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Abdul Mahdi receives US Secretary of Defense

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Wednesday 23 October 2019 02:18 PM
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Baghdad / ... Defense Minister Najah al-Shammari revealed on Wednesday the direction of US forces withdrawing from Syria after leaving Iraq, indicating that they will leave for Kuwait or Qatar within four weeks.

Al-Shammari said in a press statement that the Americans withdrew from Syria to Iraq because of the absence of an agreement between the United States and Syria.

He pointed out that "these forces, numbering 150 US troops, will withdraw from Iraq within four weeks," noting that "the destination of these forces will be to US bases in Kuwait or Qatar."

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper arrived in Baghdad Wednesday morning for an unannounced visit.

According to the official "SANA" Syrian official, on Tuesday, October 22, the withdrawal of US troops from Syria towards Iraq and the evacuation of several military bases that had previously established in the country, and published video clips that it said to exit.

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Yota - please change the heading of this thread to:

CBI Daily Auction & Currency Exchange Rates - Wednesday - 10/23/2019

Or you can post your Currency Sales and put this under that. Then delete this note....thanks,  Ron

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I recall reading that we assumed we could just move onto Iraqi land as we moved some troops out of Syria, didn't ask permission, so are being asked/told to leave.

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Baghdad, Oct. 24 (Petra) - Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has refused to leave the US forces withdrawing from Syria in Iraq, official sources said.
Iraqi government sources said on Thursday that Abdul-Mahdi "refused to US Defense Secretary Mark Asper during their meeting in Baghdad on Wednesday, the stay of these forces in Iraq," stressing that there is no justification for the stay of troops withdrawing from Syria in Iraq or increase.
The source pointed out that Abdul-Mahdi revealed in a statement that Baghdad "has not granted permission to US forces to remain in Iraqi territory, and that his country will take international legal action in this regard."
The US Defense Secretary Mark Asper, announced on Wednesday, "US forces enter and withdraw from Iraq with the permission of the Iraqi government and approval," pointing out that "
- (Petra)
AFP / Ahh 24/10/2019 14:17:18

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