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MP reveals the latest developments in Abdul Mahdi’s successor: the agreement is done


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Shafaq News / MP, Kathem Al-Sayyadi revealed on Saturday, the latest developments in the file of choosing a candidate to take over the presidency of the next government, succeeding resigned, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

"The decision to choose the next prime minister is decided by the political forces," Al-Sayyadi said in a tweet. "We are going to assign the new prime minister today."

He added, "It was agreed among the political forces to choose Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to head the next Iraqi government."

Al-Sayyadi added that "the agreement has also been reached on the distribution of positions, and every party has taken its share in the next government."

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It's not happening. It's just another maneuver from Iranian psy-ops being performed by these Iranian puppets.


These are the facts: The protesters will not accept anyone from these parties unless he has a history of anti-Iranian positions, and we know that won't happen. We also know Saleh is in communication with the White House, and they likely have a candidate selected.


Stop letting these reports get your hopes up. It's Iranian propaganda.


When the Iranian militias start threatening Saleh's life, then we'll know he has chosen the right candidate.





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1 hour ago, DoD said:

Hey Kenny, you saying all these news outlets are wrong about Saleh appointing Allawi? 


1 hour ago, Artitech said:

Fox News is reports Allawi has been appointed, if that means anything! They have been right most of the time on their reports. JMHO 🤠


The news outlets are correct. I don't see how the protesters could accept it though. Iran has received a compromise from Saleh they didn't deserve or have the leverage to earn. Mahdi had been a compromise with Iran too, and look how that turned out. It's difficult to have hope for Iraq when you sense the same tactic being repeated. I hope I'm wrong (again).


I suppose I was optimistic that the people of Iraq would get the leader they deserve. I put a lot of faith in Saleh and the US administration to prevent anything less. It appears the next election will be Iraq's opportunity.


If we get an under-the-radar repeat of Mahdi, we can thank Saleh. 

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Iraq protests: Mohammed Allawi named prime minister

President Barham Salih (R) instructs new Prime Minister Mohammed Tawfiq AllawiImage copyrightREUTERS Image captionPresident Barham Salih (R) instructs new Prime Minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

Iraq has named a new prime minister after four months of protests.

Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, a former communications minister, was appointed by President Barham Salih.

His predecessor Adel Abdul Mahdi resigned in November, amid mass anti-government demonstrations. Hundreds of protesters have been killed.

Mr Allawi now has a month to form a new government, which he will lead until early elections. He immediately expressed support for the protests.

Earlier this week, local media reported that President Saleh had given parliament an ultimatum to decide on a new prime minister before he took the decision himself, after previous candidates were rejected by protesters.

Media captionWatch as protesters block roads in the city of Najaf

In a video released on his social media accounts on Saturday, Mr Allawi announced that he had been nominated and called on Iraqis to continue protesting until their demands were met.

"If not for your sacrifices and your bravery, there would have been no change in the country," he said. "I believe in you, and for this reason I will ask you to continue protesting."

He promised to hold those responsible for the killing of protesters accountable and to combat corruption.

Mr Allawi, who is Shia, studied and worked in Lebanon and the UK before entering Iraqi politics following the 2003 invasion. He served as minister of communications twice.

Media captionThe BBC's Jeremy Bowen asks why people have been taking to the streets in Lebanon, Iran and Iraq

Related T

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2 hours ago, Donziman said:

There are two guys named Allawi. The other guy is an iranian puppet. This guy(Tawfig) is

not a politician. His strength is in his financial expertise. Kinda like Shabibi..


from what ive read he served as communication minister in the goi...  DWS started a thread about the two Allawi's and best i remember they were polar opposites finding that thread is like a needle in a haystack for me , for some reason i thought this was the wrong one if there is such a thing for iraq LOL.... cheers 

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43 minutes ago, screwball said:

So tawfig allawai is a good guy? Not iraninan puppet!

screwball, all people are good guys until they turn into a politician an that’s what corrupts them. 
Look at Maliki, Clinton an the rest of the GOI. They came into office with out a pot to piss in an somehow turned into multi millionaires...

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3 hours ago, Laid Back said:

He don’t represent the aspirations of Iraqi people. He’s an Iraqi Shia. In my opinion it will be the same, Iran interventionism and rampant corruption.

