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D.V. lottery games ---6/11--6/12--2019

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Sending extra prayers for your brother and you TexasGranny :praying:

1 hour ago, TexasGranny said:

Okay so missed MegaMillion again last night. I've been spending all my time in the hospital with my brother (aka Jetman) and haven't had an opportunity to purchase our tickets like normal. He had a stent and balloon procedure on June 4th after which he "coded" twice before they were able to stablize him. Then yesterday he had a triple bypass and is once again struggling to stay with us (he will be 80 in December). On my way home (first time in 3 days) I stopped for our PowerBall numbers. Sure would be nice if they won something.


TexasGranny  20  41  53  61  68  PB  20

Jetman  26  30  40  60   66  PB  07

babycakes61  22  26  36  37  39  PB  01





I got a Megabucks ticket by accident so I took it


6/12  MB    05 -32-37-38-45-49

6/12  MB     02-11-30-37-38-47

The cash payout is $2,220.000. :confused2:

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On 6/9/2019 at 8:48 AM, jeepguy said:

ahhhh !   not  much cash  , but  for 2.oo   just might turn into ---->  2 million :crossedfingers:


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The latest Powerball winning numbers for Wednesday, June 12th are 05-35-38-42-57, Powerball: 13, Power Play: 2

Congratulations Melaustin58!  You matched the powerball#13.


Sorry, there were no other winning matches here tonight.

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