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Nancy Pelosi Fined $40K for Destruction of Government Property

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Nancy Pelosi Fined $40K for Destruction of Government Property

image-768x432.jpgHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., tears her copy of President Donald Trump's s State of the Union address after he delivered it to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. Vice President Mike Pence is at left. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
Nancy Pelosi went too far when she ripped up the President’s speech. According to federal statute USC Title 26 SS197, all speeches given before Congress are to be preserved by the Speaker of the House and delivered to the National Archives for safekeeping. Pelosi wasn’t just disrespectful — she broke the law.

While there is no jail term for the offense, the fine is clear: “The Speaker will pay a fine equal to one-tenth of a Presidential salary.” As of now, that fine is $40K, even though Trump doesn’t technically take a salary. The Department of Justice says they will enforce the rule, according to Chief Prosecutorial Director, Art Tubolls:

“The fine is automatic even though it hasn’t been enforced since Tip O’Neil spit on Reagan’s 1982 SOTU speech and refused to hand it over. It was only $20K then, but he paid it. Nancy Pelosi will pay this fine or find herself in contempt of a Justice Department directive, which does carry a jail sentence.

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    • By coorslite21
      Will we see act 2 tonight at the SOTU address.......will Iowa ever have results......will the left start another impeachment next week........will Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmore hit a home run in the opposition speech after the SOTU tonight.....(only reason they picked her is they hope to carry Michigan)......should be interesting to would hope they would chose the best of the rest.....just some thoughts...       CL
    • By Synopsis
      Nancy Pelosi rips Trump's State of the Union address, sparking huge reactions
      By Joseph A. Wulfsohn, Marisa Schultz | Fox News  
      House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., apparently did not enjoy President Trump's State of the Union address, tearing her printed copy of the speech immediately as the president wrapped up his remarks Tuesday night.
      When Fox News asked her afterwards why she did it, she responded: "Because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives." She added: "I tore it up. I was trying to find one page with truth on it. I couldn't."
      On the heels of an impeachment trial, which is expected to end in an acquittal in the Senate on Wednesday, tension was palpable between Pelosi and Trump. The president apparently "snubbed" the speaker when she tried to shake his hand as he handed printed copies of his address to her and to Vice President Mike Pence.
      Pelosi occasionally shuffled the pages of the president's speech throughout his address. When he finished, she made her dramatic move.
        12.8K people are talking about this       The White House quickly responded to Pelosi's torn speech.
      "Speaker Pelosi just ripped up: One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. The survival of a child born at 21 weeks. The mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller. A service member's reunion with his family. That's her legacy," the White House tweeted, referencing individuals whom Trump mentioned during his address.
        68.3K people are talking about this       The ripping of the speech sparked lots of other reactions across social media.
      "Disappointed to see @SpeakerPelosi rip up the speech that mentioned lives we’ve lost and heroes we celebrated at the SOTU. No matter how you feel or what you disagree with, remember others are watching. This was unbecoming of someone at her level in office," former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley said.
      "NEW  LOW FOR NANCY PELOSI: She ripped up @realDonaldTrump's #SOTU speech for the cameras on national TV. This speech was about American heroes and American workers. She decided THAT was worth literally tearing apart. Absolutely disgraceful," House Republican Whip Steve Scalise condemned the speaker.
      "House Speaker Pelosi just ripped up Trump’s speech at its conclusion. Hardcore base will cheer it, many will see it as classless and petty," The Hill media reporter Joe Concha reacted.
      "Pelosi literally tearing up the speech as Trump walks away without facing her," Huffington Post senior writer Jonathan Cohn summarized the icy ending to the address.
      Rep. Gerry Connolly said Trump took “a hatchet and whacked away what little was left of that bridge” of bipartisanship.
      "It was a shameful, destructive and divisive speech," Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., said. "…I don't think I've ever seen the chamber as clearly divided as it was tonight."
      "I think the number one issue in this country is health care and he just lied about it," said Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla., who was among the Democrats throwing their hands up in disgust at Trump’s healthcare remarks and chanting “H.R. 3.” “I mean he's in court trying to get the Affordable Care Act thrown out so that people with pre-existing conditions are not protected.”
      "Nancy Pelosi ripped her #SOTU transcript because that's ALL SHE'S GOT... childish actions to counteract real policy that's improving America," political satirist Tim Young tweeted.
      Pelosi actually just ripped up Trump’s #SOTU speech right when he finished. Absolutely childish," political strategist Caleb Hull reacted.
        35.6K people are talking about this         10.5K people are talking about this         1,062 people are talking about this         34 people are talking about this         946 people are talking about this         250 people are talking about this         999 people are talking about this         537 people are talking about this       Others cheered on Pelosi's move.
      "Nancy’s ripped up speech moment may have won," Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast declared.
      "Do y’all understand that Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi RIPPED UP that crap speech and tossed it on the dais like the trash that it was WHILE that cretin was still speaking. And she did it ON CAMERA! @SpeakerPelosi is a real one!" actress Yvette Nicole Brown praised the speaker.
      "We just saw the moment of the night. Speaker Pelosi ripped up her copy of Trump’s speech as he concluded his remarks," MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner wrote.
        1,610 people are talking about this         2,219 people are talking about this         2,356 people are talking about this       Fox News' Jason Donner and Marisa Schultz contributed to this report. 
    • By TexasMike1958
      I have NEVER SEEN such DISRESPECTFUL behavior from ANYONE towards ANY PRESIDENT as I saw from Nancy Pelosi towards our President.  Ripping his speech up right in front of him shows she REALLY DOES HATE HIM.  The MSM had better treat this with the proper treatment she deserves.  Because if ANY REPUBLICAN SOH had done that to OBAMA or any other Democratic President, they would be vilified and crucified in the print media  and the television media.  
    • By moose 57
      Remember when Nancy Pelosi said:  We have to pass it, to find out what's in it
      A physician called into a radio show and said: "that's the definition of a stool sample".
      That pretty well sums it up.    
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