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Go Iraq Part 9

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With the Iraqi prime minister – widely seen as an ally to Kurds - facing calls for his resignation from office, Kurdistan Region officials are moving with increased urgency to seal a deal with Baghdad

I’m having a colonoscopy just before Thanksgiving....... I told my wife this could be the Best (Due to RV) and Crappiest Week I’ve ever experienced. I hope when I wake back up from the colonoscopy sh

When Ur Finished 'Waiting' On The CBI - I'll Take A Cheeseburger And A Beer !            

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Documentary credits are considered one of the important tools used in financing foreign trade operations such as import and export. They are carried out through international banks.

Therefore, the International Islamic Bank is pleased to offer you a documentary credit service through all its branches in Iraq

#Documentary Credits
#International Islamic Bank




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Video: Private banks participating in the auction of the sale of currency

2019-11-19 | 09:34

From 2003 to 2016, currency auction sales totaled more than $ 410 billion. There are 40 private banks participating in the currency auction. Bank sales of currency reached $ 350 billion in 12 years. Private banks have smuggled sales out of the country. How much total Iraqi money smuggled? What about the central bank and private banks? For more information and details, see the figures, attached video.

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