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Tuesday Evening Guru Opinions @ 5:50 PM EST - 2/19/2019

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2-19-2019   Intel Guru MarkZ   To me its always been a question of “when” not “if” as I have seen so much going on in the background of this.  I am very hyped up to see a change in value in Iraq this week My contact in Iraq (Stewart) is hearing it may happen on Wednesday.  ...Rates we all still hearing are $4:40 dinar …..$2 -2.20 dong…  I believe the banks will be perfectly safe to exchange into. They have done so many upgrades and testing...I would not be worried to use the banks.  I definitely do not think we will get out of February without seeing the RV.  This guy keeps beating the same drum without anything ever changing, other than Iraq is actually getting things done that would permit a currency rate change in the near future..! Keep the faith..! :tiphat:RON 

2-19-2019   Intel Guru Delta
   [IMO, Once we see the Cab. members seated, we will see 3 zero deleted.]  HOW ABOUT WHEN WE SEE 3 ZEROS DELETED...WILL SEE CAB MEMBER SEATED...

2-19-2019   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    Things have been pretty uneventful...the last few weeks or so because Parliament has been on recess. Look for things to pick up in March...
2-19-2019  *** Dinar News Update ***  The CBI has crossed the 2% for 90 Days rule for the Iraq Exchange Market.  The CBI had accomplished this for the Baghdad Market last summer.  The CBI began reporting the Iraq Market rate on November 14, 2018 which included three decimal places.
( Updated: 2/19/2019 )

Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 
1190 IQD to 1 USD

Dinar Market Rate:  (CBI last reported 2-19-2019)
1193.095 IQD to 1 USD

- Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES 
- Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days: YES (maintained since ~Mar. 15, 2018  &  Iraq Market since ~Nov. 14, 2018)
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    • By ronscarpa
      2-15-2020   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   Articles:  "The US Treasury publishes a video that includes simple steps to reveal the "fake" dollar";  "Legal protection of the national currency"   These two articles are seeming to be placed and timed accordingly...A re enforcement if you will on the act of counterfeiting will not be tolerated. Not only outside countries, but, their own currency and they make reference to the IQD currency and coins. They don't have them yet?  Even if they did no one in their right mind would counterfeit coins at a program rate. But, by this article about Iraq, they seem to suggest they will have coins...(post 1 of 2)... 
      2-15-2020   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan   ...So, whereby, when they cease the Dollar Multi Currency Practice and Article 8 component, it will be illegal to accept payment in USD for goods and illegal to not accept IQD for goods when it is legal tender...there has been talk of the ATMs having been loaded with NSCNs and these above articles suggest that with the current warning having been given out about counterfeiting currency and coins, and obligations to accepting them if legal, suggests that there is an expectation for a rate change to warrant coins. A significant value is needed to be applied for them to worry about counterfeiting coins. We have been told to watch the ATMs. Why? As the banks will have to be prepared for activation of new software. These articles are a huge indicator for me...Articles suggest that the Dollar Auctions are to stop and this would indicate they are and make notice that the CBI has been showing pattern changes of recent.... imo...(post 2 of 2)... 

      2-15-2020   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...the CBI has described plans for a LOP.  To reduce the money supply from trillions to billions. That is what will happen if something happened overnight. If you want to see the dinar appreciate in value it's going to take a long time not because I say so, because that's how monetary policy works, gradually over time. But before that could ever happen they need to create the conditions for a market economy and encourage a substantial amount of foreign investment to come in, thus creating pressure on the financial system. Only then can the CBI appreciate the dinar using its monetary tools and getting off the Peg and moving to a float. That's not me telling you that's the IMF...This is what Kaperoni has been saying - over & over again...! He seems to want to defuse any posts made by other Gurus who are indicating that an increase in value is imminent and necessary for Iraq to move forward. Especially those who are predicting high values...! RON
      Good Night Everyone...Sleep well and have a great Sunday. Be Blessed. Ron
    • By ronscarpa
      2-15-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru RVAlready   Allawi told everyone in advance his government would be independent - that it would not represent any blocks...A little late for them to complain now.

      2-15-2020   Newshound Guru  Kaperoni   New Prime Minister Allawi says he will introduce his cabinet this Sunday.  We can hope..!

