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Here Are Two Excellent Sources on The Covid - 19

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17 minutes ago, new york kevin said:   As of this page on the CDC own site just over 37K covid deaths. Yet on another page they still ref 66k in covid deaths . Makes you wonder who is not talking to who. Or who is getting out the true and accurate ??? info. Arrrgh.:confused2:


Its all bogus. It is a planned economic collapse. The road to serfdom...Get the people so desperate that they beg you for morsels.


True self reliance is mandatory.


Prepare as if you will not have a store to go to. Know your neighbors. Know your community. Start thinking about things you need to grow food.


Seeds (not the ferris morris cuz they are gmo to not reproduce) burpee seeds are what i use


learn to save seeds




growing (know the ph level) a little ph detector at lowes or from burpee is like 10 bucks


concentrated fertilizers (i use alakan fish guts)




non perishibles


medical supplies (alcohol, iodine, gauze,...)


know how to make activated charcoal for filtering and accidental ingestionof poisons

collecting rain water (barrels)


how to books 


real tangible assets 


let those around you know that the economy is failing and to prepare (supply chains are shutting down) as long as the fear porn continues jobs will continue to be lost


get copies of the bible (encouragment and peace)


chickens for eggs


quail for processing (they hatch within 18 days)






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buckets for container gardening, and everything else


the cheapes durable buckets are at the dollar tree (the one where everything is under a dollar) they have big buckets for 1.00, i drilled holes in mine for containers. and left some intact


but those same buckets at other stores are 4 to 5 bucks.

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Dont rely on them anymore


Starting today turn your attention to self reliance, and spread that hope


We are the manufacturers and growers and sewers and healers


We do NOT NEED "them"


It has always been the peoples energy that these entities harvest. Spread the message of self reliance

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We are the hope the PEOPLE. 




dig a hole (screw regs, it will be null and void in an actual collapse)


Your local police will be sharing in the same problems, they are our neighbors take care of yourself ergo those around you


It is US we have been waiting on

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