LB, I respect your opinion, my strengths do not include this ...

So, he has been delegated? I'm not sure if that is the correct terminology, at any rate, in he" IN"  , or are there other steps to be taken here?

Forgive my ignorance....not my strength...WH

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4 hours ago, Mary B said:

Iraqi president appoints Mohammed Allawi as new PM

Iraqi President Barham Salih appointed Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi as the country's new prime minister on Feb.1, 2020. (AFP)
February 01, 202018:04
  • For demonstrators, Allawi part of corrupt, old-guard system and unacceptable
  • New PM quoted by State TV as saying he would resign if political blocs sought to impose candidates for different ministries

BAGHDAD: Iraqi President Barham Salih appointed on Saturday Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi as new prime minister, State TV reported, after squabbling political parties failed to name a candidate in the two months since the former premier was ousted by popular protests.
Allawi would run the country until early elections can be held. He must form a new government within a month.
Former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi resigned in November amid mass anti-government unrest where hundreds of thousands of Iraqis took to the streets demanding the removal of Iraq's political elite. Nearly 500 protesters have been killed in a deadly crackdown by security forces.
Allawi was quoted by State TV as saying he would resign if political blocs sought to impose candidates for different ministries.
He also called on protesters to continue demonstrating until their demands are met.
However, protesters are likely to oppose him as prime minister.
For demonstrators who demand a removal of what they say is a corrupt ruling elite, the former communications minister under ex-premier Nuri al-Maliki - who presided over the fall of multiple Iraqi cities to Daesh in 2014 and is accused of pro-Shiite sectarian policies - is part of the system and therefore unacceptable.
Iraq is facing its biggest crisis since the military defeat of Daesh in 2017. A mostly Shiite popular uprising in Baghdad and the south challenges the country's mainly Iran-backed Shiite Muslim ruling elite.
The country has been thrown into further disarray since the killing of Iranian military mastermind Qassem Soleimani in a US drone strike in Baghdad on Jan. 3. Iran responded with missile attacks on bases hosting US forces, pushing the region to the brink of an all-out conflict.
Pro-Iran politicians have tried to use those events to shift the focus away from popular discontent with their grip on power and towards anti-American rallies and demands for the withdrawal of US troops.


Hat tip to Mary B for the article.


The first point of the article: "For demonstrators, Allawi [is] part of corrupt, old-guard system and unacceptable."


This is the point I've been making. The needs of the protesters and the needs of Iran couldn't be more diametrically opposite. Iraq's wealth 100% belongs to Iraq. Conversely, Iran is dependent on the theft of Iraq's wealth for survival. These differences are irreconcilable.


If Allawi intended to fully stop Iran's embezzlement or guarantee fair elections that would purge Iranian influence, Iran would not have approved his nomination. Mahdi, Sadr, Construction, Al-Fateh, none of them would have either. So he's either lying when he pledges to deliver the protesters' demands, or he's naive and thinks he can actually do it.


It's possible Allawi may enable some version of monetary reforms and IQD reinstatement, or maybe the reforms will be amended in a way that allows Iran to continue siphoning some Iraqi wealth through quasi-legal schemes. Either way, a PM trying to appease both sides cannot put Iraq on a reliable path to true freedom. 

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7 hours ago, Laid Back said:

He don’t represent the aspirations of Iraqi people. He’s an Iraqi Shia. In my opinion it will be the same, Iran interventionism and rampant corruption.


Do people honestly believe that corruption will be completed illuminated? When it hasn’t in Kuwait for years! They will never eliminate it...all I give a toss about is if they can pass laws and pull the trigger....f**k the rest everything else in irrelevant. And I would say it doesn’t matter who is in if they don’t do what trump says they will pay....he wants his money and he wants the oil....and to be honest I want my money.

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Iraq protesters unconvinced after Mohammed Allawi named PM


Appointment welcomed by influential cleric but draws mixed response from demonstrators


Agence France-Presse in Baghdad

Sun 2 Feb 2020 05.36 GMT



Iraq president Barham Saleh, right, presents Mohammad Allawi with the decree to appoint him prime minister
Photograph: -/AFP via Getty Images
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