      2-15-2020   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Mohammed Al-Khalidi to / Nina: The new government consists of 22 independent ministers and is awaiting the parliament’s call for a session to pass it Saturday 15, February 2020"  He explained that the new government consists of 22 ministries who are completely independent and that no name was repeated from the previous ministries, and the ministers were chosen by the Prime Minister-designate.  There are reports that Allawi will present his program and ministers to an emergency session of Parliament as early as this Sunday or Monday.

      2-15-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat  ...minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi is sent to be the man who will finally break up the mess holding back this government and free the Iraqi people and its economy from Iranian enslavement. ...This miracle will kick off a chain reaction sounding throughout the financial works in the middle east. Watch and see…!!

      The following is from Friday Night:
      2-14-2020   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   This is one of the good articles from a few months back...  "A government decision to do the partnership with the private sector"  "To implement vital projects that support the country's economy"   ...there is a reason for all these talks about a private sector. That is the focus at this time to create this market economy private sector to put people to work, create business and attract investment and reduce dependence on oil. But more importantly is that this is required to create the conditions for the dinar to rise. Until they have a market economy/private sector there will be no change in the dinar... Iraq has work to do. Let's hope they can pick up some momentum as the year progresses to get back on track.
    • By ronscarpa
      2-14-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff   ...there's things happening.  IMO you're seeing the last remaining variable happening in Iraq.  Allawi's trying to get his cabinet done...If you look at Iraq's actions they've had demonstrations since October.  They've told us that all the demonstrators demands which are reforms are inside the 2020 budget...those require the rate change before they can implement them.  So what they are telling you is in order to satisfy the demonstrators demands they have to change the rate...the 2020 budget itself is married to the rate change...they cant' start the budget approval process until after the rate has changed...

    • By ronscarpa
      2-14-2020   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   ...they [Iraq] have to meet Article VIII compliance and they request the IMF accept them into Article VIII and more importantly, the IMF has to accept them.  They have met some conditions yes...last I read, still one condition was outstanding but in any event, it does not mean they will move to Article VIII once in compliance because the IMF needs to agree.  And I do not see that happening until Iraq gets back on track:  new gov, cabinet, pass laws, stable, investors...lots to do.  They need to create the conditions and right now, they are far from the right conditions.  Until they get there act together and launch the private sector, there is no increase in the dinar...which could be months or years...up to them...I am hopeful though.

      2-14-2020   Intel Guru RayRen98   ...Sources are now indicating that PM Designate Allawi has completed the formation of his government. It is anticipated that Allawi will be "officially" accepted on Sunday and that he will request that Parliament hold an emergency session that same day to vote on his government selectees.  The Parliamentary Bloc of the Alliance of Saireon confirmed, on Thursday, that the House of Representatives during its second legislative term fulfilled all the demands of the demonstrators, indicating that many of the reform laws advocated by the demonstration arenas were accomplished within the House of Representatives.

    • By ronscarpa
      2-13-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   So what we know right now is the CBI wants to continue with the project to delete the zeros but had to put it on hold since the beginning of the protestors.  They told us they intended to complete it by year end. This verified once again that December and January are significant months for the CBI to complete this project.  Many keep asking me if the project will still work outside of this Dec – Jan timeframe. Yes it will but this is not the “optimum” time the CBI and the Finance Committee would like to do it...This week my CBI contact told me they had 2 important meetings and they were all about the project to delete the zeros. I am telling everyone that this project is VERY, VERY important for the 5 year plan of which was supposed to end in 2020. This project was (or still is) supposed to kick off the investment frenzy for Iraq by this time. So, we have now entered 2020 without it.  So what? It is only mid-February and still they have not yet paid anything out this year. This is good and we can see are intentionally holding off. But this can only last so long...(post 1 of 2)....
      2-13-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   ...the designate PM is desperately attempting to get his government formally completed and ratified by parliament. He wants to get it right this year.  Next he is going to try to ram-rod the 2020 budget with some changes to parliament and get is passed.  Why is this so important for the RV?  We know that the 2020 budget includes the reinstatement as there has been many scenarios played out by consultants hired the CBI to determine different “what if” scenarios for different rates.  So we wait and watch for 2 things now: 1) getting the new prime minister ratified and his govt formed and 2) getting this damned budget to parliament and hopefully passed in record time...(post 2 of 2)... 

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