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This is a new product that was just introduced on a webinar Tuesday (June 4) by Alex Loyd from the Healing Codes.  I've used the Healing Codes program for over 10 years and it's great.  Alex recommends a few cutting edge products each year and they have always been/done what he presents them to be/do.  So I personally have faith that this product is everything it claims to be.  I encourage you to listen to at least some of this (to save time, you can skip the intro and disclaimer part and start at about 7 minutes where he starts explaining a new test that measures your biological (as oppoed to chronological) age.  Then a few minutes later he starts describing anectodal, as well as test, results that show how effective the product it. This product sounds amazing and I've already ordered it.  Also, it comes with a pretty strong guarantee, and because it's being sold through the Healing Codes site, you can be sure they will honor it should you have any issue.  Note there is a limited time special where if you buy 3 (at $150 each), you get the forth one for only $50.  And apparently, as long as you don't destroy it, these should last indefinitely.  fyi, I do NOT make a penny by recommending this, I'm sharing it because I think it will seriously improve my health and help me on my reverse-aging quest, as well as give full protection against this nefarious 5G.  And since I'd guess most people here probably aspire to those same things, I figured they'd want to know about this.  


ps:  if anyone is seriously inerested in this, there is a follow up Q&A session today, June 7.  (Sorry I'm posting this with so little lead time)

Noon - Eastern
11:00 a.m . - Central
10:00 a.m. - Mountain
 9:00 a.m. - Pacific

Here is the access information:
To access by phone dial  (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 060310# 

Here is a list of international numbers:

To attend this event by smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, click here 5 minutes before the event time:

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