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Poop Problem in Democrat Run San Francisco


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            Should we really be surprised?  Anywhere man exists where they are not required to control their actions, chaos in all forms takes place.  Unfortunately, I believe we have just begun to see the damage caused by uncontrolled human responses in this once great city.

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5 hours ago, Sage449 said:

I was in a Starbucks in San Fran grabbing a coffee to go. While in line, a transient spit on the window, peed on it all because people were not giving him money when he was begging. Like you really felt like donating after that.....

Sounds like he already donated....

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The left counts on the their belief that Americans are too ignorant - or lazy - to pay

attention & think things through.


They eradicate History so even the mildly curious they are trying to co-opt cannot

understand that their evil agenda is enslavement of humanity and leads to the

complete breakdown of society, so THEY can step in and claim to "fix it" & "take care" of you.


The worse they can make society, the quicker they can step in and claim to "save" you.



All this disgusting manifestation of their evil is purely by their design.

They WANT this breakdown in Rule of Law & social norms.


High on their list of how to take over is to first "create chaos".

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On 11/21/2019 at 7:32 AM, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

:lmao:And here I thought this thread was about Nancy crap for brains Pelosi and the city council :lmao:


She's too busy spyin' for the dirty Chi-Coms to care about what's going on domestically.


She's already thrown in the towel on trying to appear bi-partisan by conceding to the

radical kommies  in her coven and jumping on the "impeach Trump" wagon.


She drinks herself into a stupor every weekend - on our dime - as she & her friends & cronies

fly over our Republic at - our expense - and are all so lit by landing they wouldn't see a 10 foot turd

rolling down the road at 'em.


She closes the door of her manse & rolls around on her massive piles of ill-gotten dirty Chi-Com

money that she & her "banker" hubby have USED & SOLD US OUT to get.


Pretty sure the reason that walking cadaverous bag of bones is still here is because The Lord won't take her &

the devil won't have her. 

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