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Al-Attar Proposes A 3-axis Plan To Revitalize The Iraqi Economy !


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13 hours ago, DinarThug said:

I’m Calling It A Night - But I Just Saw This Elsewhere If Somebody’s Motivated Enough To Check It Out Before I Return Tomorrow ...



Please go to the CBI website and find "General Price Index of Iraq stock exchange and look at the graph. It just had a huge spike up.


:D  :D  :D 

Ok, Here It Is - 1/31/2005 Thru 4/20/2020 ! :o 


Hey - Today Is ‘4-20’ ! :cigar:


:D  :D  :D 



Time Series Chart Data Range ... To ...                                                                            Last 1 Year                                          Last 2 Year                                          Last 3 Year                                          Last4 Year                                         Last 5 Year                      Chart Type                          Line                         Column                         Bar                         Pie                       Chart_55928139-d7be-4d30-8eea-a081f17e6d6b.png



General Price Index of Iraq Stock Exchange ( المؤشر العام لسوق العراق للاوراق المالية )

Iraq Stock Exchange 

Iraq Stock Exchange

Last Modified : 4/13/2020 Frequency : Monthly Measure Unit : Point Series Color                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

AVERAGE: [2807.9762582417584] | STD VAR: [0] | MIN: [0] | MAX: [462830] | Median: [0] | Mean: [2807.9762582417584]

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Deputy talks about 'international alliance' to sue China and mortgage its economy .. Will Iraq join?


04/1920 2020 04:59:21 PM



Baghdad - people


Deputy Muhammad Iqbal, the pharmacist, confirmed on Sunday the "expansion" of the international coalition against China against the accusations made against it of the Coruna virus.

The pharmacist said in a post, seen by "People" today (April 19, 2020), that "the international alliance to sue China is expanding gradually, Britain and France are joining America and soon Germany, Italy, Spain and others, if it is proven that China is involved in the leak of Corona virus."

The pharmacist pointed out that "the Chinese economy will mostly be mortgaged to pay compensation and China will shift from the number one country in economic growth to another kind of country."

On Sunday, legal expert Tariq Harb had warned the families of the Corona virus victims about mentioning the cause of death on the death certificate.

Harb said in a legal clarification followed by "People", today (April 19, 2020), "What we hope for the brothers affected by Corona death, is to ask the authorities that issue death certificates to mention the cause of death Corona, because in that it preserves their rights as long as some countries and people have started Claiming the state that caused the Corona to pay compensation. "

He added, "This is especially since the responsibility established under international law includes even the state that was the reason for the transfer to Iraq, and not the country that was the reason for the corona only, and for the sake of preserving the rights of the Iraqis, which will happen in the future from proof of corona and the state that was the reason for its transfer to Iraq from May result in compensation, so please those affected to make sure that death due to corona is confirmed in the death certificate so that the rights of Iraqis are not lost in international law and domestic law. "

He continued, "It is possible to legislate a law to compensate those affected by Corona and to preserve the rights of those mentioned, so we have announced that the cause of death should be specified in Corona in the death certificate in order not to lose the rights of those affected, so it must be noted."

Noting, "We have heard, but we do not know the correctness or validity, that some of the death certificates granted to the deceased's parents did not specify the cause of death, which is the corona, because even if nothing is achieved, the cause of death must be mentioned with the Corona virus without contemplation of compensation from the country whose name is repeated as a cause. In Corona or the name of the country that transferred Corona to Iraq. "


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2 minutes ago, tigergorzow said:

DT Thanks...Just amazing the extraordinary articles you are bringing...Keep em coming my favorite "News Clown"....😁😁👍👍


1 minute ago, DinarThug said:

Deputy talks about 'international alliance' to sue China and mortgage its economy .. Will Iraq join?


04/1920 2020 04:59:21 PM

Was That Fast Enough For Ya ? :o 


   (we both posted at about the same time)


:D  :D  :D 

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Financial expert: The Iraqi economy is not as dangerous as some portray it


13:40 - 04/20/2020

Financial expert Ahmed Al-Burihi, on Monday, doubted that there is an intention to reduce the salaries of employees, stressing that the Iraqi economy is not as dangerous as some imagine and that there are measures that can be taken by the next government that will help to protect the economy and resist the drop in oil prices.

Al-Burihi said in a statement to “Information”, that “raising the issue of the government's tendency to reduce salaries is wrong and has no basis at the present time according to general data.”

He added, "Talking about this issue is premature because it relates to the next government. We all know that the government has not been formed yet and we do not know the extent of its general orientation."

Al-Burihi said, “The issue of reducing government spending and austerity in some of the expenditures is unnecessary, for sure, because it will be a topic of concern to the next government, and that the Iraqi economy does not go through a risky stage as some portray it, even if oil prices drop.” 

