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With documents. .. Mujahid Abu Hail trying to "cage" the Central Bank

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Don’t these folks really know how to turn a phrase... then tie up the language into a “ Gordian Knot “ so no one unravels the exact meaning. 


“ What he Say ?”  ...... 16 years on & it ain’t any easier huh.

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Horsesoldier: It's not the Iraqis that don't know how to translate their written word. The translations we see are done by a computer program reading right to left symbols that do not always translate into English. Also, Arabic uses words that can have several definitions depending upon context AND inflections of the voice, which is impossible for a computer to translate when written. If we want a full translation that is 100% accurate we need to learn Arabic. Otherwise, after all these years we should know that a menopausal watermelon is just something we will never know.

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12 minutes ago, Carrello said:

menopausal watermelon


Translation : when touching or eating a menopausal watermelon wild mood swings accompanied by high anxiety or bouts of depression  could ensue , partake at ur own risk ....  cheers 

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