are pursued."  

Throughout the war against ISIS and its aftermath, these factions differed with the direction of the other factions, which were established before the fatwa, with the direct support and supervision of Iran.  

Although the declared dispute was over the armament, deployment, and salaries that the Iranian wing in the crowd controlled during the entire period of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis - who was killed with the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani with an American strike earlier this year - the real difference was a dispute between the two approaches of the Iranian jurist state, and Marjiya Iraqi represented by Sistani.  

Sistani's factions were not known to interfere in politics, and their record in the field of human rights in the areas they controlled was much better than that of the Iranian factions.  

Sistani's factions were not involved in the crackdown on demonstrators, in which several main Iranian factions, such as the Hezbollah Brigades, the Asaib, and the Badr Organization, participated.  

The Marjaiya factions were not involved in the aggressive approach against the international coalition forces, or the attacks against those forces.  

Sunni crowd  

Almost three weeks ago, sources told Al-Hurra that forces from the Hezbollah Brigades were constantly conducting searches in villages controlled by the tribal crowd in the city of Qaim, west of Anbar Province.  

According to those sources, the battalion forces deal "roughly" with civilians and the crowd, and even with local officials, and the matter reached the level of "elements of the brigades slapped the city's mayor, which sparked widespread anger," according to a source who asked not to be named.  

Security expert Hisham al-Hashemi tells Al-Hurra that he has information about the intention of these tribal factions to join the threshold of thresholds, meaning the crowd of Sistani, because of their "feeling of marginalization and inequality with the state crowds, a feeling that is almost universal" for everyone.  

 Al-Hashemi confirms that there have been dialogues already held with the tribal crowds in Anbar, western Salah al-Din, southern Nineveh and the Nineveh Plain, and "all expressed their willingness to join the leadership of the mobilization of thresholds."  

There are, in addition to four brigades from the Hashd al-Marjiyeh, about ten others who owe allegiance to Sistani, and 14 Sunni brigades from the tribal and regional mobilization, and of course there are the Peace Brigades of Muqtada al-Sadr.  

And if all these factions withdrew, then the PMF will only have a façade or a weak entity that cannot cover the activities of the pro-Iranian factions.  

Iraqi security expert Hisham Al-Hashimi told Al-Hurra that "leaders of the thresholds and Peace Brigades have early statements of rejection and demanding justice in dividing positions in the crowd structure and a more inclusive participatory."  

But "justice in dividing positions" may mean that the Iranians will lose the leadership of the crowd and all the important positions in it, according to Hashemi. ".  

Unsuccessful mediation !  

A source familiar with the "Al-Hurra" website said, "Hadi al-Amiri, the secretary general of the Badr Organization, and the most powerful man in the crowd now, recently failed to persuade the march of the Marjaiya to return to the popular crowd."  

The source said that al-Amiri proposed "the removal of Abu Fadak al-Muhammadawi (who was appointed as a substitute for the engineer and must be appointed by a refusal from the factions of reference)", and "the appointment of two vice-chairmen of the Popular Mobilization Authority, one of which follows the authority and the other that follows the state assembly."  

According to the source, the proposal was compelled by a categorical rejection of Sistani's agent, Ahmed Al-Safi, and the mediation project failed entirely.  

The source confirmed the information of Al-Hashemi expert by saying that "the splitting of ten other factions and their joining of the march of reference is very close."  

The source pointed out that these ten factions, the Sunni factions, and the Peace Corps, whose total number is 90 thousand, will leave a total of 164 thousand people who are the total population of the PMF.  

Sources confirm that the factions affiliated with Sistani consider themselves part of the Iraqi military system, and are actually acting on this basis through non-interference in political, diplomatic or even local affairs in the provinces where they are spread.  

While the Iranian factions are involved in almost everything, from appointing officials, to economic activities, to controlling borders, and, more recently, to attempts to control Iraqi diplomacy.  

Indeed, the Hezbollah Brigades tried to thwart the passage of the candidate for prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and attacked the candidate who preceded him, Adnan Al-Zorfi, openly.  