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Parliamentary Finance: Proposals to save 25% of employee salaries after the arrival of the 2020 budget in Parliament


17:18 - 04/20/2020

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Monday, many proposals and scenarios in the House of Representatives to secure the salaries of employees after the budget reached it, indicating that one of them required to save 25% of their salaries spent at a later time.

Member of the Finance Committee Hanin Al-Qaddu told / "The information" that "the salaries of state employees are almost insured, but there are fears of a continuous decline in oil prices."

He added that "there are several proposals put forward in the House of Representatives that will be discussed and work with one of them after the arrival of the 2020 budget to the House of Representatives."

Al-Kiddo said that "one of the proposed proposals is to print the currency along the lines of the previous system, but it is an option perhaps far because it leads to market inflation, high material prices and the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar."

He stated that “the other option offered is to save 25% of the employees’ salaries compulsorily and be placed in a special fund designated for them to spend them at a later time after the price of oil has stabilized,” noting that “saving does not include employees whose salaries are 500 thousand dinars or less.”

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35 minutes ago, socaljeepnut said:

My question is: where’s YODA?

He’s Been Taking Care Of His Parents And Periodically Posting A Few Articles Here ! ;) 


B)  B)  B) 



On 3/2/2020 at 6:31 AM, yota691 said:

Hey DV and Good Morning everyone Hope all is well. Sorry for the abrupt departure from posting the news, Life been changing and somewhat harsh around here in my parts. Been dealing with Family health issue. (Parents). As I have for quite some time, but things took a turn for the worse in Dec and still dealing with today, it everyday. I would like to Thank those folks that have reach out in Private message and those that have commented in threads and those that have keep my Family in Prayers. I appreciate you and your Prayers and I Thank the Lord even threw the Storms.  


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Criticism of the grant (30) thousand government dinars:
distributed from theft of corrupt people




19th April, 2020

A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Bassem Khashan, criticized the Iraqi government today, Sunday, for distributing 30,000 dinars to poor families. The amount of the grant returned to the family for one day.

Khashan said, in a statement to Shafaq News, that "it is very shameful to give poor families a financial grant of 30,000 dinars, despite the great crisis experienced by society and the outrageous price hike," noting that "this amount is not enough for the Iraqi family, for one day, In light of the daily needs, such as food and drink, and other necessities of life, such as paying electricity (generator) wages or renting housing. "

He added that "the Iraqi government, if it requested political parties, money from the theft of the Iraqi people, during the past years, has paid twice as much money to poor families." Noting that "the parties have much more money than the Iraqi state, they have transformed state institutions into economic offices." to her".

The Parliamentary Crisis Cell issued a package of recommendations on April 2 that said it would reassure vulnerable segments at the present circumstance, while Iraqi Minister of Planning Nuri al-Dulaimi affirmed the possibility of granting 30,000 dinars to each Iraqi individual who does not receive any salary from the state.

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Planning: the emergency grant will be spent early Ramadan and will last for three months


14:08 - 20/4/2020

The Ministry of Planning announced, on Monday, the disbursement of the emergency grant for the curfew at the start of the holy month of Ramadan, while indicating that it will continue for a period of three months.

"The National Safety Committee decided yesterday to ease the curfew from tomorrow and until next month as part of measures to reduce pressure on citizens with low incomes," said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi in a statement to "Information".

Al-Hindawi added, “The ministry is in the process of completing the sorting of names and disbursing the 30-dinar emergency grant to citizens at the beginning of Ramadan, provided that the names do not intersect and repeat, and it will last for three months.”

He explained that "the ministry has adopted several criteria to distribute 600 billion dinars as an emergency aid to citizens to provide basic foodstuffs and electricity and Internet wages." 

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Calls for sound monetary policies to control the financial market

April 20, 2020 10:27 PM 



Baghdad / Al-Zawraa: 



The dollar price indices in all governorates of Iraq have returned to their normal levels after they recorded a noticeable rise a few weeks ago, confusing the market at the time.

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum, Jassem Al-Aradi, said: "There is a group of reasons that led to the rise in the price of the dollar, along with another group that caused the price of the dollar to drop very close to the normal levels it had before the curfew due to corona."

Natural rates
The past few weeks have witnessed an increase in the currency exchange rate of $ 100 to 126 thousand dinars, while prices have fallen significantly to reach, on Sunday, close to their normal rates at 122,500 dinars per hundred dollars, after they were before the current conditions 121 thousand dinars per hundred dollars.

Economic activities
Al-Aradi added: In a press interview, Al-Zawraa followed: “The reasons that led to the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar came as a result of the drop in oil prices, accompanied by the effect of the Corona virus and the curfew, which caused the suspension of most economic activities, in addition to the temporary stoppage in the sale window.” Currency in the central bank. ”
And between "As for the most important reasons that led to the decline in the exchange rate, it is represented by the central bank re-operating the same window."

