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Wednesday Guru Opinions @ 2:55 PM EST - 2/20/2019

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2-20-2019   Newshound Guru Adam Montana    I spend hours every day researching and communicating with my people on the Iraqi Dinar, international business, asset protection, etc...There are people I work with who know how important it is to get me my information by Tuesday, and are extremely dedicated to their roles...  Today is short and sweet. There is nothing negative to report - Parliament is working, OIL is still going the right way, and my gut tells me they are just kicking a few last details around.   If something counter productive were to happen right now, I'd take a harder look at things... but that's not the case.  Everything is lining up!  Parliament: still working, and working effectively. OIL: still moving towards $60, and doing it steadily.  The only thing we can ask for right now is that BOOM! HCL news.  Keep your heads on straight! This really feels like the home stretch.  :twothumbs:

Now for a bit of B.S. in my opinion. I have no idea where he get's his ideas, or what screens he's really looking at (Email sent from a friend..??). :jester: It appears he's trying to outdo MarkZ from yesterday..!

2-20-2019   Intel Guru Bruce    Iraq is pretty much out of the conversation.  All we are looking Iraq for now is where are their rates.  We are seeing movement on the screens today.  We seen where they have reached a certain point and then start backing down a little bit.  Same thing on the Dong. ... something on the front screens about $5.00 or so on the Dong right now and somewhere in the $5.60 - $5.70 range on the Dinar.  The Vietnamese Dong may end up when it settles in being within 10% of the Dinar. ...We are hearing very good things about this being our week... I feel like where we are with everything that is moving forward that we are in that zone.  We are in the red zone...(post 1 of 2)....

2-20-2019   Intel Guru Bruce   ...the sources we normally have are sending icons with zipped up mouths.  It is like nope, zipped up, can’t communicate, can’t talk.  To me that is a great sign.  That tells us things are going on behind the scenes.  ...It is done for our own safety and security.  I am sure the security of the timing not only for us, but for banks, financial institutions, for many reasons, and so it is kind of quiet out there for a reason.  I am excited...I know we are very close...(post 2 of 2)... 



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19 minutes ago, ronscarpa said:

2-20-2019   Intel Guru Bruce   ...the sources we normally have are sending icons with zipped up mouths.  It is like nope, zipped up, can’t communicate, can’t talk.


Orrrrrrr........maybe they are telling you to shut the h*ll up......just a thought.   :facepalm2:

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    • By ronscarpa
      3-20-2019   Intel Guru Frank26   SOMETHING HAPPENED TODAY AND OUR NEWSHOUNDS ARE BRINGING IT TO YOU...IT IS VERY SIGNIFICANT.  Article:  "Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation" Quotes:  "The Parliamentary Finance Committee is moving in the current legislative session to develop mechanisms to change the monetary and monetary policies in the country, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation.";    "the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation In the country".
      (I was unable to actually find this article, but it was mentioned in several places - I'll continue to look and will post it when I find it. The above was mentioned in a live chat from last night.) 
      The following "BS" is from Bruce - I wasn't going to post it, but I thought I'd include it here for a LAUGH, since it has been posted out there in FantasyLand...! 
      3-20-2019   Intel Guru Bruce  A lot of things have come in here the last few days. ...We know Iraq is basically complete with everything they were supposed to do. We know on the screens today that the Dinar was fluctuating... ...Rates have been adjusting upward...they are still adjusting...We are expecting the Dong to be pretty close to $7 or more on the front screen...The Dinar will be good. It will be higher obviously. Maybe not a whole lot higher though not initially. I think it will climb after it is brought out and after it has been traded more than it has so far.  ...We are about to embark on I think some major things happening...we are looking at the possibility of things happening by Thursday for us...We got a lot to look forward to the next couple of days. I really believe we are on our way.HE'S BEEN SAYING THE SAME THING FOR QUITE A WHILE...NOTHING HAS HAPPENED...! Which only indicates more BS..... 
    • By ronscarpa
      3-20-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "THE PAPER AND METAL CURRENCY AFTER 2003, WHICH DID NOT SUCCEED IN TRADING AND WAS CANCELED"  I would consider this an early phase of educating the citizens about the currency. Remember that in 2015 coming close to January 2016, the CBI told us they wanted launch the 100 coins but later decided not to. ...I believe they are getting ready to launch these 25, 50 and 100 very soon and are telling the citizens to watch out for the “cancelled” 50 dinar notes from 2003 no longer valid and that here are the pictures of the coins that are valid and coming soon. This is PERFECT too since we know that are going to slowly launch these smaller categories as the market dictates...     3-19-2019   Intel Guru MarkZ   [Q? : Have you heard that IRANIAN Influence is still a factor of holding up the reinstatement and monetary reform?]  Yes I have heard that in the past….the concern in Iran was if they were going to continue to sponser terror…I think that has been handled now. 