Security expert Hisham al-Hashemi expects these disputes to paralyze the crowd, due to factions ’ties that he described as“ crowds with internal and external political and military ties. ”  

Al-Hashemi believes that conflicts of interest for these crowds, with the views of the reference clusters, may push the conflict into the open, "especially with the contradictions between the poles of the reference leaders and a difference in views on international issues," as he put it.  

There are also other problems, according to al-Hashemi, "varying between the disarmament of the factions and their monopoly in the hands of the state, and the problems of military ranks, age, academic achievement, and combat and logistical military classification, all of which" may transform the PMF into a theater of long and sterile discussions, and paralyze its ability to "make critical decisions". And fast. "According to al-Hashemi.  

Perhaps this is what the militias, whose media tried to confront the withdrawal of the Marjaiya factions, with a major propaganda campaign based on the treachery of the Sistani factions, described them as "dissidents".  

But according to specialists, the factions loyal to Iran know that the Marjaiya factions are the popular (legal) crowd that most Iraqis respect. Hashemi says that "the state (pro-Iranian) crowd needs to mobilize the reference as a necessary tool to justify the presence of the PMF religiously and the relationship of its establishment with the fatwa issued by the Najaf authority, which is famous for the fatwa" of the Kafai defense. "  

This means that the withdrawal of the Marjaiya factions from the crowd will make it difficult for militia leaders to use the Marjaiya fatwa to justify their existence.  


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Trump's advisor launches new attack on China: you will be charged and paid


2020.05.02 - 11:02



Baghdad - people  


The American criticism of China has not yet extinguished, despite the World Health Organization's assertion that the Corona virus originated naturally and not in a factory or laboratory, but US President Donald Trump adheres to the theory that the world could have stopped the outbreak at its source, if China She moved more transparently.  

On Friday evening, Trump reiterated his position, stressing again that "his administration is studying many measures against China in light of the pandemic that started from the Chinese city of Wuhan and swept the world."  

"We are looking at a lot of things," Trump said, during a press conference held on Friday evening, followed by "NAS", in response to a question about whether he was considering imposing new customs duties on Chinese goods.  

Will be held accountable  

In turn, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, warned that "China will be held accountable for the epidemic."  

He said in an interview with CNBC, followed by "people", that the Chinese "will be held accountable for that, there is no doubt about that, when, where and why - I will leave this matter to the president."  

He also clarified that "future tariff decisions and other measures are up to the president."  

On the other hand, Kudlow denied "the reports that talked about the possibility of Washington refusing to pay the debts to China."  

The US President had previously confirmed that he had seen evidence linking a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan to the spread of the Corona virus, but he did not specify what evidence this was.  

"China either has failed to contain the virus or has let it spread intentionally," he told a news conference on Thursday about Covid 19's developments.  

 In response to a White House reporter who asked him if he had seen evidence to make him seriously believe that the Wuhan Virus Institute was the source of the Corona pandemic, Trump said, "Yes, it was something that could have been contained in the place of origin, and I think it could have been contained very easily."  

He also hinted that "he is considering imposing punitive duties on China, and in response to another question about the possibility that the United States will not repay its debts to China in a retaliatory measure," I can do this differently through the imposition of customs taxes, "as he had done previously. During the trade dispute between his country and Beijing.  

Renewed tension  

The tension between Beijing and Washington was renewed a few days ago after Trump's statements in which he renewed "accusing Beijing of failing to inform the world more quickly about Corona," pointing to "the possibility of taking steps to hold it accountable, as he saw it seeking to interfere in the American elections."  

On the other hand, China, which has been "disturbed by these American accusations," replied, denying the matter altogether.   

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that it "has no interest in interfering in the American presidential elections."  

In an interview with Reuters from the Oval Office, the US President revealed that he was "looking at different options regarding the possible consequences for China from the virus," adding "I can do a lot"!  

He pointed out that he "believes that China will deal with the outbreak of corona is proof that Beijing will do everything it can to make it lose the next presidential election race."  

Several reports had indicated that "a virus that has claimed thousands of lives around the world could infiltrate a laboratory in Wuhan," but China categorically denied this.  

While the World Health Organization clarified that "the epidemic cannot in any way be synthesized or created in vitro".  

