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Tuesday Afternoon Guru Opinions @ 4 PM - 6/11/2019

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6-11-2019  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan  ...a lot of people have come up and said, 'well I've been told the dinar will be treated as capital gains.'  In [IRS Code] 1256 you have to identify yourself as being a trader and you have to be actively trading.  Which means you have a period of time that you've identified that you're going to hold it and you're going to sell it.  We're not doing that.  We've all bought dinar.  We're hanging on to that dinar...And it's not going to qualify for 1256 because we don't have a contract date for when we're going to exchange it.  Simply not going to happen.  1256 is great if you're actually going to do the forex world...have a conversation with your tax professional...[NOTE:  BobTheTaxMan thinks it's wise to claim the dinar exchange as ordinary income.  Speak to your tax and financial professional at the appropriate time.]

6-11-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article quote:  "A parliamentary source confirmed on Saturday that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi WILL SEND THE NAMES OF CANDIDATES FOR VACANT MINISTRIES TO THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES NEXT WEEK." (which is this week)  The news channels in Iraq are mostly filled with news of completing the Mahdi government on time. This is going to come to a conclusion one way or the other. Mahdi was hoping that the political blocks could come to an agreement of candidates but this is now not the case.   So, Mahdi has the power to submit his own list of names and let parliament move forward with the vote to ratify them.



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    • By ronscarpa
      6-16-2019  Newshound Guru Breitling   It is black and white.  The American economy vs the Middle East and Russia's economy.  When the energy prices are high those countries do good.  When the energy prices are high in America the United States economy slows down.  Remember energy moves matter.  It's always been like that.  The economy goes down when the oil prices are up. And when the oil prices go down our economy just goes through the roof.

      6-16-2018   Intel Guru Frank26   The Reinstatement is inevitable... Somewhere around the 30th...“All systems Go”.   There's a different monetary policy?  Who says?  The Finanacial Management Law [FML].  There's a new math?  Who says?  The FML.  There's a new rate?  Who says?  The FML.  There is no delay. What is the Financial Management Law?  It’s for the change in the national monetary policy and to raise the value of the Iraqi Dinar against other foreign currencies in order to control the auctions that have been a source of corruption for many others especially Maliki and his sources in Iran...IMO.

    • By ronscarpa

      6-15-2019   Newshound Guru Breitling  ...Obviously there's a lot of drama going on in the Gulf of Amman.  People are concerned...How is this going to effect our investment...?  The timing of the Iraqi dinar?  The economy in general?  ...if the Price Per Barrel goes up then Iraq is not going to be as motivated to add value to their currency.  But the price keeps going down because of the United States.  They [Iraq] are going to be forced to [add value to the currency]...Let's say the value of oil goes up...Iraq knows it's not going to be able to do that forever.  So no matter what they are going to change the value of their currency.  They have to...If you look at the value of their currency it doesn't match with the oil markets...(Post 1 of 3)... 

      6-15-2019  Newshound Guru Breitling   ...It doesn't match with the production.  So you have the production going up but the value of their currency going down?  The value of oil is based on the U.S. obviously it's manipulated.  If 90% of your country's money that's coming in from trade is from oil and everyone is killing it in the energy markets then that is a manipulation...if you're attaching the value of the price per barrel to the dollar and supposedly the Iraqi dinar is pegged by the US dollar this tells you it's manipulated...(Post 2 of 3)... 
      6-15-2019   Newshound Guru Breitling    ...the worst case scenario...we attack Iran and it spills a little bit over into Iraq.  Iraq is the proxy between Iran and Saudi Arabia...The Iraqi dinar has been so manipulated and it's so far down that they could still add value to it.  They could add 10 cents to it...20 cents to it and no one would blink.  It would be a huge positive thing for the economy.  It would be no threat at all...I don't see an apocalyptic threat to the Iraqi dinar in this situation...(Post 3 of 3)... 
      6-15 -2019  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan  ...Let's say you want to donate some dinar to a charitable organization.  When you acquired the dinar doesn't matter to the IRS.  They don't care.  Because when you give the dinar to your 501-c3 charity and they go to exchange it the only thing that's going to matter is the value of the exchange and what you report on your schedule A. They don't care when you got it... [Note: speak to your tax and financial professional at the appropriate time.]

    • By ronscarpa
      6-14-20219   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   The other BIG news from Iraq is all about finally Mahdi being forced to submit some candidates for his unfilled cabinet positions. We know two of these positions are critical to the reconstruction efforts and may even be a sever damper on being able to obtain funding from investors for the reconstruction efforts. So some of the candidate names have already been forwarded to parliament and let’s see what they do with them. Mahdi still has until the end of June to fill these positions or be subject to a “No Confidence” vote. These next couple weeks are going to be interesting.

