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Thursday Evening Guru Opinions @ 6:45 PM EST - 3/19/2020

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3-19-2020   Intel Guru Frank26   Al-Zurfi...This man has been with us for over 16 years.  He was one of the very first people who went in with the coalition forces.  He is American educated.  He has dual citizenship.  Iraqi and American...he speaks English fluently...100% totally against Iran and Syria...if for some reason he does not step up to the plate as a prime minister and swing for a home run for the citizens and the United States of America - next up.  Yes it's that simple...the United States of America will simply say batter up...the United States of America picked Zurfi from a long list of names to work with the citizens and Donald Trump...if for some reason Zurfi acts incorrectly - BOOM within 1 or 2 days he will be replaced.  You can now see the pattern...




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    • By ronscarpa
      3-9-2020   Newshound Guru Breitling   ...the coronavirus...I've literally had people go nuts on's the thing, it's completely opposite.  The markets are driving oil prices down.  The demand for oil is going down.  Therefore Iraq is not bringing in enough U.S. Dollars to cover their budget, and the solution is to add value to their own currency which is undervalued anyways.  What do you think the coronavirus is gonna do?  Do you think it's going to stop that or accelerate that? ...the reality for Iraq, if it puts pressure on their economy, then it's going to lead to our advantage.  They need to add value to their currency to make up for what's being lost market wise...
    • By ronscarpa
      3-4-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:   "Urgent: The President of the Republic approves Allawi's resignation..."  Where does Iraq go from here?  Will the UN step in and take over? Probably not...I don’t think Iraq is at this point yet. They are still within their democratic government.  Can the UN legally put in place a provisional government to run Iraq in the meantime.  No, they cannot do this.  How much longer can this go on before Iraqi economy really tanks? If they do not get the budget approved they can not go ahead with any of the projects they had planned for 2020. This new year is quickly slipping by. The economy too is stagnating and inflation could set in. Will us investors have to wait yet another year to 2021 to see the RV?  This may very well be the case. It appears they just paid the Kurds their salaries. This is not in our favor and shows they already are using the 1/12 rule of the budget...

    • By ronscarpa
      2-20-2020   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan    Article:  "Deputy: Karbala’s 2020 budget is devoid of new project"   [Q? : How can there be an RI when there is such a large deficit and no new projects?] I think they are about to change things, as this suggests they have the 2019 budget which, imo would reflect the FML amendment that will facilitate the new rate we expect to precede the 2020... Thus, they seem to know already that there is a big change coming...imo ! This is a good one!! ~ imo. 

    • By ronscarpa
      1-13-2020   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf   [Q? : Trump said: "We have a lot of their money. There is $35 billion in an account."  Guru chattels quote: "My read/take is that Trump said that there is 35 billion dollars in an account belonging to Iraq. That does not mean to me that there is 35 trillion IQD in an account."]   You are quite right, the accounts show investments held by the CBI in foreign banks, these investments would not be IQD but local currency. Figures are from 2018 accounts and in millions of IQD, so assets to the value of approx 38T IQD in the Bank of New York.  I wonder where exactly he/she got this information...because, why would any foreign country want to have their money in a US bank in US$..? It would seem that there would need to be a reason why an account of such value would even be opened, and if it were, it would make more sense to hold the sovereign currency of that country.  JMHO..!  RON
    • By ronscarpa
      1-11-2020  *** Dinar News Flash ***  For the second time in a week President Trump speaks about Iraq.  In last night's interview President Trump was asked, "Do you think Iraq should repay the American taxpayers for these bases...for what we've done there?"  His answer was very surprising.  President Trump revealed how much of Iraq's money the U.S. holds in an account.   You can watch the interview below...the question begins at the 14:22 mark.    
      1-11-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff     ...they keep telling you a lot of post rate change items are inside the 2020 budget which links the 2020 budget to the rate change.  Now I want to stress to you budgets do not contain rates...they're linked to the rate.  The difference is if the 2020 budget was calculated at the old value it's calculated in trillions of dinar.  If the 2020 budget was calculated at the rate change it would be calculated in billions of dinar hence the deletion of the zeros transitioning from trillions to billions...
      1-11-2020   Intel Guru  Delta   ...there is something I'd like to clear up here.  It's not the one or two days that they [ the CBI] is out of compliance [With the IMF 2% rule] that's a big deal and they have to start from scratch.  They [the IMF] go by monthly average.  So the monthly average has to be no more than 1213 [Market rate].  That's about the 2% compliance with 1190 [Official Rate]... [

      1-11-2020   Intel Guru Frank26    ...[Guru] Walkingstick's banks are obeying the CBI and they're going to turn in all the 3 zeros [notes] they've got and they are going to get back the equivalent but not in new small category notes because they've already been delivered...

      1-11-2020   Newshound Guru chattels  While I remain hopeful that some day there will be an increase in the value of the dinar, I am not optimistic in the near term. My usual optimism in the first quarter is suppressed by the same old issues and now the threat of war and / or economic sanctions.
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