It is reported that "the majority of scientists expect the new virus to be transmitted from animal to human, specifically in a popular market in Wuhan that sells live wild animals, but the presence of the laboratory a few kilometers from the market contributed to increased speculation about the possibility of the virus leaking from this sensitive facility.  


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Tehran: We will not allow American aircraft to fly
over Iranian oil platforms


22:28 - 02/05/2020

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy Ali Reza Tangsiri has threatened that his country will not allow American helicopters to fly over Iranian oil platforms in the Gulf waters.

"We will not condone the Americans' examination of Iranian fishing vessels, and the American helicopters flying over our oil platforms in the region," Tangsiri said in a press interview.

The Iranian officer added, “The Persian Gulf is considered to be Iran’s home, and that Tehran is not seeking to provoke (the conflict) there."

According to Tangsiri, "With the departure of the Americans, the region will be freed from trouble, and security will be solved in the Gulf region."

On April 15, the US Navy's Fifth Fleet press service reported that military boats belonging to the Iranian Quds Force had carried out dangerous exercises near several US warships in the Gulf waters.

Then, US President Donald Trump said he had instructed the navy to destroy any Iranian boats that would disrupt the movement of US ships at sea. 

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American newspaper: Washington paid a heavy price for its
military presence in Iraq


11:40 - 05/03/2020

A report of the American New York Post confirmed that the United States paid a high price for its involvement in the military presence in the Middle East, especially in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and the conflicts from the deserts of North Africa to the Strait of Hormuz, which have so far cost $ 6.4 trillion and killed 7,000 American soldiers. “There are serious political discussions about the feasibility of the adventures of the United States in the Middle East in terms of lost lives and spending money. These arguments will increase once the impact of Corona's virus on the global economy is calculated, where the damage is expected to exceed $ 4.1 trillion, i.e. Nearly 5 percent of the world's GDP. ”

He added, “The United States should embark on a kind of Middle Eastern Marshall Plan to avoid the emergence of a second spring, and ultimately strip a large segment of the population of extremism without the need for additional American presence on the ground, a plan that is based on a smaller and smarter presence that will benefit America and its allies.” Russia, Turkey and others, with their linguistic skills and international values, the Special Forces are experts in training the indigenous forces and armies of our allies, who we need to fight alongside us. ” "In the post-epidemic period, the United States will need to do more with few troops in the Middle East and it will be a strenuous exercise, but there can be no short-term gains without a well-thought out and practical long-term plan for the future," he said. According to the newspaper.

He added, "In light of the new plan, the US military footprint in the region will have to be adjusted, according to Central Command A. There are about 70,000 American military personnel stationed in eight countries, including 14,000 in Afghanistan, and that the burden of managing the American front lines in the Middle East must It falls mostly on the shoulders of intelligence and special operations groups. He continued, “Special forces, along with their counterparts in the CIA and the National Security Agency, must re-establish their presence in northern Syria with the Kurdish allies to send a message to Iran.
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Three main gates open in Mosul


10:26 - 05/03/2020

The mayor of the city of Mosul announced, on Sunday, the rehabilitation and opening of three of the most important gates of the city of Mosul after its departure from service.

The mayor of the city of Mosul, Zuhair al-Araji, said in a statement seen by him / the information: “The engineering cadres have rebuilt and rehabilitated the Shura side gate, the gate of Qayyarah district, and the gate of the Mosul district after these gates went out of service during the ISIS terrorist gangs control.”

Al-Araji added that "the three gates were opened after a five-month reconstruction process to bring life back to the city of Mosul," noting that "the funds for the reconstruction of those gates were allocated from the funds for the reconstruction of Mosul."

