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The Iraqi constitution is a hodge-podge of conflicting laws.  Maybe the resignation must be approved by parlament, maybe not. Forming a caretaker government and what powers it has is a question.

Usually a caretaker cannot add or remove anything . Even the new budget would be in limbo .. Here in the US the house would enact a continuing resolution which allows the caretaker limited powers and anything else must be handled thru congress. Fortunately the party with a majority can get most things done.  Iraq does not have a 2 party system so  there is no established majority. 

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Have a think ,people.  A caretaker  government till a new election puts EVERYTHING in LIMBO.  NO RV , NO HCL   NO Change. Back to Jan1,2019 .  Since they have chosen the option not to Dissolve Parliament they may continue to debate the budget but possibly have to delay passage. This is NOT good .

As far as new ministers the protesters present a dilemma .    They want people who have no previous party affiliations .  Yet they want ones with qualifications .  My thoughts are IF they had enough experience to be appointed they most likely had a party affiliation. 

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