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Congress Must Protect Our Elections!

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29 minutes ago, nstoolman1 said:

They won't even protect our borders.




It appears the party is more concerned about their future than ours... Party first, people second. That's the new American way and they have succeeded in bringing that mindset to Main Street, which is the real tragic part. I remember when being a sensible moderate was the norm and being an extreme leftist or rightist was not... Most people used to be able to see both sides of an issue, but today people are blinded, divided and stupid. Just the way they like it.



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Politicians in many parts of the world ( including my Country) want to take People to the extreme.....They do succeed   in achieving that, given they way they ( politicians) act on a lot of issues.....I mean...It's difficult to remain a moderate in front of some situations.....


Brazil, Italy, Hungary, France, Russia and many more Nations come to mind......

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