Al-Araji indicated that "there is an intention to start building two gates, the first in the Nineveh Plain and the second in the village of Bawabat al-Sham in the coming days."
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      It is noteworthy that, last April, Larijani was infected with the virus and subjected to quarantine.  
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      Opinions differed on that attack, which is often carried out by sectarian armed militias loyal to Iran, and among these views there are those who say that the recent attack is a message from these militias loyal to Iran to the Iranian Foreign Minister (Javad Zarif) during that visit during the day. 
      The question remains: Why are these Iraqi armed militias loyal to Iran attacking the missile? .. These armed militias are financially gaining and stolen from Iranian financial support to them throughout the past years, and they feel that there are secret understandings taking place between (Iran and America) to trim the nails of these armed militias inside Iraq .. and especially that we realize that the recent military confrontations that occurred between the American forces operating in Iraq and Iran after the American assassination of Qasim Soleimani, and the Iranian missile attack on the American military bases in Iraq occurred because of the targeting of these Iraqi militias, which are instructed (Soleimani) orders, to the American embassy in the green Zone.
      Iran, which suffers from many mysterious daily explosions inside Iranian cities, pressures of the American economic sanctions against it, the scarcity of Iranian oil exports, the Iranian regime’s suffering from the increasing demonstrations and popular protests that threaten the fall of the mullahs ’regime, in addition to the increasing deaths among the Iranians due to the Corona pandemic, where the number of injuries 25 million Iranians, and another 35 million are at risk of infection, according to President (Rouhani's) recent confession. 
      All these factors are common with Iran’s desire to conclude a deal with President Trump after the results of the upcoming elections in America, all of which makes Iran resort to temporary secret understandings with (Washington), including neutralizing the weapons of pro-Iranian Iraqi militias in Iraq .. and its recent missiles on the Green Zone During (Zarif )’s visit, it is a message: “We, that is, the militias, are not committed to a truce between Iran and America ... and we will continue to bomb the American forces.”
      That is, the terrorist militias in Iraq say to America and Iran: "cutting the throats and not cutting the livelihoods" .. This is the behavior of mercenaries everywhere.
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      CNN. Broadcasting ‘No Soup For U’ Ayatollahs !
      Zangana: No foreign country is ready to sign contracts with Iran

      20th July, 2020

      Iranian Oil Minister, Begin Zangana, said that no foreign country is ready to sign contracts with his country, and in any field, in the current period.

      Zangana added that India has backed away from signing a contract with Iran on the development of the Farzad gas field.  The statements of the Iranian Oil Minister came on the sidelines of a signing ceremony with China to develop the southern Azadkan field. Zangana added, "Through this field, 25 million tons will be added to Iran's petrochemical production capacity, petrochemical production will increase to 100 million tons, and the value of exports will be 25 billion dollars."

      Zangana defended the strategic partnership agreement between Tehran and Beijing, saying that "according to this agreement, we will have long-term cooperation with China in the oil industries." He added that "Iran is ready to sign such agreements with any country other than the Zionist entity." He pointed out that Iran did not prevent even American contractors and investors from working in Iran, even under US sanctions.

      Zangana denied that Tehran would offer concessions to China regarding the purchase of Iranian oil in the agreement, stressing that "China did not ask us to do so either."
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      The Commander in Chief of the US Central Command said that the number of American forces in the region is linked to developments, both high and low, at the regional level, noting that Tehran "has a very sensitive position" in the region, especially after the killing of the Quds Force Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qassem Soleimani in January. The second last 2020.
      On the presence of the American forces in Iraq, General McKinsey stressed that the Iraqi authorities welcome the American presence, considering that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi “does everything right” and that the United States agrees with the Iraqi government's directions regarding the armed factions, stressing that the government Iraqiya is committed to securing American forces, while also praising engaging in a "strategic dialogue" between the United States and the Iraqi government.
      On Iraqi calls for the departure of American forces in particular and foreigners in general, McKinsey said, there are consultations with the Iraqi government on the American presence.
      With the repeated attacks on the Green Zone, which includes the American embassy in Baghdad, the Commander in Chief of the US Central Command in the Middle East said that there are "new protection systems in the Green Zone, if necessary."
      On efforts to confront ISIS, General McKinsey said, "Our main goal on the ground is to defeat ISIS, and we exert great pressure on ISIS," considering that "ISIS is more an ideology than forces on the ground, so we cannot completely get rid of it. Therefore there are activities and guerrilla warfare." On the ground".
      And General McKenzie pointed out that "Al Qaeda and ISIS have a desire to attack countries in the region as well as in Europe and the United States, our forces in the region are working to keep pressure on these organizations to not allow more attacks," as he put it.
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