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At this point who knows....Some have said it is just the Smoke and Mirrors to keep everyone watching for what happens next and we all lose track of the Dinar for the Time being..Bingo they RV/RI in quiet and no one is the wiser for the time being.


It would seem there were a number of factions at play here.......obama and the left possibly planned the attack on the US Embassy in order to discredit POTUS Trump and weaken him in the eyes of his supporters as well as that of the Iraqi and Iranian Citizens.....That did go as planned. 


Then it has been said Solemanni and some of his most Loyal were in Iraq to take down the Iraqi GOI and put their (Irans) people back in power....That did go as planned either


If Iraq really wanted to break free or Iranian influence what better time than now. Give the Iraqi People what they want, show the Iranian People what they again could have without the Mullah's in power...Return to a Pre Revolution (1970's and earlier) Iran......


This may be just what Kim Clement Prophecy was all about a few years ago. 


Who Knows at this point...we sit and watch it all unfold.



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the up coming week will be a " roller coaster " of events  for sure ...

1 week ago ---- we were just looking to see what the central banks and trade banks were up to  { closing the branches , all across the area , for inventory ? :shrug: }  with that  we were expecting tomorrow ( 1/6/2020 ) to be a super awaking of something big in the banking section, then  2 days ago the g.o.i. announced ( Monday is a day off for some anniversary )....   so with that we now are still looking for Monday ,as some sort of event , but with a new twist ( iran getting pissy about  their guy getting offed , who was in Iraqi territory  most likely heading up the next chain of events at the Bagdad airport,  )   so now  like I mentioned next week will be a lot of  odd news to say the least


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And so it starts  ( Iran to pull out of all nuclear deals) < -----'z raise your hand if this took you by surprise!!! 😩   

Iraq G.O.I  assembled to  discuss  ( no more  U.S. troops  on  Iraq  territory)  hahaha  😆 do what you wish  , we can save billions  with out you  dip wads... ( J.M.O. )


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With the above  mentioned! Would be excellent time to Revaluation...

Give the dollar a bad name  , give the impression U.S. is about to get booted out 

And put a push on dinar  ....

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