      6-14-2019   Newshound Guru Adam Montana    Well, we did it! We weathered another Ramadan, and Eid al fitr. I am going to state the obvious: Despite no RV announcement during the Big Holiday, this was a more eventful one than normal. All positive, too!  ...Historically, many of the bigger milestones have happened around this time of year. Chapter 7 was lifted in late June, for example. A few others have also occurred right around now as well...I have reason to believe we are entering a unique week for the Iraqi dinar...

    • By ronscarpa

      6-14-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   I have some fantastic news for you about the reinstatement.  ...I told everyone I was working on getting a legitimate new timeframe for the RV. ...So, now we have a new timeframe and it is very close at hand.   What do we know...:   We know that Mahdi has until the end of June to “complete” his cabinet. appears the end of June is the end of the current legislative term. Why is this important?  If all of this information is correct, we should be expecting something of a reinstatement and the completion of the “project to delete the zeros” by the end of June....(post 1 of 2)...
      6-14-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...The CBI already told us they will NEVER put the (program rate) (currency auctions) on a float while it is on the de-facto peg with the US dollar. So, the only other conclusion we can make is they intend to reinstate the dinar and put it back on a float as all currencies are when they are on FOREX...  ...the...articles they intended to raise the value of the dinar and get it to compete with the international currencies by the end of the current legislative term?...  I can hardly keep from jumping up and down…lol...June is almost half over already. So we have about 2 more weeks of expectations and excitement...(post 2 of 2)...

    • By ronscarpa
      6-13-2019   Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf    holiday inn is actually accepting other currencies for motel room payment.  This idea is incorrect and obviously causing some confusion. Online payments are invariably done by a payment processor and they determine currency requirement, not the company concerned...It should also be borne in mind that in order to make the payment you would need a card funded in the currency selected. If Iraqi banks issue cards in IQD it would be up to the processor if such cards were accepted, nothing to do with Article 8, although wider use of the currency is a move in the right direction.

      6-13-2019   Intel Guru Delta   Article:  "Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance chairs the first meeting of the preparation of the State Budget Strategy 2020-2022"  Quote:  "On the other hand, the exchange rate policy and the monetary policy strategy of the Central Bank were discussed" - MORE CONFIRMATION THAT THE COMING 2020 BUDGET WILL BE IN NEW RATE...

      6-13-2019  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan   I've had several people come to me and they're always saying, 'what about this...way to convert this in a way of being able to do it as capital gains...'  I hear this all the time.  In the world of the IRS everyone thinks it's a set hardcore thing.  But it's really quite subjective... there's all kinds of nuances when it comes to the IRS code so you're gonna want a professional  assisting you who has experience in this particular domain...(Post 1 of 2)...[ Note: speak to your tax and financial professional at the appropriate time.] 

      6-13-2019  Guest Guru BobTheTaxMan    So when you go do something with your dinar you need to remember it is not a registered commodity.  But it also does not fall into the IRS 1256 code.   It doesn't fit...When you go into the bank or anyplace to exchange your dinar...when you bought it doesn't make any difference...Remember you're reporting this to the IRS as ordinary income.  All you have to have is the value when you bought it and the value when you exchanged it.  Because it doesn't qualify for 1256.  It doesn't qualify as a capital gain. ..(Post 2 of 2)...[ Note: speak to your tax and financial professional at the appropriate time.]

      6-13-2019   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  ...they are clearly doing as they told us they would and even on time or early. The CBI told us on the 10th they would have an intensive media campaign. They sure are from the looks of it. There are now out today about 11 articles that support they are doing what they said they were going to do, in that regard to intensive media campaign.  They...say that they are partnering up with banks, money exchanges, airports, hotels, etc... To get them up in running with the new Master and Visa Cards for external expenses to get paid.  They are doing the media blitz to make sure everyone knows that all there is left to do is let their new external exchange rate get applied to those cards. imo... That is where the CBI will need to be timely ahead of the Gazette, imo. That time clock imo is about to sound some alarms...(post 1 of 2)... 

      6-13-2019   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Article quote:  "This bank will settle the cards abroad by selling them dollars at a price. Aqh sell the currency, the dollar against the sale of citizens at the price of 1.200 dinars through purchases of cards."  If I read this correctly they look as though they are telling the citizens and others they will be effectively 1:1.20 soon...IMO, they are trying to tell us they will be at 1.200 to the USD not 1,200. Then by applying the new international calculation to that and we are back to the glory days...imo...(post 2 of 2)... 
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