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cash withdrawal mechanism introdused in Basra ?

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Translated from the CBI website:


The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq, at its meeting on December 24, 2019, decided to extend the period of suspension of the promotion of applications for licensing electronic payment companies until December 31, 2020
The Central Bank of Iraq
information Office
January 19, 2020
The Central Bank / Basra branch organized a workshop on the automation of the cash withdrawal mechanism, identifying how to deal with it, constraints and ways to access appropriate solutions. The workshop included a presence of employees and officials of this bank as well as government and private bank employees.
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When i first read the 12/20 date I was dismayed but  on second thought I looked at it as very good news . Cash withdrawal means rv ,even if it's a year from now . The logistics of a cash machine as the dinar now stands would be almost funny . ATM's would be thousands of square feet ,with  dumptrucks carrying  loads of cash  that go down this special shute they have.  Each ATM would require manpower but,that number is yet to be determined . However it is speculated that the majority of that manpower must be physically fit and able to carry heavy loads of cash . There will be a meeting to determine the date that this workshop will be held 

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