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    • By ronscarpa
      4-2-2020   Newshound Guru Pimpy  ...these billionaires meet in Davos.  They meet there once a year.  A lot of you guys know about these meetings and of these guys is a very influential financial advisor was giving a speech and someone wrote an article about the speech...what the man went on to say was this.  He actually made fun of so-called "currency gurus".  He bashed them 7 ways to Sunday.  But as soon as he was done bashing them he kindly said afterwards having said all the negative things he said the gurus actually got two of them correctly.  He said the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnam dong in his opinion were great investments and thought that some of his people should invest in them as well.  He only touched on the two currencies for a fraction of a minute then he went on to...remind everybody that when the Kuwait dinar changed it created a lot of millionaires...there was a bump in the economy and a slight one because it wasn't as well know as the Iraqi dinar one but it created a lot of millionaires.  He said but within 5 months 86% of these millionaires were flat broke.  Flat broke...from time to time I read that article again just so I can hear his words so that it reminds me of what NOT to do once the RI or RV hits for our currencies...

      4-2-2020   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [ the US is giving the American people money for a Stimulus Package why would it not make sense that the GOI RV to help their citizens...]    Iraq has a stimulus built in and ready to go! I don't mean to sound jaded, but I don't expect Iraq to do it for "the citizens". It's not going to get done "for the people" - but it will get done, and many will benefit, including the little people... This is taken from another site that follows Adam's opinions and posts snippets from them. You can find Adam's full chat in our DV Chat Logs Forum at link: 
      Adam Montana Weekly 1 April 2020

    • By ronscarpa
      3-27-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff   ...this is a brokerage firm  [Al Karmal]... they're affiliated with the ISX stock trading.  They received a correspondent from the main government of Iraq...Quote: "The trading session will be held on 12th April 2020 as the ISX announcement today"...the bottom sentence says the trading session will be held on April 12th...There's another securities company that said the same thing.  It's an official announcement from another securities company - Rabee Securities...Quote: "...the next trading session will resume on April 12th"...this is two official email releases.  Two stock brokerage.  One securities...that's huge.  Remember the U.S. did not stop trading stocks within the U.S.  Not one other country has stopped electronic trading due to coronavirus yet Iraq has...Iraq's economy to reopen exactly on the same time frame that Donald Trump has.  Trump has Iraq's economy timed with our economy...I have now confirmed to you with solid factual proof that all of the [Iraq's] financial markets are going to be closed for a period of 4 weeks...the longest I've ever seen their ISX shut down in 11 years is no more than a week...this is huge confirming news...

      3-27-2020   Intel Guru Frank26   IMO I don't believe the auctions are gonna come back again with the American dollar the way they've been using them.  I believe this window is a bridge that has allowed them to change exactly in the direction that they want.  They're going to add value to their currency, enter the international world.  Their currency will be up on FOREX and traded internationally...

      3-27-2020   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   Article:  "Corona may revitalize the Iraqi economy .. Baghdad is on the cusp of exemptions from foreign debt payments"  Another financial article...regarding Iraq's debt obligations - a few comments were made about how this could be a doorway to a GCR. While I don't subscribe to a universal "reset" happening, there are some valid portions of the theory... and the current global financial situation is edging closer and closer to something big happening, which could easily incorporate a major increase in the Dinar.  All they would be doing is piggybacking on larger events, and this is a real possibility. When the world is at it's craziest, and all focus is elsewhere...suddenly..!  This is taken from another site that follows Adam's opinions and posts snippets from them. Adam sometimes comments on someone's post, plus he posts a weekly chat on Wednesdays. You can find Adam's latest full chat in our DV Chat Logs Forum at: Adam Montana Weekly 25 March 2020
      That's it for now ... maybe something more by Midnight..!  RON
    • By ronscarpa
      3-26-2020   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   We've been through a bit of a rollercoaster over the last few weeks and months, between the Kung Flu and the (old/new/quit/appointed/current) Iraqi Prime Minister (currently Adnan al-Zurufi), but we aren't forgetting about one of the biggest reasons for the recent Iraqi shake-up: Iran. A giant positive to reflect on right now is the lack of Iran in the news.  One of the most recent items of note regarding Iran was their last ditch effort to hold on to power... and as I suspected, it seems to be falling flat. Keep your eyes on the prize, my friends... keep your eyes on the prize. Sometimes the most important news is what is NOT being talked about. This is a good thing. Also a good thing, and something that is not written yet, is the part on the wikipedia page about the upcoming rate change and Zurufi's role in the implementation. This is taken from another site that follows Adam's opinions and posts snippets from them. You can find Adam's full chat in our DV Chat Logs Forum at: Adam Montana Weekly 25 March 2020

      3-26-2020   Newshound Guru Pimpy  ...the PM just got the green light to establish his cabinet.  And that came from the big block - the pro Iranian people...
      Good Morning DV .... Be Safe and Be Blessed .... RON 
    • By ronscarpa
      3-24-2020   Newshound Guru  Pimpy  I think once this coronavirus starts to subside a little bit you're gonna see some very very very quick actions.  A lot of movement in Iraq.  I really think they cannot continue to exist this way without a rate change.  Whether they get to reinstate at $3.22 or whether I'm right and it's gonna be somewhere around $1.34...

