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Good morning all!   Today is Sunday, 24th of November 2019. I made a mention this week about Iraq being in a good place - my optimism continues. Before I get into that, however, I also menti

Thanks Adam and appreciate the post that gives all of us a prospective. 

Thank for the post Adam. Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone.  

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It's always good news to hear that "CHANGE" is about to happen. Thank you Adam for bringing in that insight that makes the most sense verses what others call delays or just plain " if it happens" attitude. Goooooooooo Rrrrrrrrrrrrr Vvvvvvvvvvvvv

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52 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

it's a beautiful Sunday.....and I've got pancakes to make.


Thanks for the Sunday update. Better get out that big pan. Myself and the rest of the DV crew are headed over for breakfast.

                                                            I'm bringing the huckleberry syrup. :twothumbs:


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16 minutes ago, David68 said:

Nice one Adam.  Happy Sunday. (enjoy the pancakes lol)  Thanks.

I normally enjoy a couple eggs on my pancakes, over easy will be fine thanks. That email definitely brightens my day 💰image.png.2b1c2c5d5248e340179b46c37ce9b3e1.png

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