Market conditions
stressed that "the high dollar exchange rate was temporary and corrected, and this is not the first time that the exchange rate of the dollar has increased in Iraq because of speculators exploiting the conditions of the Iraqi market," noting that this is a temporary situation and can always be controlled.
Al-Aradi pointed out that "monetary policies, if they deal with sound and correct mechanisms, can control the financial market, and this can only be done in cooperation with private banks through consulting with them on the general policy of markets, and the need for cooperation and coordination to pay the damage of the high price of the dollar to citizens."

The private sector
explained, “The dollar is purchased for private and governmental banks during daily sessions to buy and sell foreign currencies held by the central bank to finance merchants from the private sector or for tourism and study outside the country, but when that does not happen at the banks it records a clear violation and a clear violation of the bank’s instructions Central ».


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Economist: America seeks to use Iraq to fight China economically

April 20, 2020 10:34 PM 



Baghdad / Al-Zawraa:

The economic expert, Wissam Al-Tamimi, saw yesterday, Monday, that the American side is seeking to acquire Iraqi investment projects with the aim of fighting China economically, pointing out that the success of the American conspiracy or not depends on the decisions of the new government and the extent of its inclinations to China and America.

Al-Tamimi said in a press statement: "The American-Saudi game to control and dump oil markets aims to overturn the global economy and dominate the prices of oil exchanges."

He added that "China is America's first enemy in the economic field, and what agreements Iraq concluded with the Chinese side represents a challenge to America, which Iraq is its first arena for investment, and therefore it will try to use Iraq as a weapon against China and will press the new government to end this agreement."

And that "the coming days will show many milestones during the government, as Washington awaits its formation in order to start its new political projects, the most important of which is control over investment projects, especially since America lost a lot of money during the outbreak of the Corona virus, and may use methods of intimidation and intimidation to reduce the number of projects." Chinese in Iraq in the event that it was not able to cancel the agreement between the two countries.


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"Free money" ... one of the ideas of confrontation ... Japan offers the world a strange solution to get out of the financial crisis because of Corona

April 20, 2020 11:00 PM 


Tokyo / Zawara follow-up:

Corona's economic fallout is pushing global financial policymakers into ideas that were previously forbidden, especially on the issue of central bank financing of governments.

It seems that the economy of the Coronavirus will break the taboo that is supposed to separate government borrowing from central bank lending, according to a report by the Bloomberg Agency of America.

The description of cash financing calls for governments to bridge the budget deficit by obtaining loans from their central banks.

This has long been seen as a slippery slope that begins when politicians underestimate the independence of the central bank, and ends with runaway inflation when they spend in the economy what appears to be free money.

However, the criticism of direct financing by the central banks of governments withstood many crises, when the central banks actually bought a lot of public debt (i.e. lending to governments).

These banks were keen to do so in twisted ways, by purchasing bonds outside the market.

Corona's economic fallout imposes unprecedented demands on budgets that will overwhelm the ability of bond markets to finance it - (that is, the private sector no longer has enough money and the nerve to lend to governments by buying bonds).

Some financial experts say it is time for this type of glass cracking policy in particular (i.e. central banks purchase bonds from governments, which means introducing new money into the market i.e. coinage without producing counterparty).

Willem Buiter, a former Bank of England policy maker and chief economist at Citigroup, said: “Independence does not mean that the central bank should reject a direct minting request. It means that you can accept or reject the application. ”

According to Poeter, the logical answer today at the developed economies is "acceptance" due to the economic implications of Corona in the whole world, including the developed countries.

In conjunction with pumping money into the virus battle, “policymakers do not need to worry about the sovereign debt market.” Central banks can buy debt directly from governments, "or simply deposit into the government treasury account."

The facilitation of overdraft was used previously during times of war, and more recently during the 2008 crisis. It is a temporary measure, according to UK officials.

But the contemporary history of monetary policy is full of temporary steps that were introduced during the crises, and it turned out to be difficult to reverse. These steps tend to leave government and central bank funding in a state of close overlap.

For example, the Japanese central bank began to accumulate government bonds two decades ago to break the grip of the financial downturn. Now the bank has a larger balance sheet than the economy, and controls 43% of the outstanding government bonds.

Japan's quantitative easing policy (i.e., a severe interest rate cut to near zero, sometimes below zero) has spread throughout the industrialized world.

Japan has experience with central bank financing of governments
"The Bank of Japan took that path in the late 1990s, before we all followed," said Russell Jones, a partner at London-based research group Llewellyn Consulting. It was a gradual transformation. We are heading towards open cash financing by central banks of governments. ”

But he made it clear that the barrier might soon be broken. For if the economies continue to deteriorate as a result of the pandemic, “we will witness the central banks’ financing of governments directly, and this will happen publicly. It is only a matter of time. 


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6 hours ago, socaljeepnut said:

So, I’ve not paid much attention to this sight for awhile. My question is: where’s YODA? Or dare I ask?

He’s around, He’s had some family issues he is having to deal with right now, that has caused him not to have as much research time! I hope I said that right! 🤠

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