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Attention to the digital economy

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Attention to the digital economy

Monday 02 December 2019 46

Attention to the digital economy

سعد الطائي Free Membership 
A digital economy is defined as an economy that relies primarily on the economics of information technology and information technology based on digital technology.
The digital economy is the modern aspect of the modern economy as it is in line with the latest technological developments in the current era. The ICT sectors have become one of the most important drivers of economic growth in the developed countries today, because of the great potential in various areas of the modern economy.
In our country, we must work to the best of our abilities by paying attention to the digital economy because of its importance in driving growth and development of our national economy. The digital economy can contribute significantly to increasing the gross domestic product in Iraq, after paying due attention and dissemination of its applications optimally, and the expansion of the benefit and dependence on the joints of the Iraqi economy.
The more it expands, the greater the proportion of its contribution to GDP, which means getting rid of dependence on the profitable economy that has characterized the Iraqi economy for decades and a weak point for our national economy.
It is possible to invest and employ local minds and holders of scientific degrees in the disciplines of information technology, computers, information systems, programming, artificial intelligence, communications technology and networks, and benefit from them in the construction of the digital economy in our country, which provides solutions to unemployment by providing employment opportunities for these local young energies after well trained what they can do It plays roles and functions in the fields of the digital economy, ensuring its development and improving its performance.
It also requires the establishment of the infrastructure required for the digital economy, whether it is legislative, technological, industrial, human, financial, or in terms of providing suitable places for the establishment of digital economic projects and support and provide facilities required for them and in a manner that ensures success, continuity and development, and contribute to Building and developing the digital economy in Iraq. All this calls on the competent authorities to work to encourage foreign investment by attracting technology companies with a reputation for sound in the establishment of projects related to the digital economy. Attention to the digital economy and work to build and develop and expand it in Iraq has become necessary to catch up with the great development witnessed by the global economy, which is now heavily dependent and attaches increasing importance, because of its great potential in the development of the economic system and increase its growth and the extent of its contribution to maximize GDP in a way that increases its digital resources and inputs at the expense of traditional economic resources and inputs and keeps it up to date with the scientific, technological and economic developments in the current era and to ensure success Sustainable prosperity to him.
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Thanks for the post, Yota - very much. Better late than never.


When the dust settles, Iraq will have a geeat opportunity to progress in all aspects of its development - correctly- and without the resistance of their elite. Regardless of the extent and length of the enormous sabotage inflicted on the innocent,  justice will prevail, and the economic distress felt by its citizens for decades will be a thing of the past, as they embark on a new beginning.

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