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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

malc UK


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Like many on this site I read Adams  thoughts

However for the past 5 years I have been caring for my wife after a wrong diagnosis when we lived in Spain.


Long hospital stays 6 months,  as her husband I too was in there caring feeding cleaning etc is required by the hospital


Then back to the UK after selling my house at 50% less due to the world recession and turbulence.


Back in the Uk a further operation followed  4,5 HOURS  then a heart attack ,she is now struggling



I have some DINAS What do i do if they eventually come to fruition?


I KNOW I SHOULD BE UP TO DATE  but time and circumstances have left me completely adrift

So in a nutshell ...if my little investment does occur...and living in the UK

What do i do ?

Advice please would be a boon to me


Kind regards to all

malc UK








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16 hours ago, Malc said:

 Hello Adam so kind to help promptly

I did as you suggested but the invoice remained blank?

Is that due to having a UK address nw

Nothing pointed to a place to get the download but the invoice did work and shoed £.0,00 but that is all

Regards  malc

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 09.26.24.png


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Hello Psdon my Texas friend


Thanks for your assistance I do believe years ago I subscribed to VIP etc but it has been so long now I cannot say for certain


My wife and I Travelled many times to the USA and hospitality was amazing by all we met. We loved your country and travelled to may states and had the best of times

In Texas we drove across... and it took 3 days.

I recall stopping a farmer and asking how long before we reached the next state?


HE QuotedL The sun does rise..THE SUN DOES SET and you is still in TEXAS YET

What an amazing country and lovely people

Thanks for the help..I am still trying.

 Stiff upper lip, and all that



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Hi, Malc, I too am from the UK (north west England) and have no idea what to do when hopefully the dinar RV's.


I have been in this since 2004 and don't know anyone else who has dinar and I don't have a great 

deal (less than 1 million).   This is certainly the nearest I think we have ever been to this thing

popping !!


If there are many more of us from the UK here it would be great if we could get some advice 

about 'cashing in' when the time comes. 





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