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Eugenio Finardi - Diesel

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Mi piace mangiare ridere e bere
I like eating, laughing and drinking
prendere dalla vita quello che ha da dare
taking from life everything it has to offer
se mi piace fumare, non c’è niente di male
if I like smoking, there's nothing wrong about
stare per un poco ad osservare,
staying and observing for a while
e non mi piacciono le leggi ed i regolamenti
and I dislike laws and regulations
le dogane e i documenti
customs and documents
e tutto quello che non serve a niente
and all the useless stuff as well
altro che a controllare la gente.
and even less controlling people.

Mi piace pensare ed analizzare
I like thinking and analyzing
scegliere una musica con cui giocare
choosing a music I can play with
prendo una melodia, cerco una armonia
I take a song, I look for harmony
ci costruisco sopra la mia idea,
I build my ideas around it
e non mi piacciono i martiri nè i profeti
and I dislike martyrs and prophets
mi prendon male i furbi e i preti
sly people and priests irritate me
tutta gente che ha paura di fare
[and] all the people who are afraid of taking action
e si permette anche di criticare.
and has the nerve to criticize.

Mi piace guardare e fotografare
I like contemplating and taking pictures
cogliere una immagine da fissare
capturing an image to focus on
perché se dal futuro voglio avere dell’affetto
because if I want to have affection form the future
devo imparare a vivere il presente con rispetto,
I have to learn to live the present respectfully
e non mi piace chi mi dice di portar pazienza
and I dislike people who tell me to be patient
chi si fa strada con la violenza
those who make their way through violence
e chi sta lì dietro alla sua fede
and those who stay behind their faith
e non dubita mai di ciò che crede
and never doubt what they believe

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Like an animal 








Tonight I don't want to go out, neither to meet people
No, don't worry, there's nothing wrong
I'm not looking to fight, I don't want to talk about it, trying to understand it
It's that tonight all I want is
To make love like an animal
I want to make love until it hurts
I want to make love, I want to make love


If you go there, have a drink and lock the door
Here under the blanket it's warm, even if it's raining outside
And this bit of sadness is nothing else than desire for tenderness
And tonight I only feel like
Making love like an animal
I want to make love until it hurts
I want to make love, I want to make love


I'll give you everything you want
If you had everything, you know, I'd give it to you
From today my dreams are yours
But don't ever leave me


Tonight I want to let my instincts guide me
I want to succeed to release all that's inside of me
I'm tired of thinking, I don't want to play a role
All I want tonight is
To make love like an animal
I want to make love
I want to make love

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Eugenio, Italian father / US mother, was born (1952) and raised in Milan, Italy and attended the American school there ...Many years ago he used to be heavily involved into drug addiction ( heroin) but then was finally able to get out of it and he has succeded in  staying clean ever since




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    • By umbertino
      Great singer / songwriter......Good  lyrics usually.....
      Many years ago he got kidnapped (along with his GF Dori Ghezzi, another singer herself) by Sardinian criminals for a ransom
      With Ivano Fossati
    • By umbertino
    • By umbertino
      This one and next song from their 1st album " Storia Di Un Minuto(1 minute story)"  1972
      One of the best Italian bands...At least in the 70's and 80's
      Saw them in 1981...Great concert
    • By umbertino
      RIP Francesco Di Giacomo - vocalist
      Review by Fitzcarraldo
      SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Honorary Collaborator
      This concept album is my favourite of the first three BANCO albums, but it is also the oddest (mind you, all BANCO's music is a bit odd in my opinion). Pity I understand very little Italian, because I think the lyrics for such an ambitious theme (evolution) would be interesting.
      The long 'L'Evoluzione' (evolution) is obviously the vehicle to introduce the album's concept. It starts off as a fairly sedate song (I even hear a little PINK FLOYD in there somewhere) but then comes some synth which makes me think of erupting volcanoes, and the song heats up, not very melodically, with BANCO's characteristic repetitive note sequences, with a piccolo mib playing over the top in places. Keeping one's mind on the theme stops the track getting tedious.
      'La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta' (the conquest of the upright position) is really atmospheric, with synth used to produce animal-like sounds, and some dynamic 'echoey' synth that, given the theme and track title, make me think of apes swinging through the forest treetops at great speed (honestly!, although the band probably intended nothing of the kind). I really, really like this track.
      'Danza Dei Grandi Rettili' (dance of the large reptiles) is also the business. It has a very laid-back jazzy barroom feel, starting with some piano and bass, and then adding synth. Again, bearing in mind the theme, it's not hard to picture a T. Rex clomping around looking for prey. Great synth on this one.
      'Cento Mani E Cento Occhi' (a hundred hands and a hundred eyes) is the reason I bought the album in the first place. It is a frenetic track with a fair amount of unmelodic keyboard with what sounds like repetitive two-finger key bashing and 'wailing' by Francesco Di Giacomo (well, that's how it sounds to me!). When I first heard this track I thought, "What on Earth is this?" but had to listen to it again, and again and finally had to buy the album. This is probably the track to play if you want to clear a room! Knowing the title, the music makes me think of a giant millipede scuttling at high speed along the jungle floor, but I'm probably way off: wish I could understand the lyrics. Then, right at the end of the song, there is what sounds like a tribal ritual chant over some foot-tapping progressive rock. A bizarre track, but strangely compelling.
      '750,000 Anni Fa...L'Amore?' (750,000 Years Ago...Love?) is ballad-like, Francesco Di Giacomo singing with great feeling with the piano as the principal backing instrument, interrupted for a short while by some very electronic synth. It's pleasant enough.
      'Miserere Alla Storia' starts off with staccato, repeated note sequences on the organ, then changes to a classical-sounding theme with piccolo mib and acoustic guitar, then transmogrifies into a mad-sounding Francesco Di Giacomo half speaking, half singing, then back to the staccato repeated note sequences on the organ. It becomes more interesting towards the end when piano kicks in with synth and other instruments, but in places reminds me a bit of a slightly out of tune village band.
      'Ed Ora Io Domando Tempo Al Tempo Ed Egli Mi Risponde...Non Ne Ho!' (and now I ask the time to Time and he replies...I haven't got it!) is yet another bizarre track. It starts with a sound like a donkey braying, which sounds to me like the very slow dragging of a violin bow or perhaps the rocking of a very creaky rocking chair. Then the clavicembalo and piccolo mib add some background as Francesco Di Giacomo sings to backing music that sounds a bit like an umpapa umpapa village band.
      I hope the above whets your curiosity rather than putting you off getting this album. If you're used to melodic Progressive Rock then this is a very different beast, but should grow on you. The composition and use of instruments to convey the theme are clever, and there is so much variety and oddity in the tracks - and within tracks - that it keeps you listening intently and enjoying immensely. Get it, listen to it on headphones, imagine and enjoy. If you don't like it at first, stick with it, it's worth it.
      I'd like to give this 4.5 stars if such a thing were possible, but will go with 4.
      Umb's note: Saw them twice in concert.......Very very good...One of their secret is the Nocenzi Bros....Both keyboardists
      Album lineup:
      - Francesco Di Giacomo / lead vocals
      - Marcello Todaro / electric & acoustic guitars
      - Vittorio Nocenzi / Hammond organ, Moog synthesizers, harpsichord, vocals
      - Gianni Nocenzi / piano, E-flat clarinet
      - Renato D'Angelo / bass, double bass
      - Pier Luigi Calderoni / drums, timpani
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