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Wednesday Morning Guru Opinions @ 10:15 AM EDT - 6/25/2019

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6-25-2019  ****  Dinar News Update ****  Iraq's parliament approved the Defense, Interior and Justice ministers earlier today.  This is a major milestone but the government remains incomplete as they rejected the nomination of the Education Minister left vacant by a resignation.  Its reported the remaining minister will be voted on in the "coming days". The gurus will be commenting as the day progresses...!!!



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Guys...This is Tuesday Morning ... I was just in a serious accident and Mis-Typed it as Wednesday.


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I was in FL recently and spoke with a man from IRAN and he thought we would go to war with IRAN and that Iran already "owned" IRAQ and directed them how to run their Government and the Shia were already in power throughout Iraq. He also stated he thought Iraq would eventually get their sovereignty but Iran would control the value of their money because they knew Americans had a large amount of cash and Iran did not want to help the US in any way financially.   This has been a very difficult "investment" but knowing it was very speculative for all these years helped temper the anxiety/uncertainty by not knowing what was going on.  I know the IMF wants us to go digital throughout the world and get rid of cash so they have greater control over everyone, but I'm beginning to wonder if a reset world wide will not occur so we will not reach our desired outcome. doubts, doubts, doubts.  too many moving parts and outcomes.  WWG1WGA  


just my opinion... ought to be yours.... ha!!

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    • By ronscarpa
      9-20-2019   Newshound Guru Jeff   ...Based on news we could not be at a better point in this investment.  We are in the best position we've ever been in.  Iraq is at the end of the road right now.  Based on their own news they have reached the end of their road  .  Either they have to release news telling us that they're going to start something new or they're at a point where they just have to finish the formation of the government so they're no longer boxed in that corner and they can advance to their new beginning which is the rate change.  We look amazing.  We have to see this play out.  The current period that we're in right now is the best news we've every had throughout the history of this investment.  It does not get any better than this.  Next week is going to be red hot...

      9-20-2019   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Anything is possible in Iraq. But considering the IMF is the trustee over the CBI it is unlikely a LOP would be something the IMF would approve of.   I would only see that occurring if the economic conditions failed for the development of the market economy and left no other option...If they launch the market economy as they have been aggressively trying to move towards and have presented it to be included in the budget of 2020, then I see no reason for a LOP...

      9-20-2019  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   There are some rumblingsssss right now!  This recent development with China may be “more than meets the eye”, and I’m hearing some encouraging things about the oil law...I don’t want to get too giddy right now, but we might have a heck of a week coming up...You can view Adam's entire commentary in the Chat Logs Forum in: 
      Adam Montana Weekly 18 September 2019 
    • By ronscarpa
      9-19-2019   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...They will never introduce any smaller categories until the currency has begun to appreciate to a point where they would be needed and it would be seamless without fanfare.

      9-19-2019   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   ...China has the ability to dump loads of money into Iraq's infrastructure, taking significant weight off of the Iraqis in that regard, which would free up Iraq's resources (time/people/government/etc) to focus on their actual bread and butter. China won't be doing this for free... in fact, I can foresee Iraq becoming so indebted to China over this that they are forced to raise the value of their currency just to cover the debt that they will willingly incur from China in order to fast-track their future. Iraq then officially enters the currency manipulation game, just to keep up with China, and that just tickles me pink!  Who wins if this happens?  Everyone.  China wins. Iraq wins. We win. This is a clear path to Iraq becoming even stronger, with a stronger currency, and the rest is sort of irrelevant.  Pretty neat stuff.  You can view Adam's entire commentary in the Chat Logs Forum @ 
      Adam Montana Weekly 18 September 2019 
    • By ronscarpa
      9-18-2019   Newshound Guru Jeff   ...let's set our emotions aside for a second...they've been setting the stage for this...keep in mind there is no  "Dinar For Dummies" manual.  We don't have a book or guide that tells us every step Iraq has to do before the rate can change...So we have to look at what they do and what they say.  Look at their actions to piece things together and then you have to make some opinion with that...their actions suggest there's not much more they can do before they change the rate...Iraq has to achieve stability before the power that be will elect Iraq to change the rate...the news articles are strongly suggesting and telling us that they're in forward progress to reach stability...the news looks very good...

      9-18-2019   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   Quick note about the drone attacks on the Saudis - OIL is a pivotal issue in the Iraqi Dinar rate. It's no surprise that the recent events caused a flurry of commotion in the Dinar world. Oil speculation went wild for a couple minutes (ok, days), but currently stabilized at $59... You can view Adam's entire commentary in the Chat Logs Forum -  Adam Montana Weekly 18 September 2019

      9-18-2019   Newshound Guru chattels  Article:  "Parliament votes on a law and ends the reading and discussion of three bills..."   Again, no parliamentary action on any important law(s), IMO.   Quote:  "...held under the chairmanship of Mohammed Halbousi and the presence of 175 deputies,..."  Attendance is low. Little more than minimum quorum requirement.  Parliament will adjourn until next Saturday...
      That's All Folks...!  Hope you all have a great night...RON
    • By ronscarpa
      9-18-2019   Newshound Guru Jeff   ...After looking at all the news...looking at everything that's going on, I'm of the opinion that the rate change will not occur this week.  But we look like we're still in a very good position...the thing is right now they're too quiet.  They're not giving us any clues to what's going on...they could end this next week but it could roll into October...the signs and variables show that we are still very close...

      9-18-2019   Newshound Guru Vital Brad   ...The CBI put out an article  "The Central Bank holds a workshop in preparation for the classification of banks operating in Iraq internationally."   ...Iraq again talking about being regulated on an international standard.  All signs point to go.  They would not be doing this if their currency wasn't gonna be reinstated...why would they be getting themselves in this case internationally standard ready if they weren't going international?...the stage is being set for the big show and things are looking better than ever.  I've never seen things line up this well...

    • By ronscarpa
      9-17-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat    ...I have to tell you without even a shadow of a doubt that I am 1000 % sure it will NOT happen this week. However, we are still within a very good window of opportunity to get the smaller of the smaller category notes launched and this part of the process underway. This does not mean we will be going to the bank this week. ...So, once they launch the smaller of the small categories, the next part of the process is to CHECK FOR INFLATION and wait to see what happens. I am told this could take 3 days, 3 weeks or even 3 months. The next step depends up the CBI and observing what happens next...(post 1 of 2)... 
      9-17-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...If everything goes as planned, then they move on to the “reinstatement”. This means reinstating the dinar back on the global currency exchanges and then it can be legally traded...Yes, its been a very long journey...The nice part about this final step is when it does occur this is when we get to go to the bank and exchange and not before. There is no premature exchanges scheduled for us internet investors...(post 2 of 2)... 

      9-17-2019  Intel Guru Frank26   My question is, Will they show the visual aids this week to the citizens? Yes IMO.  Will they show them the new low category notes and fils this week?  Yes.  IMO I believe the seminars [Thursday] will be showing the visual's possible they may go into next week but I doubt it...

      9-17-2019   Newshound Guru Breitling   With Iraq how does it work?  They tell everybody what they want to do through Parliament, the Ministry of Planning, then they go to the Ministry of Finance and then they go to the CBI and the CBI manages it.  That's how it works...what they said they want to do with the Iraqi currency has never changed.  You should be very very happy...

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