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Trump "mandatory vaccines" operation warp speed

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On 5/2/2020 at 12:06 PM, Karsten said:

I really hope this is Fake News aimed at causing POTUS Trump to lose supporters



I was watching the news today and was reminded of the public education campaign for financial reform in IRAQ

eXCEPT on the  US  NEWS it was not about financial reform, IT WAS a series of expert  opinion pieces disguised as news that had experts predicting (GURU NONSENSE) The probable strategy of the corona virus  containment strategy and defeat.How soon vaccines will be made available, who will get them ( going for herd immunity which translates to mandatory untested vaccines) and other BS. What is more frightening than any virus is how fast the american public rolls over and accepts this information as fact and the best  and most rational way forward. 

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43 minutes ago, new york kevin said:

Get vaccinated, cash in my dinar, set up the estate to legally pay min amt of taxes, pay a concierge Dr to remove the tracking device and give me a full blood transfusion from people that naturally developed the covid antigen ... comes to mind .


I am liking this. If we have to go down it is good to have a back up plan.  

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2 hours ago, boosterbglee said:

Also take that tracking device and put in in an outhouse 😂

Or in a rattle snake or skunk. Yeah thats the ticket, in a skunk. Yeah, knockout dart, insert tracker under the skin, followed by a bath in bloody mary's. That will work. If that doesn't wk we can all crack a 16 oz bottle of Old Spice on us. If only I had more time , I can come up with more. No, no, in a bat. A Wuhan bat.

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Sadly I believe the intent is to contain the nano scale tracking devices within the vaccine.

I doubt blood transfusions would then rid the way it could jump into cells.

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