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5600 Stores CLOSING Down in Massive Nationwide SHUTDOWN of American Business!

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Hey negmiester, are there no stores closing in your neighborhood? Because in mine, the largest mall is getting pretty vacant and looking for anything from a hotel to offices to take the space. Sears was 150,000 sq ft... J.C. Penney was 150,000 sq ft. Not to mention Victoria Secret, Bed Bath and Beyond and many of the little retailers... And that's at just one mall in town.



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This has been going on for years since the internet allowed many to become players in the marketplace--every year there are many more closing--Borders, Blockbuster, Kmart, Woolworths, etc.  If any one takes a second to google, they'll quickluy find stuff like this from 2008:


2008 Ends Big Year for Store Closings | Retail Insight ...

2008 Ends Big Year for Store Closings ... Sign of the Times: 6,000 Retail Stores Closing in 2008. More Blog Posts In This Series. Store Closures 2019: Another Record Year for Mass Extinction. Earth’s mass extinctions discovered in the fossil record are tragic. For the …


That's 6000 stores in 2008---I don't think it will slow down until all the malls are gone, with many small businesses to fill the voids.

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Has anyone given any thought to how out of date and old most of these business are. Borders.....No one buys books, Blockbuster has been gone for what 20 years.....Kmart screwed themselves 40 years ago with their anti Firearms Position....Really, Woolworth was another one that was gone 40 plus years ago.....What happened to Ben Franklin 5 and Dime....Ya that was were I bought models and glue when walking home from Jr. High School....I still build Model.


This is a Classic....Victoria's Secret is closing....Get real, Women just don't look like Twiggy with 38 DD's these days.


Shopping Malls were a fad and great at one time 30 years ago.....and started to lose ground do the thief, rapes and what not....Parking were to say to least the last place any employee would want to walk to her car....This was all from years ago and had Nothing to Do we POTUS Trump or the Economy today....


Sayin Trump did it is like saying Trump Destroyed Kodiak and 35mm Film..........The World moved on and we the People Destroyed these Companies....Technology Destroyed these companies and it had nothing to do with Trump. 


Been to a Dentist lately.....I did and watched as they took picture after picture of my GF's mouth....thinking all the time you can stop at $75.00 a pop.....Full Bite Wing done Digitally with exam was $111.00.....Years ago it would have been over a $1000....Does POTUS Trump get Credit for that or is it just Technology?


So you think about it....Just who put who out of Business long before POTUS Trump was elected?


Just Sayin take a moment and think about it.....What changed....Have you had a real home grown Tomato lately, maybe a Heirloom....they are like old time Tomatoes.....They are wonderful and full of Favor.


Trump didn't  FUBAr Tomatoes....People did....Little by little We Expected less and got used to it and we got used to it.....We are the one's to Blame......Ya, Myself and everyone over 30.....Somewhere along the line we lost Respect, Teaching Respect, well the Male/Female stuff should have never been an issue to start with......Hell there are girls and boys....1st base, 2nd base and going all the way home....But you never really bragged about it.....She was like the School S#$L


So here is something for all the swinging **** that made it all the way.....what was the talk about you in school the next day?


Times have changed.





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14 hours ago, Karsten said:

Sayin Trump did it


Did it say Trump did it? I must have missed that part. The point is jobs... Stores closing everyday is a jobs thing. Not everyone can be a white collar worker or run an internet business. There are lot's of people being left behind. Is this new? No. Technology always impacts the current status, but that doesn't mean everyone is going to start a new career tomorrow. There is going to be pain and people are going to need training to learn new skills. The blacksmith didn't become an auto mechanic overnight. The milkman didn't become a UPS driver the next day. Change is constant, but people have to be taught new skills... And all those empty retail spaces need new life. They can't all be restaurants and hotels..



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