      3-24-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff  ..."I didn't say the rate changed".  I said, "the rate change process started".  We are in the middle of the rate change process right now.  It has started...IMO we are approaching the end...!

      3-24-2020   Newshound Guru Breitling   ...a little bit of privileged information.  They kind of have a choice coming up.  Do they want to revalue at a certain rate and then when the markets correct itself add value to it and get into the markets at a little bit of a higher rate so they can get gains on it.  Because here's the problem, they can add value to their currency today they've always had that ability...but if they're not investing that they're not getting a return on it.  They're just keeping their economy afloat...they have to structure this thing to where they can get into the markets...the more that they wait - the more that the market is in the position it's in - the higher the rate you and I get.  And that's what's exciting.  Because it just accelerated...!

      3-24-2020   Intel Guru Frank26  [Question:  Is it possible for the RI to be pushed out several months from the coronavirus epidemic?]  Of course it is, but the way it's moving right now in the direction that it's going crescendo - peaking - almost over with, manufacturers helping, the whole economic world is not listening 'Oh it's a disaster' instead they're holding back and they're gonna move the moment Trump tells them.  [Q? : So is it possible that the RI could be pushed out several months...?]  Based on all those things that we've been saying and studying, no I just don't see that.
      3-24-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "THE US STATE DEPARTMENT REFUSES TO CONSIDER AL-ZARFI AS "SUPPORTED" BY WASHINGTON ONLY BUT RATHER SUPPORTED BASED ON PRINCIPLES FOR IRAQ"   Quote:  "The United States did not focus on individuals, but rather on principles related to the appointed Iraqi Prime Minister, Adnan Al-Zarfi..."    please don’t go off half-cocked thinking this article means that the US does not support the new PM candidate al-Zarfi. This is NOT what it is saying. Instead Mr. Schenker is just down playing the inference that the US is controlling Iraq by supporting the new candidate and a puppet to the US. Instead he wanted to tell everyone the US supports the principles behind the man not just supporting a puppet prime minister...Actually this is really good news!
      3-24-2020   Intel Guru Frank26    Question "Now that the auctions have been stopped..."  You have to be careful with that.  They've been stopped because of the curfew.  Because of the virus.  Will they come back?  Will they come back different?  Will they come back at the program rate?  Will they come back with only their currency at a program rate or a new rate?  This is where we're at with my teams... Question continues. " your opinion is Iraq implementing or planning their next course of action?"  Yes.  That's what our studies have all been.  I believe their next course of action was to stop the auctions.  To stop using the American dollar.  BUT they did that!  So I wonder what they're gonna do next - suddenly..!

    • By ronscarpa
      3-23-2020   Newshound Guru Pimpy  I agree with Trump.  Once we get out of this coronavirus thing our economy is going to slingshot IMO...Trump thinks we're gonna be out of this by April.  Well one of the things you could do is change the rate of the Iraqi dinar.  We know people are holding it including countries everywhere.  You can give the appearance of a stimulated economy...

      3-23-2020   Intel Guru Frank26, two, three are the things we've dreamed about for years in order to raise the value of the currency.  Security.  Stability.  Stop the auctions and they're not using the American dollar...if I was Steven Spielberg I don't think I could have even come up with a greater scrip than this for a Hollywood movie.  1-2-3 and then go to the bank honey..!

      3-23-2020   Newshound Guru Breitling   Iraq can't just add value for no reason.  Because any country could just add value to their currency.  Why can Iraq add value?  Because they are artificially's not a foreseen thing, 'oh, Iraq is just going to add value to their currency.'  No.  They're correcting the value of their currency.  That's actually the correct term.  The Iraqi dinar is not at its correct value.  They are artificially keeping it low because based on their supply times velocity and how they back up their currency they just print more currency and the value goes down.  We have articles that specifically say that.  What happens when they pull currency out of their markets?  Their value goes up...It's not a far fetched thing that Iraq needs to add value to their currency.    A.  It's correcting the value of their currency.  B.  They need to because they have no options...  

      3-23-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff  ...we know that they're not gonna want people coming into the banks regarding the whole coronavirus especially with the lock-downs...we ultimately know that the Trump Administration is in charge and then we know that Iraq's economically is going to start suffering if the rate doesn't change.  There could be a solid chance that Iraq and Trump have met in the middle of this.  Maybe they agreed to change the rate IMO tentatively agreed to change the rate during the month of April.  Because April will start the new fiscal gives the US a chance to implement a lock-down process for say two to three weeks...there could be a good chance they've selected the first half to the middle of April to change the rate...

      3-23-2020   Newshound Guru Pimpy  ...I got in a dispute with somebody.  He keeps telling me that the IMF controls the rate of the Iraqi dinar.  They don't control the rate.  They make recommendations on monetary policies...The IMF works with the World Trade Organization and works with the United Nations.  The United Nation is the one that has the sanctions on Iraq right now.  People are going 'no they don't'.  Yes they do...the CBI sets the rate under the guidance of the IMF and WTO.  It does no good for the rate change if the UN doesn't allow them to be recognized internationally...once the CBI makes the rate change the currency must be recognized internationally.  If the GOI had their way the rate would have been set exactly at $3.22.  They have been bugging for year to have their rate reinstated...

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