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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Message from Montana


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5 hours ago, Adam Montana said:

and while I was trying to embed it into a hidden thread @Markinsa made me aware that it wasn't hidden as well as I thought :lol: 


14 hours ago, Markinsa said:

I accidentally found this on the Internet.


Just askin'.


Hey, Adam, did You happen to ask @Markinsa IF @Markinsa  IS the "talented" "artist" who "published" this "artistic" "work" AND "happened" to stumble on where HE posted THIS on the internet by "accident"???!!!


I suspect SOMETIMES one must keep a CLOSE EYE on THEIR associates. NO TELLIN' WHAT THEY are going to say OR DO!!!


:o   :o   :o


Go Moola Nova!


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3 minutes ago, Adam Montana said:

It wasn’t markinsa that created it, but he was the one who encouraged me to just get it shared here :) 

Good for him 🙂 I foresee a 'Theme Song' at DV gatherings into perpetuity!!! Lol

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