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On 5/11/2019 at 8:50 PM, Sage449 said:

TD, how's the family, your daughter in particular?

We're doing OK. Daughter is pretty stable, but on total TPN for nutrition at the moment (intravenous feeds - she has a port and actually administers it to herself every night). We have an appointment at University of Utah Medical Center this month - doing some more tests.  Making some headway - but its been slow.  Even with all that - she has made it through her junior year of college - and just changed her major.  Not a huge change - but went from pre-med to chemistry.  She did some research and believes she could do better getting her master's degree in biochemistry and then apply to med school. So far, she has no student loans but that's about to change with that plan. She is still my hero.


The wife had a spinal nerve stimulator implanted - but it had to be taken out 3 days later because she got a staph infection.  She's healing and is going to try it again in August/September time frame. The test was great, and think this might finally get her off of the  opioids she's been on for the last 2 years. For those interested - we tried the CBD oil - Topical, oral and vaped.  It helps her leg tremors, but no pain relief.  


Overall - it could definitely be worst..but I will say, if I happen to break out in boils, I'm changing my name to Job...


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27 minutes ago, Markinsa said:

@tankdude  Have you ever watched any of Barbara O'Neil videos?  She has a whole series on getting back to health naturally and the causes of sickness and disease.



I just discovered her last night and watched a bunch of her lectures. an amazing woman with tremendous knowledge of healing with natural ways. Thanks Markinsa and good health to all!!

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Thx TD, I keep you and your family in my prayers. Your daughter sounds awesome; so does your wife. Don't want to have to call you TD Job 😁 either. 

I used CBD oil on my ancient cat, it helped his appetite and because he was so old I think it helped his arthritis. 

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Hey Tank. I had a lady that worked for me awhile back. CBD oil is not what one needs for that kind of pain. However the other part from the Marijane that does work is the THC. Not legal everywhere (if at all) This lady had a sister that was very ill to the point of always having oxygen. She is no longer on oxygen and is doing fine. The lady that worked for me bought a syringe of the "goo". It only takes a small drop on the end of a tooth pick placed under the tongue. Do your own research as I am not a DR. I did try it for my body aches. It does work much like smoking a doobie( without the inhaling), which is much better for you.(the "goo") GOD put it on the planet for a reason.


Again, I am not a DR. but I have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express!

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So I have some news in the medic front with the daughter - and you can't tell me that prayer doesn't work!!!


The University of Utah diagnosed her with MALS (Median arcuate ligament syndrome) - a condition in which the median arcuate ligament presses too tightly on the celiac artery (a major branch of the aorta that delivers blood to the stomach, liver, and other organs) and the nerves in the area (celiac plexus). This explained the gastric symptoms my daughter has had for the last almost 3 years - nausea, vomiting and delayed gastric emptying. It created what they called a pseudo-obstruction.


As one of he diagnostic procedures  they did a celiac plexus block. This can bring temporary relief from the symptoms of MALS, and helps to confirm the diagnosis for the patient and the entire medical team. We were told the chemical they use will generally wear off after 48-72 hours,  but sometimes can be effective for longer because it breaks the cycle that the body has gotten itself into. 


Two days after the procedure - she was able to eat pasta with no issues.  Last Wednesday she had a cheeseburger and fries for lunch - experienced no pain,  didn't throw it up (for the first time in over 2 years) and had no major issues. She had a Cobb salad for dinner...and the doctor is taking her off of the TPN!  After 10 days she is still having good results and is back to being able to eat pretty much normally! Generally smaller portions of easily digestible foods for the most part...but can still eat almost anything again. Thank You Lord!


Now I know a number of you were praying for her...and I thank you SOOOO much. In my case - about a month ago I did a Novena to St. Joseph. I asked him that as Jesus' earthly father, having an understanding of how father's want to protect and nurture their children, to intercede on my daughter's behalf.  I am convinced that this intercession played a hand in guiding the medical professionals. I am so grateful for this. In my's so close to a miracle I'm calling it one.



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