      3-19-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   “WHENEVER A RESERVE OF HARD CURRENCY IS INCREASED IN THE STATE TREASURY, THE VALUE OF THE LOCAL CURRENCY RISES.”   WOW! Could this also be yet another reason why the CBI is waiting to RI? They need for the reserves to increase?  Remember that when Dr Shabibi was about the RI way back in Jan 2013, the CBI reserves where at a all time high of 90+ billion. We know the war with ISIS has brought the CBI reserves down to a dangerous level of about 45 billion. Last we hear the reserves recovered and were about 60+ billion and climbing...(post 1 of 2)...

      3-19-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...when they think that the CBI has the adequate reserves (and other things) this will give the CBI sound reasoning to go for the reinstatement. In one of the articles today once again they told us they would the “3.3” ($3.30) rate back to the dinar. ...they will probably go beyond that. I quote from the article... “Iraqi state budget was 11 billion dollars and the exchange rate of the dollar 3.3 and today the state budget 450 billion and the exchange rate of the dollar is 1189 dinars.” I think we could possibly be in a window...(post 2 of 2)...  
    • By ronscarpa
      Please don't shoot the messenger (me) for posting what is being said elsewhere...I'm just bringing it to you for a laugh...! Ron

      3-19-2019   Intel Guru MarkZ   [Q? : I've heard rumors that when this happens and hits 4X that could drive the value up to as much as $8 and then it would settle back to where it should be. what's your opinion on that?]  I absolutely agree with that…When Kuwait released…I think around $2.50 and the rate drove up to over $9…With this RI in Iraq - I think there would be a more structured increase. With this exchange with will be for oil credits....(post 1 of 2...) 

      3-19-2019   Intel Guru MarkZ   [Q? : Are your contacts in the CBI?]  My contacts work closely with the CBI. What makes most sense to me is an RI (re-instatement) of the old rate  and then let it float up to correct for inflation. My person on the ground in Iraq - as of yesterday says the new rate is not posted in the Gazette yet. We are definitely watching around the clock all week long…so many people say we are there. The news is pretty solid.   If anything big happens today I back tonight…if not I will update you all tomorrow morning….(post 2 of 2)...

      3-19-2019   Intel Guru RayRen98   "Supposedly" new release codes were to be released to the banks on last Friday after the market closed for Monday morning effectiveness. We are still awaiting more information on the status of said specific codes.  Iraqi TV is broadcast Cleric Sadr talking about starting up an effort to replace PM Madhi due to failing to complete the government by now. He also proposed bringing Abadi back as the Prime Minister.   Parliament moved it's March 23 session to Sunday, March 24 citing a holiday schedule conflict....(post 1 of 2)... 
      3-19-2019   Intel Guru RayRen98   US Banks - One source (..???..) says the final rates are not visible, but temporary rates are still intermittently flashing. Other  sources are again excited and telling us that we will be "jumping for joy" later this week. ...Well, I am pleased to hear their excitement, but I remain cool, calm and collective until something substantial should you...Time Will Tell It All! ...(post 2 of 2)...
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